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28 Best Personal Website Examples to Inspire You

Neon lights spelling out a motivational quote

Your website is the core of your personal brand. 

It’s the perfect space to showcase your best work, demonstrate your skills and experience, or simply organize your online presence.

If you’re hoping to impress potential employers or attract new clients, a good-looking website is an absolute must.

Whichever platforms you use to promote yourself, visitors will always funnel back to your site. Since you don’t know when someone might pop by, your site should always look its best. 

Here we’ve collected 25 of the best personal website examples for inspiration that you can scroll through below.

Why you need a personal website

A website for personal promotion is the center of your online presence. The best personal websites reflect the owner’s personality

It can accommodate various functions like selling services, showcasing your work, or developing your personal brand.

Popular personal website types include:

  • Portfolio. Use it to display a collection of your best professional work to date.
  • Resume. Showcase your skills and experience for job application purposes.
  • Blog. Publish your thoughts and insights, and engage with other users who have similar interests.
  • Brand. If you’ve branded yourself, get the exposure that you deserve.

1. Arnold 

Arnold Template Projects Page Screenshot

Open space, minimalist design, and a focus on impactful content is what characterizes the Arnold personal website template from Zyro. 

While this template is free to use for anyone, it is particularly suited to those in professions related to architecture and design. 

There is a good balance between visual elements and text which allows you to both show and tell your visitors what you’re all about. 

The homepage is reserved for the most important introductions to your work, while navigation is kept simple with a clear header menu. 

2. Steven Mollett (AKA Stounson)

Steven Mollett, better known as artist Stounson, has teamed his own personal website with a store for selling his work. 

By featuring store listings for some of his best work on the homepage, site visitors and potential clients can see exactly what he’s got to offer both in terms of merchandise and his personal brand. 

As with many of our favorite personal websites, Stounson keeps things simple, with an easy-to-navigate design. He puts tons of images and info in front of you without risking overwhelming visitors. 

He tells his own story and outlines his career path compellingly under the “About” section, which offers a masterclass on writing online. 

Stounson built his personal website using Zyro, which gave him access to all the tools he needed to create a fresh site design, including free web hosting and a custom domain.

3. Sean O’Brien

Sean O’Brien is a 10 times Australian surfboarding champion, and he isn’t afraid to tell you just that. This is one of the best personal websites we’ve ever seen. 

His website is bold, colorful, and dynamic, perfectly captures the energy and movement of the sport that has made him famous. 

Putting his key accomplishments front and center, Sean wastes no time introducing visitors to himself and his passion. His homepage is dedicated to artful images of him surfing, and a video showing highlights from the last 12 months. 

For visitors who want to know more about Sean, navigation is made easy thanks to a clear and simple header menu. Here, you can find pages dedicated to his biography, more media showing him in action, tour dates, and a blog where he shares his thoughts.

This personal blog style website gives the strong sense that Sean is passionate about his unique business. 

4. Quintin Lodge

Situs Quintin Lodge

As a freelance designer who has worked for Google, Facebook, Samsung, and Spotify, Quintin Lodge goes all out with his personal website.

The site’s black-and-white design and bold typography remain consistent, from the copyright label at the top of the page to the credits at the bottom. This creates a modern look that doesn’t distract.

Simple animations spice up the design and make the user experience engaging too.

Lodge proves that less is more.

You, too, should consider using a limited color palette to keep your site neat and easy on the eye. A minimalist approach adds elegance to your digital portfolio.

5. Tobias Ahlin

Situs Tobias Ahlin

Tobias Ahlin is a creative designer, developer, and consultant who has worked with Spotify and Minecraft.

His unconventional way of grouping content in colorful blocks makes his website uniquely appealing.

Each block displays a compelling animation – acting both as additional decoration and the sections’ background.

This format improves the site’s usability and navigation, as visitors can identify the type of content without having to read it.

Ahlin’s portfolio site strays from a conventional format, which makes it stand out.

6. Patrick David

Patrick David is a front-end developer, UI/UX designer, CEO of Patrick David Creative Agency, and CSS Design Awards judge. 

He’s committed to minimalism and this shows throughout his web design.

Interactive effects create a fresh and modern look, while the one-page design, limited colors, and consistent typography give the website a bold vibe.

