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Best One-Page Website Examples

Best One-Page Website Examples

Here, we’ll look at some great one-page website examples and offer advice on designing one with the Zyro Website Builder.

One-page websites are sure to impress your visitors. A minimalist design reduces the mess on your site and provides a smoother user experience.

1. Initiative

Sky blue background with an image of a elephant

Initiative is a communications agency that collaborates with some of the world’s biggest brands.

Their site is a wonderful example of an intuitive and stunning design that leaves visitors impressed.

Not only does the website contain all of the necessary information on a single page, but the beautiful imagery and animation make it fun to scroll through.

The map showing locations where the agency is based is fully interactive, as are the call-to-action buttons, bringing an element of enjoyment into your visit.

2. Marco Sors

Black-and-white photo of two men and a computer screen

While not mentioned on the site itself, this entire page is the portfolio of the web developer and designer Marco Sors.

A one-page website is perfect for showing off both your skills and your product output. Knowing this, Sors constructed a beautiful, interactive experience to showcase his work.

The menu at the top right corner of the site allows you to jump between categories that interest you. The visual elements shift as you hover your cursor over them.

The page ends with a single contact form, enabling you to either send an email or contact Michael through LinkedIn – a simple, but effective approach for getting hold of a person or business.

3. Hardwicke Knight

Photo of Harwicke Knight

This website is the personal project of Sean Naghibi, a digital designer from London.

The website promotes his books – collections of photographs taken by photographer Hardwicke Knight, who the site is named after.

With the stylized cursor, intuitive shopping cart, and an example of the photographs, this is a perfect example of how to market a niche product with a single-page design.

4. Melanie Daveid

Gray background with black drawing of a hand and a written Melanie Daveid name across it

Melanie Daveid is a UX designer and art director based in Berlin. As is expected from a portfolio website, it shows off her skills and artistic vision.

The website greets you for an adventurous journey, an animated introduction welcomes us at the top of the page, while a similar one congratulates us for scrolling to the bottom of the page.

Daveid’s website shows the benefits of a simple but informative structure. While the design is visually appealing, there is nothing to distract the viewer from what is important.

5. Aristide Benoist

Oversized text explaing who Aristide Benoist

The website created by Aristide Benoist, a developer from California, perfectly demonstrates the usefulness of eye-catching typography and negative space.

While Benoist employs a minimalist design, a lot of the content on the site is interactive, and leads you to explore Aristide’s previous projects.

To show how the site can still work with a different background, there is a button at the bottom to turn the entire page to a different color.

6. Your Wild Journey

simple one page example with pine trees

Wild Journey is a meditation app for iPad and iPhone devices. This one-page website takes a minimalist marketing approach, letting you know more about the app from a single glance.

Since the design includes artwork from the app, the page does not need examples and demonstrations. Letting users explore the product through the website itself is enough.

As the app is developed for relaxation, Wild Journey brings the feeling of relaxation into the design, which provides a calming and stress-free experience.

7. The Art of Texture

A photo of a couch alongside the option to either play the Art of Texture movie or the aftermovie

The Art of Texture is a website created to promote a documentary of the same name about a collage artist based in Amsterdam.

Including quotes from the artist, examples of his featured work, and shots from the documentary itself, the page does a great job of promoting interest in the project. All done without using lengthy descriptions.

With a carefully constructed narrative, The Art of Texture introduces us to its primary concept, advertises merchandise and finishes with a slideshow of the end of the project.

8. 40075

One page website example showing drawn dark clouds and buildings

40075 describes itself as an ‘immersive journey’, aimed at helping visitors to discover music from all over the world.

Six interactive displays let you explore the sounds of different artists, as the design reacts to where your cursor hovers.

This page is both a puzzle and a chance for users to delve into many cultures of the world, all within a single page.

40075 is an example of how to create a single-page website that draws the visitor in and does not let go.

9. Digital Volcano

A picture of a volcano with some people  climbing it under the purple-red sky

As the name suggests, Digital Volcano lets visitors explore volcanoes.

The beautifully crafted display reacts and shifts as you scroll down, giving both information and a visual guide to what you’re reading.

On the right side of the page, an intuitive timeline lets you quickly skip to the section you’re most interested in.

What’s more, the developers have even made the source code of the site available for inspection.

10. Android KitKat

Kit Kat candy bar promotional one-page website example

In a collaboration with Android, Kit Kat released a promotional page for their line of candy products in the style of websites that talk about new tech.

Throughout the page, the candy bar is taken apart and its features are documented as a joke.

Despite the comedic intention, the one-page site is a beautiful example of how to use this kind of design for your own projects.

What is a one-page website and why should you consider making one?

Now that we’ve gone over some examples of one-page sites, it’s time to understand them better.

A one-page website consists of only a single page, having the visitor scrolling their site to keep exploring the content.

To avoid clutter, one-page sites usually employ a minimalist design.

There are many benefits to having a one-page website:

  • A simple design is much more memorable to your visitors, making sure you stand out.
  • By having only one page for your website, users don’t need to jump between pages to find important information.
  • Since you only need to worry about a single design, changes are much easier to make, as you will not need to apply them to many pages.
  • One-page sites enjoy a low bounce rate, as users don’t have to explore a confusing site.

How to create a one-page website using Zyro

With so many amazing sites that utilize one-page design, you might be wondering how to make one yourself. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Making a beautiful one-page site is easy and simple with the Zyro Website Builder.

Zyro Website Builder landing page

Step 1: Join Zyro

Creating a Zyro account is easy, quick and entirely free.

All you have to do is navigate to our signup page, add your email and name, create a password, and you’re good to go.

While the free plan includes everything you need to create a one-page website, you can always upgrade to either the Basic or Unleashed plans to connect your own domain to the site.

Before doing so, make sure to check out Zyro’s domain name search feature and find something unique that will make your website stand out.

Step 2: Pick a template

Zyro offers an extensive library of free templates, ranging from bed and breakfast to portfolio presets.

Two examples of available website themes in Zyro

Every template can be previewed as you browse them – once in preview, you can switch between a desktop, tablet, and mobile version of the site.

If you want a quick start or are looking for more inspiration, our templates provide a professional, clean and stylish look for your one-page website.

Step 3: Customize

Zyro lets you create a one-page website without any hassle by using its intuitive grid-based editor.

No need for coding knowledge – you can create a beautiful site within minutes, with no web development experience.

When you start editing your template, you will be able to select, drag and customize elements on the page.

Example of how to use the drag-and-drop Zyro Website Builder

If you need to add more elements, simply click the Add elements button at the top left corner of the screen and add anything from a text block or button to an image or video.

Make sure to use the inspiration you gained from the examples in this article and think about what kind of story you want to tell your visitors.

If you’re stuck, you can use the AI Writer feature to help create content for you. Simply click on the yellow button on the left side of the screen, select a category, and generate.

Once you’re ready, click the Publish site button, found at the top right corner of the screen and your one-page website will be live for everyone to see.

One-page website recap

Not only are one-page sites easy to create, but they also deliver the most important information to your users efficiently and without distracting visuals.

We’ve looked over a handful of examples to draw inspiration from, as well as explaining how to start creating a similar website with Zyro in no time.

We hope that with all you’ve learned, you’re ready to conquer the world of minimalist single-page designs and create something truly unique.

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