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The 18 Nonprofit Website Examples to Inspire in 2022

Do you run a charity or nonprofit organization? Do you want to get your message heard by a bigger audience? Do you want to get people engaged and excited about your cause? 

Nonprofit websites come in all shapes and sizes and are used to communicate the mission of organizations through content and web design. The best nonprofit website should leave an impact on visitors, encouraging them to donate or get involved in other ways. 

Nonprofit web design is an art in its own right. You need to build a website that appeals to people’s better natures, and instead of selling them something for personal use, encourage them to offer something without material reward. 

The purpose of a nonprofit website could be to increase exposure, collect donations, share activities, publicize upcoming events, distribute press releases, or create a community. Whatever the purpose, it’s important that they’re always ready for new visitors. 

In this post, we’ll introduce you to some of the best nonprofit website examples and offer tips to help you design your own. 

1. charity: water

The philosophy behind charity: water is that access to clean water for drinking and hygiene can change the lives of those who are helped by the organization. It’s not just about water, it’s about health, education, and the chance to enjoy a more fulfilling life. 

charity:water landing page

The aim of this nonprofit organization is to provide access to water to the roughly 785 million people in the world who currently live without it. The idea is to keep communities healthier and free up time that would otherwise be spent collecting water to facilitate more education and work opportunities. 

As with most of the best nonprofit websites, charity: water has a donation form right on the homepage to invite visitors to pledge donations as soon as they arrive. That’s not the only part of the web design that catches the eye, though. 

New website visitors will enjoy the color and dynamism of the website, which features cartoon animations and scrolling photo galleries. Importantly, this website aims to engage supporters by weaving in success stories alongside the calls to action. 

2. Invisible Children

War in far-off countries can feel distant and impersonal, which is why the nonprofit organization Invisible Children aims to give a human face to the victims of conflict in Uganda. This organization’s mission is to make the invisible children of the world visible. 

Invisible children landing page

This website is all about harnessing the power of storytelling to leave an impact on site visitors and to encourage donations. It highlights the plight of children and families killed, displaced, or abducted in northern Uganda at the hands of the LRA. 

Landing on the website, site visitors are struck by an impactful web design that strips back unnecessary features and focuses attention on a looping video banner that evokes the central message of the charity. Other web pages support this with engaging photos. 

While there’s no donation form directly on the homepage, multiple calls to action lead to the donation page or invite visitors to complete online forms to provide contact information to stay up to date with the organization’s work.  

3. World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

Being the nonprofit organization that forced the World Wrestling Federation to change its name, the World Wildlife Fund is a well-known charity, recognized by its iconic panda logo. 

WWF landing page

Dedicated to the conservation of endangered species around the world, the WWF raises awareness, invite’s online donations, and promotes community involvement through adoption. 

It’s worth noting that one of the reasons this website is so effective is that it simply gets the basic’s right. The organization’s mission is clearly laid out at the top of the home page, introducing site visitors to the 6 areas of focus. 

The website is secure, has a responsive web design, and the homepage features a clear menu that helps direct visitors to their area of interest. Its professional look and modern design encourage support from potential donors by giving the whole website an official feel.  

4. Habitat for Humanity

Since half of the world’s poor (those living on less than $1.90 per day) live in the Asia-Pacific region, it is here where the good folks at Habitat for Humanity focus their efforts. This is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing safe and affordable housing to those in need. 

Habitat for humanity landing page

This nonprofit website is a great example of how the best way to share an organization’s vision is to use a stripped-down web design that focuses all attention on the message. 

Instead of bombarding website visitors with text and images depicting the harsh lives of those in need, this website provides success story after success story to showcase the organization’s impact.  

The homepage is mostly dedicated to news and case studies, while the top navigation bar quickly directs visitors to further information about the organization. 

We’ll admit that this isn’t the most visually appealing of the nonprofit websites on this list, but sometimes you gain more donations by appearing authentic, rather than well-polished. 

5. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

While there’s plenty of criticism swirling around how this organization operates, there’s no doubt that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation website is a great example of how to package a nonprofit mission into a clear message on a website. 

Bill and Melinda Gates foundation landign page

Taking on the dizzying task of tackling global poverty and promoting health and youth development around the world, this organization has the backing of one of the world’s richest men. 

