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Say It With a Single Page: 21 Stunning One-Page Website Examples

contoh website one page

You might think that a one-page website isn’t enough for your business.

How can any brand fit all of its information onto a single page?

Easily, it turns out. We’ve found 21 of the most beautiful one-page websites that exist online right now, and we’re sharing them here.

If you’re building a website or considering a new design, these examples should feed your imagination.

There are page designs from a wide range of businesses, so if you’re not sure whether a one-page website is for you – it is.

One-page websites in a nutshell

What is a one-page website? Typically, single-page websites are sites that have all their information on one HTML page. Users are able to navigate a one-page layout with intuitive clicks and scrolls.
Why should I have a one-page website? A one-page site is quick to put together and easy to maintain, while still communicating all the important information about your business to site visitors. 
How much does a one-page website cost? With a website builder like Zyro, you can set up websites for as little as $2.90 per month, or take out the business and online store plans for a few extra dollars per month if you’re building a business.

21 beautiful one-page website examples 

The single-page site approach can make life easier for website visitors – content can be digested faster, and there’s no time wasted in waiting for multiple pages to load.

Plus, it’s easy to make one-page websites visually stunning and super-memorable to visitors. Most often, you can use website builders and ready-made templates to get ahead, too. 

Here are 21 incredible same-page examples for inspiration:

1. Arroyo

Arroyo landing page

Design: Modern

Arroyo’s simple layout is headed up by a vivid, full-page image overlaid with text and a call-to-action (CTA) button.

As you scroll, you’ll find layers of information about the event, from speakers to frequently asked questions and related social media accounts – all conveniently on one page.

Since Arroyo is a website template, it’s a great place to get started on creating a single-page website.

Why it works: Airy layout, eye-catching color choices, and clear contact info section 

2. Joplin

Joplin landing page

Design: Minimalist

Here’s a one-page design that works for a small business, portfolio, or digital marketing agency. 

The Joplin website template relies on a clean, minimalist one-page design, where big images and different sections guide the user’s attention towards the right direction – the bottom of the page. 

The warm beige tones work as a great backdrop for all the content and help identify different sections of the site. 

Why it works: Clever use of color to separate different page sections 

3. Sugaro 

Sugaro landing page

Design: Playful 

Did you know that a business website can also benefit from ditching the multi-page website model? 

Sugaro’s a great example of how a small business can benefit from a one-page site while using website builders and still managing to look professional. 

With a candy-like color palette and full-width page sections that aren’t too long, it’s quick and easy to scroll the website from top to bottom without missing out on any important information.

While there’s no contact form, the contact button has a direct link to an email app making it convenient for customers to get in touch. 

Why it works: Clear and condensed copy, full-width sections 

4. Barney

Barney landing page

Design: Modern

Using a website template is quick, easy, and impactful, but we’ll forgive you for hiring the services of a web designer if you want to replicate this one-page website.

French company Barney specializes in 3D modeling, so it makes sense that their own website features a mind-blowingly beautiful 3D loading page.

This site put user experience right at its core. To help visitors understand what the company can do, Barney immerses them in highly visual design at every click.

There’s something really powerful about helping each visitor to experience what your business does, rather than just telling them. 

Why it works: Design demonstrates the company’s professional services 

5. The Rafael

Rafael landing page

Design: Black and white

A one-pager website design is perfect for more temporary businesses, too. Check out this sophisticated property site, which is advertising apartments in New York.

At the top of the page is a sweet illustration of the building – when you hover over with your cursor, all the windows light up.

A simple arrow instructs users to scroll down this single page, passing by information about the neighborhood, amenities, and floorplans.

The design even incorporates a parallax effect in the middle of the page. Parallax scrolling is where images in the foreground move faster than those in the background, creating depth.

Why it works: Brand-specific design and parallax scrolling 

6. Shoma Bazaar

Shoma Bazaar landing page

Design: Modern

Who’s hungry? Check out this beautiful, responsive one-page design.

With an oversized navigation menu at the top of the page, visitors to Shoma Bazaar will find it easy to explore every aspect of this business.

Using a muted color scheme, the design invites the user to learn more about Shoma Bazaar without feeling overwhelmed.

There are plenty of appetizing images dotted throughout the page, alongside bold mission statements and clear CTAs.

It all ends with a simple, unmissable contact form. When a page is this enticing, who needs a separate contact page?

Why it works: Contrasting color scheme keeps the user engaged 

7. Upstate Laundromat

Upstate Laundromat landing page

Design: Simplistic 

There are some outstanding examples of web design on this list, but we’ve got more pared-back designs to show you, too.

Have a look at this chic one-page website, selling laundry services in South Carolina. The site is full of useful resources for visitors, but there’s no responsive design here.

Instead, like with a standard landing page, the navigation menu is set out in a banner right at the top. A red, white, and blue color scheme is used throughout.

Neat illustrations guide visitors through the available services, while a prominent CTA helps people check out the location of the laundromat.

If you value simplicity in a website design, this is a great one-page example to inspire you.

Why it works: Sticky menu bar makes overall navigation easy 

8. Olivier Guillard

Olivier Guillard landing page

Design: Minimalist

A high-impact design greets each visitor, with oversized text introducing Olivier Guillard, the web designer whose work is on view here.

As you move your cursor around the page, images of the designer’s work pop up behind the text.

While the user is invited to have fun, this single-page website is really clean and unfussy. This makes space for some more humorous content toward the bottom of the page.

Roll over the designer’s contact email address, and a bunch of emojis will pour out from behind it, sprinkling all over the page.

Fun, yet minimal, this site should inspire web designers everywhere.

Why it works: The copy positioning and micro-interactions keep users scrolling 

9. Weinbau Strenger

Weinbau Strenger landing page

Design: Modern 

If you’re looking for chic single-page designs, this wine website might fulfill your needs. 