The site opens with a black and white color theme. However, you can switch to the colored version in the footer section, which adds bright red to this personal website’s color palette.

Animations affect site speed, but they’re nice to have and provide a welcome distraction while one waits for something to load. 

Remember: optimized load speed is as important as design. If you must sacrifice the load speed, take inspiration from David and make load times a feature.

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7. Eren

Eren Template Screenshot Zyro

If you work in a visual medium, or have lots of images of your work or travel you want to share, take note. 

Eren offers the perfect backdrop for all of your media. 

The variously-sized tile layout of the homepage allows you to share multiple images while highlighting those that carry more importance. 

Text content takes a backseat in this one-page template.

However, there’s enough space in the header for you to share a short bio, or some details about your work. 

8. Silvia Marquez

Panamanian graphic designer Silvia Marquez uses her own website to show off her design chops, creative work, various projects, and different skills to site visitors. 

It’s not just the look of this site, or the fact it manages to introduce loads of new ideas on just one page, but how she manages to weave her personal story into her design process.

While this personal website has more content than the other personal website examples on this list, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Search engines will have a great impression of what’s on her site, and up to date on page optimization means her own website will perform better in Google search results.  

Whether you need a marketing strategist or are searching for good UX designers, Silvia does an excellent job of establishing her brand name through her website. 

This is a good example of how website builders like Zyro can still make personal websites for small businesses that still look, well, personal.

9. Anthony Wiktor

Anthony Wiktor personal website screenshot

Creative director of a marketing company, Anthony Wiktor showcases his skills through his website’s visuals and text.

Despite being black-and-white on landing, the template changes its color as you scroll down to the work history section, adding flair to the palette.

David incorporates mouse-hover activated animations to highlight specific areas of his site. 

Interestingly, David puts his biography on the second page, letting his portfolio take the spotlight. Considering his impressive employment history, he made the right decision.

If you too want to showcase specific information, put it on your homepage or in the top section. 

This way, people see it without having to search.

10. Gary Le Masson

Gary Le Masson

Gary Le Masson’s design nods to his work as a SEO consultant.

The web design, navigation, and typography take inspiration from Google’s layout.

As well as showcasing work with brands like PrestaShop and Artefact, the design reflects Masson’s smart and witty personality.

With Google’s style, Gary can include texts and backlinks without hampering design or readability.

Not only does Gary’s design leave an impression on visitors, but it also emphasizes his expertise in SEO – a great way to establish his authority in the field.

11. Devon Stank

Situs Devon Stank

As a Squarespace developer and founder of SQUAR, Devon Stank makes much of his personal website about his skills and work experience.

Stank demonstrates his expertise in web development through his own site, thus boosting his credibility without having to rely on a resume.

Despite specializing in back-end development, Stank’s color palette and typography go hand in hand with his site’s functions.

What really makes this website example stand out is the eCommerce feature. Having a code shop increases his credentials as a web developer and lets him have a secondary income too.

While appearance matters, having a beautiful site is no good unless the content communicates your passion and ability.

That’s definitely something to keep in mind when you’re creating your own personal website.

12. Rafael Derolez

Being a front-end developer who’s passionate about graphic design, Rafael Derolez clearly had fun building his personal website.

With an unconventional approach, he turned his site into an interactive and informative portfolio.

His portfolio also displays each project’s signature image on hover. Upon clicking a link, you’re directed to a web page containing details and additional visuals.

To boost engagement, Derolez includes social media links and contact information at the bottom.

Derolez’s portfolio site is one of the personal website examples that manage to strike the right balance between professionalism and playfulness.

So, despite showcasing less content compared to other examples, his web page includes all the essential elements of an online portfolio.

13. Regis

Regis Template on Zyro Screenshot

If you want to exude a sense of quirkiness while still having your visitors take you seriously, take Regis as the perfect example.

The visually-heavy template creates space for you to show your creative side. Meanwhile, an in-built link to your Instagram page invites visitors to explore your creative outputs further.

The site is simply laid out, with plenty of white space that puts your content front and center.

It’s perfect for photographers and artists alike.

14. Kirsten Lee

Situs Kirsten Lee

Websites and calligraphy might feel like they exist in different worlds, but artist Kirsten Lee demonstrates how the two can go hand in hand on her personal website. 