The very first thing a visitor is met with when they land on the site is a one-sentence description of what the organization aims to accomplish. This sets the tone for the whole content strategy of the website, which manages to always organize information in a way that is quick and easy to digest. 

The site design is stripped back, and the non-graphic elements stick to a black and white color scheme which helps the looping video and striking images really pop off the page. 

6. Save the Rhino

Turning from a very human-centric organization to one that focuses on the needs of the natural world. Save the Rhino is a nonprofit whose mission doesn’t really need to be explained much beyond its name. 

Save the Rhino landing page

Tracking rhinos in the wild, offering them armed guard against poachers and providing medical care when necessary, it’s no wonder that this organization is always on the hunt for new donations. 

And of course, there’s a donate button right there on the homepage when you arrive. Here’s a good tip if you’re building your own nonprofit website: the donate button CTA is located right beneath some text which lays out the use of donations, making it more likely visitors will progress to the donation page. 

We’ll be honest, although the site definitely deserves a place among the best nonprofit websites, in our humble opinion, it’s not the definitive best nonprofit website, since the design and layout of the website could be simplified to help make the information easier to consume by prospective donors. 

7. St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

If there’s one kind of nonprofit it’s easy for everyone to get behind, it’s one that looks after the health of vulnerable children. That, however, doesn’t mean that the job of the organization is easier when it comes to designing an impactful website. 

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital landing page

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital devotes much of the space on its website to images of the children it helps and the inspirational stories behind them. This is an excellent example of how the best nonprofit websites simply need to center their good work to attract attention and donations. 

The tiled layout of the site homepage help present lots of information and links in a relatively efficient way, allowing visitors to quickly locate elements they’re interested in. 

Although there is a prominent donate button, it is positioned with equal prominence to links to research and resources for parents in need. This helps indicate that the nonprofit organization cares about more than just money. 

8. Acumen

This might start sounding like a broken record, but the best nonprofit website should make it instantly clear what the organization hopes to accomplish and how visitors can help. With that in mind, take a look at the Acumen homepage below. 

Acumen landing page

The mission statement is positioned directly above a call to action, so you can understand immediately what the nonprofit stands for and how you can help. 

This is a website packed with information, which is why it’s so helpful that the top menu links to additional resources via dropdowns which work great on mobile devices as well as desktop, making the site more easily accessible. 

Take note of the color scheme of the website too. Although this isn’t the best-known nonprofit organization on this list, visitors immediately get a great sense of the brand identity through the graphic design. 

9. International Rescue Committee

First, we’d like to draw your attention to the URL the International Rescue Committee has secured for its website: rescue.org. Often an overlooked part of a website, a well-chosen URL can be a memorable and unique feature that keeps visitors returning. 

International Rescue Committee landing page

Its homepage also stands out because you are immediately greeted with a pop-up concerning their most urgent appeal. This makes a real impact as soon as you land on the website, and creates a sense of urgency to donate. 

If you choose to donate, you’ll also find that the donate box is already populated with the amount of $125. While you can choose to change the amount, this is a helpful tip for those hoping to design the best nonprofit website that drives donations. 

Aside from the information about the cause and the work this nonprofit does, the homepage includes a message from actor Rami Malek about his support for the charity. This gives strong social proof to support the message. 

10. ALS Association

Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? That social media trend was all in support of a previously relatively unknown nonprofit that seeks to find a cure for the degenerative ALS disease. 

ALS association landing page

Since this is a relatively niche issue, this nonprofit website is dedicated mostly to educating visitors about the cause and explaining why the nonprofit requires support. 

The website is neatly partitioned into two sections, where resources for those looking to support the nonprofit are separate from those intended for sufferers of the disease or their carers. This makes it the best nonprofit website for this cause, since it offers and accepts help all at the same time. 

One outstanding feature of this website is the interactive map which helps people find their local chapter of the nonprofit to seek help living with ALS. 

11. The Trevor Project

The Trevor Project is the world’s largest nonprofit aimed at suicide prevention among LGBTQ+ youth. 

The Trevor Project landing page

Since the social and cultural rejection of folks’ sexual or gender identities can cause myriad mental health issues and leads far too many young people to take their own lives every year, The Trevor Project’s work is essential. 

Despite focusing on a serious and heavy issue, the website design has been created to be intentionally light, friendly, and welcoming. Combining photos of diverse youth with fun cartoon graphics, this website makes it clear that the nonprofit will help people of all backgrounds. 