Proving again that one-page websites suit any business, this subtly responsive web design is perfectly suited to this wine retailer.

We love that it showcases the business owners on the site. Don’t be afraid to mix more personal content into your page design, if it suits your brand.

Navigation through the website is easy and intuitive – the more a user scrolls, the more content will appear.

Why it works: White background brings justice to the product photography 

10. 94 Photography

94 Photography landing page

Design: Black and white 

What better way to showcase the portfolios of two photographers than with a visually stunning one-page website?

The design lets the photos do the talking on this site – if you have a variety of images to show off, sometimes simplicity is key when it comes to the rest of the page.

To avoid using other pages, images are enlarged with a single click. The cursor has been transformed into a huge plus sign, making this action more intuitive.

And to get in touch, scroll over the spaced-out ‘hello’ at the bottom of the page. It’ll shrink down to a more readable email address.

Why it works: Grid layout makes it easy to view most of the site at a glance 

11. Ribalta

Ribalta landing page

Design: Contemporary

One of the prettiest website designs on our list, this tasty one-page website showcases a Portuguese restaurant.

Showing yet again that one-page sites don’t need to be too fussy, the design here is relatively simple.

Aside from some responsive features, it’s all about coordinated colors and beautiful photos. With a clean background, the website is easy to navigate.

Wondering how restaurant websites take bookings without using multiple pages? Take some tips from Ribalta.

When a user clicks on the reservation CTA, a form smoothly drops down from the top of the page.

Why it works: The small business branding is evident across the website 

12. We Ain’t Plastic

We Ain't Plastic landing page

Design: Minimalist 

Sure, this one might share similarities with another single-page website on our list, but it is still a wonderful example of beautiful one-page sites.

The in-your-face landing page layout is simple yet effective. Noticing a theme? Users are greeted by a key image, overlaid with huge, bold text as they scroll down the page.

Like all the best one-page websites, this company dedicates a distinct contact section at the bottom of the page with all the relevant contact information – this way, potential customers can easily get in touch. 

Why it works: Design that supports and reflects the company’s values and mission

13. Marty

Marty landing page

Design: Playful

When it comes to professional portfolio websites on our list, Marty is a site that stands out. 

Rather than relying on various pages to display his work and experience, the keyboard-driven navigation makes the site a fun example of engaging UX design. 

Take a leaf out of Marty’s book if you want to design your site around a particular narrative.

Why it works: Engaging UX design built around a narrative 

14. Purple Orange

Purple Orange landing page

Design: Classic 

Client testimonials are one of the best ways to build trust with your audience, and this website does social proof well. 

Purple Orange shoes that there’s on need for other pages – you can and should display your work with pride on your website. 

Why it works: Showcases and provides more information about previous clients and success stories 

15. Every Last Drop

Every Last Drop landing page

Design: Story-driven

You can use a one-page website for charitable and educational purposes, too. 

This UK water initiative built a one-page website that uses the scrolling page to convince the visitors to think about their water usage – and it’s both engaging and informative. 

Why it works: Creative use of a one-page format to educate and inform users 

16. Cafe Frida

Cafe Frida landing page

Design: Chic 

One-pagers are a wonderful and simple solution for small businesses – the French Cafe Frida being a great example. 

The flower animations add a chic flare to this website, while the user scrolls down and gathers more information about the menu and location of the business. 

Why it works: Website design reflects the look and feel of the business 

17. Designer Trek 

Designer Trek landing page

Design: Story-driven

Looking for inspiration for your event?

Designer Trek makes wonderful use of full-width images and colorful backgrounds, and a narrative website structure to introduce and entice visitors to join the trek across the scenic national park. 

Why it works: Great use of colors and full-width images 

18. The Hen House

The Hen House landing page

Design: Shabby chic 

One-pagers can lend themselves to almost anything, even rehearsal studio sites. 

The Hen House is a dark-themed website for a band studio space that uses anchor links expertedly to make the site feel much bigger than it actually is. 

Why it works: Anchor links give the illusion of multiple pages 

19. The Art of Texture

The art of texture landing page

Design: Clean 

This project website keeps the hero section very minimalistic: the visitor can choose between two links or keep scrolling for more information about the project. 

By not giving out all the information up front, you entice the visitor to not leave your website straightaway. 

Why it works: Urging the visitor to take action or keep scrolling 

20. Davide Baratta

Davide Baratta landing page

Design: Playful 

Davide Baratta’s portfolio website is full of small micro-interactions that add depth and character to his site. 

Sure, these types of websites require a bit more work than using ready-made templates and a website builder. 

But if you work in the UX/UI field, it’s not a bad idea to use your website to demonstrate your skill level.  

Why it works: Micro-interactions and animations make for engaging content 

21. Teapot

Teapot landing page

Design: Black and white 

This website is a wonderful example of why single-page websites work so well for businesses. 

This French digital agency is able effectively to showcase its expertise and professional portfolio thanks to the distinctive web design and vertical menu bar. 

In other words, with plenty of micro-interactions and animations, visitors are unlikely to bounce off the site.  

Why it works: Vertical menu bar makes the condensed information easy to navigate 

Top tips for single-page website success

Want to become a member of the one-page website team? Good for you, your site could end up on a list like this one day.

Here’s some advice for making sure you nail your design:

  • Don’t go overboard with the features. One-page websites should have great visuals, but don’t damage the user experience by using too many tricks.
  • Order content in an intuitive way. Use features normally seen on a home page, like accessible menus and clear CTAs. Keep a logical order to your content, especially if your site is tricked out.
  • Stay true to your brand. Always bear in mind the colors, typography, and values of your brand when you’re designing a website.

For more website inspiration and examples: 

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