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How to get a professional email address for your business

professional_email_address_ for_your_business

So, you’ve got a website, personal brand, or business, and you want to communicate with a potential client, a supplier, or a website visitor.

You want to look professional, but you only have the option to respond from your Gmail, or even worse, your personal email address.

If you’ve ever been in this situation, you’ve likely thought about getting yourself a branded, professional email address 

Not only will a professional email address help you to look professional online, but it should also increase your revenue and customer engagement.

With our new Titan email integration, you can create and manage custom email addresses for your domain directly from the Zyro dashboard.

How can I get a professional email address?

Good news, it’s never been easier to start sending great emails with Zyro.

Introducing Titan email: the premium email service now available to all users with an active Zyro plan. 

With Titan, you can send emails from your custom domain and strengthen your online presence, and better yet, your Zyro plan comes with a free 3-month trial of Titan email.

Once you’ve claimed your free trial, it is just a case of matching your email address to your domain name, and you will be able to start sending professional emails instantly.

What’s more, Titan allows you to have multiple email inboxes for the same website domain. If you’re running a small business, then this feature is invaluable.

Why? Well, you wouldn’t want to email suppliers from, and your customers would be equally confused to receive a support message from

All you need to get started with Titan email is your active Zyro plan and your own domain. If you haven’t got one yet, you can get one for free for a year when you sign up for a yearly Zyro plan.

Why do I need a professional email address?

It’s a good question with a simple answer – if you want to get off to the right start with your new website, it pays to start communicating like a professional.

Still, if you are just starting out online or your business is still in its infancy, it’s natural to think that you don’t need a custom email just yet.

This, however, is the crucial point. 

Zyro website builder is designed to make it as easy as possible for people to create their own website and for small businesses to take advantage of the booming eCommerce market that currently accounts for 18 percent of all retail sales globally.

Our ultimate goal is to help you grow and achieve your online success as fast as possible, and aside from our technology, the number one way to accomplish that is through building customer trust.

If you want to stand out from the crowd and attract the attention of the 2.1 billion people shopping online, you need to show them why they should trust you from minute one.

You’ve already got yourself a professional, lightning-fast website, so why spoil the image with sub-par email communication?

Customer trust and user experience are the most important factors in launching a successful online brand or business – with Titan email; we are offering you the opportunity to complete the look free of charge for the first 3 months.

What are the benefits of Titan email?

There are many reasons why our Titan email feature excites us, but what’s more important are the benefits that it gives to you and your customers.

For starters, we’re always committed to making everything that we do as easy as possible to use.

That’s why on Titan email:

  • Absolutely everything is managed directly from one place. Just navigate to the Zyro dashboard where you do everything else for your website. No more flicking between programs to get things done – this is streamlining for your busy online life.
  • The set-up process is a breeze. Whether you have your own domain or not, we will guide you through everything you need to get started. It only takes a matter of minutes, and everything you need is integrated into the Zyro dashboard. 
  • Make the most of your business. Whether it’s one-click video calling, smart search, or custom email templates that are perfect for every occasion, your success is our business and with Titan email, we’re upping our offering. 

What features does Titan email offer?

If that wasn’t enough, Titan email also comes with a whole host of additional features that will revolutionize the way you send and receive emails.

✉️ Mobile app available – Get work done, wherever you are.

✉️ Undo send – No typos, no regrets.

✉️ Integrated video calls – Supercharge your emails with one-click video.

✉️ Import emails and contacts – Bring in all existing accounts, contacts, and emails to Titan.

✉️ 24/7 support  – Round-the-clock helps to ensure unbeatable uptime and zero data loss.

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