Visitors will find both resources for making donations, as well as quick links to counselors and youth programs that help those impacted.

12. Ocean Conservancy

The plight of the world’s sea life has become a popular issue in recent years, leaving Ocean Conservancy well-positioned to share its message with a receptive audience. 

Ocean Conservancy landing page

As is fitting for a nonprofit focused on saving the world’s oceans, this nonprofit website has a blue color scheme that blends almost seamlessly in with the images and videos of ocean life which populate its pages. 

Though there is a donate button on the homepage, pride of place is given to an email capture form, which allows the nonprofit the opportunity to gather contact information from visitors to drive more involvement and donations in the future. 

Although this is an international organization the homepage includes images of the Vice President and a Senior Director to give the nonprofit a human face. 

13. National Geographic Society

You’re probably familiar with the National Geographic magazine, which brings images and stories from around the world to every coffee table. Well, did you know the publication had an associated nonprofit website and organization?

National Geographic Society landing page

The idea of the National Geographic Society and its website is to raise money and awareness for conservation efforts around the globe. The nonprofit website does this, like the magazine, through vivid images and gripping storytelling. 

The website employs the magazine’s signature colors, while the content expresses ideas of exploration and stewardship which would appeal to a liberal audience. 

14. Girls Who Code

For an example of a nonprofit website with a focus on aspiration and inspiration, look no further than Girls Who Code. The name says it all; this organization is all about getting women into coding. 

Girls who code landing page

With a mission to close the gender gap in digital engineering, Girls Who Code offers courses and resources for girls hoping to learn web development and other uses of coding skills. 

You’ll notice that the main CTA on the homepage is a “Get Updates” rather than a “Donate” button. If a strong network is more important for your nonprofit website to flourish, you can follow this example. 

15. Doctors Without Borders

Doctors Without Borders, also known as Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), is a huge nonprofit organization focused on delivering medical care to people around the world, especially in disaster zones. 

Doctors without borders landing page

Because MSF is so active in areas of war, famine, and disaster, their homepage is dedicated to news stories about the developing situations in which they’re offering assistance. This means that visitors are shown the good work that’s being done before being asked for any contributions. 

This whole nonprofit website is full of calls to action to help those in the direst need of assistance. 

16. Jane Goodall Institute

Conservationist, scientist, and animal rights activist Dr. Jane Goodall is most famous for her work with chimpanzees. Her legacy lives on with her nonprofit organization in her name.

Jane Goodall Institute landing page

Given that this nonprofit website focuses on the work of an individual, it’s unsurprising to find a large image of her on the front page, along with an inspirational tagline. 

This website chooses to focus on the positives of conservation work, and includes a live count of the gorillas and chimpanzees the foundation has helped, as well as the land and communities it has protected. 

The website is keen to not just focus on the animals the institute has helped. It makes it clear that its work has an environmental and human impact too. This helps increase the audience that would be interested. 

17. The Malala Fund

Malala Yousafzai was shot to fame in 2012 after surviving a shooting attack by the Tehrik-i Taliban Pakistan. However, even before the attack, she was an outspoken advocate of women’s education. 

Malala Fund landing page

The Malala Fund is an organization and nonprofit website dedicated to creating a world in which girls and women have an equal opportunity to learn and become leaders. Unsurprisingly, then, the website is full of inspirational images of young women learning. 

Visitors to the website are invited to explore the various project the fund is involved with around the world. This gives context for the requests for donations that come further down the page. 

The website obviously focuses heavily on the story of the founder, and the inspirational life she’s had. However, it also showcases the stories of other young women from various backgrounds who have had a bright future opened to them thanks to a good education. 

18. The Pad Project

Similar to The Malala Fund, The Pad Project is about keeping women and girls in education. In this case, the focus is on provisioning access to safe and convenient sanitary products, and education about periods to keep girls in school when they start menstruating. 

The Pad Project landing page

The Pad Project realized that access to clean sanitary pads, as well as education around their use, is one of the most important factors to keeping girls in education in many developing countries. 

The project is also focused on ending the stigma and mystery around periods in developing societies. It recognizes that shame and stigma are the reasons that girls end up leaving education when they can no longer keep up due to menstruation-related absences. 

This nonprofit website is simply laid out and uses bold primary colors to create a welcoming and expressive impression. Of equal prominence are a “Donate” and a “Take Action” button, so visitors can get involved in a way that suits them best. 