As with many of the best sites dedicated to showcasing art, Kirsten leaves plenty of white space on each page, giving the digital graphics and examples of her work space to shine. 

Her homepage is clean and uncluttered, and she leaves it to her Services and About pages to really fill her potential customers in about what she does. 

Since the site aims to gain new clients, it subtly attracts visitors to the contact and the social media pages, where Kirsten can connect with them further.

15. Lauren Bowden 

As a copywriter, Lauren Bowden takes the approach to personal sites which mimics a personal blog. Site visitors are greeted with clear information about Lauren and the projects she’s worked on. 

She makes the most of the interesting opportunities she’s had in her career, and easily demonstrates her interest in working with worthy and ethical causes. 

She’s taken the opportunity to fully customize her Zyro website to make it personal. The layout may be a template, but she’s managed to make it her own by adding more pages and giving the look a personal touch.  

What else makes this personal website stand out? First, it has a good domain, i.e. a custom domain with Lauren’s own name in it. It’s also another excellent example of how you can promote a business without making your website feel too much like it’s selling a business.

16. Robby Leonardi

Robby is an award-winning, multidisciplinary designer with experience in illustration, graphic design, animation, and front-end development.

His landing page displays his social media links and short intros to his resume and portfolio sections.

Not only do these sections showcase Robby’s skills in web design and development, but they also serve as concrete proof of what he claims to be – a skillful digital artist and animator.

Combining design, programming, and animation, he turns his portfolio page into a video game that shows the full breadth of his skills. The hero character guides you through the web page on mouse scroll or arrow keys.

By getting visitors to engage with the animations, he makes the whole experience memorable in the best possible way.

17. Cal Newport

Cal Newport Personal Website Screenshot

Following his belief in minimalism, Cal Newport is exceptionally economical in the design of his site.

What’s unusual about the site is the absence of contact details – not even an email address. Since Cal has never had a social media account, the website exists purely for writing purposes.

The sparse design makes this website example look professional and easy to navigate.

So, when choosing which elements to include, make sure you don’t go overboard. Or, you’ll be running the risk of harming your site’s readability. 

If you don’t know exactly what elements will work, choose minimalism. 

18. Lisa Elias

Metalworker Lisa Elias’s personal website goes to show that everyone, in any profession, can benefit from an attractive space on the internet. 

Since her chosen medium is a little out of the ordinary, Lisa uses images of the tools of her trade to decorate her website and show off the unique aesthetic of her workshop. 

Of course, as with anyone creating a physical product, Lisa gives a lot of space on her website over to examples of her work in different contexts. She keeps things simple with a scrollable gallery that visitors can flick through at their own pace. 

As well as an About page, Lisa includes a full resume, so the website is appropriate both for one-off customers, and more official clients too.

19. The Everywhereist

Time magazine named The Everywhereist one of the best blogs of 2011, and the blog has been featured in leading magazines like Mashable and BBC Travel.

There are plenty of reasons why many consider Geraldine DeRuiter’s brainchild to be a great example of travel and lifestyle blogs.

It has a unique yet consistent design and appealing graphics. The doodle art style makes it feel like you’re reading through DeRuiter’s diary.

With a friendly tone of voice, the site invites you to relive DeRuiter’s life stories – the right tone will make it easy to build relationships and build trust with your visitors.

If you want to publish a blog, The Everywhereist provides pointers to help you develop a successful one.

20. Tobias Becs

Tobias Becs

As a football freestyler, Tobias Becs’s profession is all about looking smooth and stylish. This certainly extends to his website. 

A dark theme and background are the perfect canvas for the huge images of Tobias traveling around the world and impressing people with his freestyle football skills. 

Since his vocation is predominantly a visual spectacle, it makes sense that Bacs dedicates the majority of his website to images, providing only a small amount of text to offer context for what he does. 

Visitors are invited to contact Tobias or visit his social media profiles for more information and to connect with him. 

21. Mark Manson

Mark Manson is a writer, blogger, and internet entrepreneur known for his bestselling book, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck.

Despite focusing on written content, Manson still takes care of the visual elements of his site, incorporating relevant graphics to complement his writing.

His site displays call-to-action buttons to encourage visitors to subscribe to his newsletter and buy his eBooks.