Features your nonprofit website must have

Now that you’ve seen some examples of nonprofit websites which succeed in leaving an impact on on-site visitors, let’s take a look at some of the nonprofit website design fundamentals which should help you in designing your own website. 

Clear calls to action 👀

Any website that wants its visitors to take a specific action will use call to action buttons. Whether they’re encouraging visitors to make a purchase or share contact information, they’re an integral part of website design across industries. 

The top nonprofit websites will usually use call to action buttons to push visitors towards making donations, either through a form on the homepage or calls to action located in strategic positions. 

Ensure that the action you want visitors to make is clear and uncomplicated. Try to push for only one kind of action per page. 

Simple user experience 👌

As with any website, how your website is designed for user experience either encourages visitors to stay and get involved, or else puts them off your site entirely. 

Keeping your visitors engaged can be as simple as making sure your website loads quickly, is mobile-responsive so looks great on mobile devices, and that navigation is user-friendly.  

Make sure all the most important information about your organization is easy to find and absorb. Don’t let your pages get bloated and complicated with unnecessary features. 

Streamlined navigation 🛡️

One of the most crucial elements of a positive user experience is ensuring that the web design of your site is laid out in such a way that visitors are always able to find the information they’re looking for. 

Your menus should be easy to find, and links should make it clear where a user will be taken when they are clicked. Consider having space for a staff page, community invitations, forums, and news about events.

You might also create an FAQ page, where you can anticipate and answer the most common questions you receive as an organization. 

External linking is also really important. If you want to keep people engaged with your cause, make sure you include social media links on relevant pages to invite connections. 

High-quality visuals 🖼️

Because the aim of most nonprofit organizations is to funnel money and resources to those in need, nonprofit websites often don’t have access to the same marketing tools that business websites are happy to pay for. 

This doesn’t mean, however, that site visitors will settle for lower-quality web design. The best nonprofit website examples make up for shortcomings by ensuring that their websites are always visually appealing. 

High-quality images and visuals can go a long way in encouraging site visitors to engage and donate. 

Tell a story with a clear message 📖

It might feel tempting to make your website content relatively straightforward and informational, however, you’re more likely to get your target audience excited about your work if you hang what you do around a clear narrative. 

Telling a story right can get visitors excited about supporting any cause, whether it’s fighting neglected tropical diseases, aiding disaster relief, promoting healthy living, or simply trying to build a more humane society. 

However, don’t get lost in your story. If you want to create the best nonprofit website, you need to make sure that there’s financial transparency and a clear demonstration of how 

Build your nonprofit website with Zyro

Are you ready to build the best nonprofit website the world has ever seen? 

There’s no other way to make nonprofit website design simpler than by using an easy CMS platform like Zyro website builder. Zyro is an easy no-code builder that can help get a website of any kind online in minutes, including nonprofit websites. 

The process of building your website takes just 5 quick steps:

  1. Select a plan. Choose whether you want to build a website or online store. Zyro plans are the most affordable you’ll find for a quality website builder. 
  2. Choose a template. Cut down on web design time by choosing a designer-made template. You’ll find some specifically designed for a nonprofit website. 
  3. Customize. Time to make your template your own. Add your own images, video and text content, or other features and plugins you’ll need. You can also change the look and feel in just a few clicks. 
  4. Use Zyro’s tools. Brand your organization with AI tools, find the perfect domain name, make a logo, and set up marketing integrations. 
  5. Publish. When you’re happy with how your website looks, it’s time to share it with the world and start spreading your message. 

Final notes on building a nonprofit website 

Ready to start building your own nonprofit website? If you take the advice we’ve laid out for you above, and draw inspiration from the examples we’ve shared, there’s no reason why you can’t make your site stand out not just because of its message, but because of its look and feel, too. 

The truth is, the best nonprofit websites don’t set out to build a great nonprofit website, but instead just take the regular rules of good website design and apply them to their niche. 

So this is your lesson: don’t set out to promote your organization as a charity, but rather dazzle new visitors with a website that would make any business proud. Keep things clear, simple, and on message. 

The best place to start is with a solid all-around website builder like Zyro, which can help you take any dreams or ideas you have and turn them into a spectacular website in minutes. It’s the fastest way to get your new website to the very top of our list of great non-profit website examples. 

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