You shouldn’t be afraid to equip your personal site with features that don’t necessarily follow a standard format if they serve a clear function and don’t crowd out what’s important.

22. Russel Brand

You may, with good reason, dislike the man, but Russell Brand’s site is a modern yet minimalist marvel.

The black-and-white theme once again makes an appearance, with the logo and the mouse-hover effect offering colorful relief.

Brand dedicates a standalone page to his podcast, so visitors can listen without having to use a third-party application.

The sticky top menu enhances navigation across the site. At the bottom of the page, you can find contact details and the newsletter signup form.

Overall, Brand keeps the web design consistent throughout the site. The limited color palette suits his style, creating a professional, elegant look in fitting with his personality.

23. Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams’ website is as fun and playful as his music.

The home page highlights his top five outlets: music, TV and film, social good, art, and design.

Fans can submit cards showcasing their appreciation for specific projects. Each card is customized, giving fans a sense of belonging to Williams’ community.

On the bottom left, you find the five colors that comprise the site’s color theme. 

Clicking on each color displays or removes cards with that color.

Williams is one great example of how you can craft a site that looks fresh and creative. You’re looking to think outside the box and come up with ways you can make your web design interactive.

24. Jay Shetty

Jay Shetty is an award-winning storyteller, monk, and popular content creator. He was even mentioned in the Forbes 30 under 30.

The Start Here page helps new visitors catch up with Jay’s past and present work.

When creating a site, avoid overcrowding the site with too much content as it will exhaust the readers.

Having clear navigation is vital in web development too. If possible, construct a dedicated page for your new visitors and give them a summary of your biography and work.

That way, they won’t feel alienated and can join the community if they like what you offer.

25. Matthew Barby

Matthew Barby’s site lives up to the reputation he established as the co-founder of Traffic Think Tank, a marketing and agency company.

The site’s sophisticated design suits its professional tone of voice — a representation of Barby’s personal branding.

The copy, graphics, and design blend perfectly, creating a seamless user experience.

The home page is packed with elements including work history, a newsletter signup form, featured blog posts, and a presentation schedule.

All content is categorized under consulting, public speaking, SEO tips, and blog, making navigation is self-explanatory.

26. Frye

If you’re a visual creative who prefers to let their work do the talking, then the Frye template from Zyro may be the right solution for your personal site.

Bold contrasts of color demarcate the different sections of this single page website layout, and staggered text and images guide visitors’ eyes on a narrative journey down the page. 

This template is perfect if you carry out project-based work, and would like to tell the story of your experience. 

Social media links in the footer invite visitors to interact with you further after they explore your site.

27. Mike Rowe

As a well-known international public figure, Mike Rowe injects his personality into his site, with his friendly and witty tone of voice.

The website highlights Rowe’s two main projects: his book titled The Way I Heard It and a podcast series under a similar name.

Mike puts the navigation menu at the bottom of the page, forcing visitors to scroll down and read the landing page before they can move on.

Design-wise, the site relies heavily on photography. The background colors complement the images, creating a harmonious color scheme.

Overall, the site shows a glimpse of Mike Rowe’s personality and promotes all his projects in the most straightforward way.

28. Gary Sheng

Gary Sheng's Resume Website

Crystal-clear information, eye-catching visuals, and a friendly tone of voice are what characterize Gary Sheng’s personal website. 

The high-flying front-end developer has an impressive resume, and he doesn’t shy away from putting it in the spotlight on his single-page website. 

Instead of separating work and education out into separate categories, Sheng merges them into a single timeline, making it easy for potential employers or clients to see what he was up to at any given time. 

If you want to demonstrate a lifestyle full of action and adventure, you could do a lot worse than taking some inspiration from Gary Sheng. 

How to create a personal website

If you have no experience in web development, Zyro website builder is here to help.

With Zyro tools, you can create a professional-looking personal website without coding or technical know-how.

To build a personal website using Zyro:

  1. Join Zyro, then navigate to Templates.
  2. Pick a template. Click Preview to see how it looks, then select Start Building once you find the right one.
  3. Customize the template based on your needs by adding, then dragging and dropping various web elements.
  4. Click Preview to see how the site looks, then click Publish site once you’re satisfied with it.
  5. Congratulations! You have created your first website with Zyro.

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