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23 Profitable Website Ideas in 2022

There are nearly 5 billion active internet users, and around 2 billion live websites right now.  And we all know that whenever numbers that big are involved, there’s money to be made.

With all that traffic, if you have a great website idea then you can turn that traffic into money.

But, with so many types of websites to choose from, where are you supposed to start?

Well, this tried and tested list of the most 23 profitable website ideas seems like the perfect place. So, let’s check them out and start making some money shall we?

1. Company website

Tangier website
Tangier Company Template

Let’s start with one of the easiest website ideas. If you’re running or setting up a business, your own website is going to be vital for your success. 

Even if your company is tiny or has nothing to do with the digital or eCommerce world, you’ll be amazed by the impact it can have when you create a website for your business.

For starters, a well-designed site packed with online business info will only boost credibility and trustworthiness. You’ll be putting a virtual face to the name of your company and transforming your business into an online platform.

  • A company website is a great way to increase conversion rates and reach a wider customer base.
  • If you’re only targeting your local area or a specific niche, a dedicated website can work wonders.
  • Over 70% of customers who perform a local search are likely to then visit the store and make a purchase. Trust the numbers, create a website and you’ll see a significant spike in your on-site sales.

With more and more people preferring to use digital platforms rather than printed media, the need for business websites is higher than ever and a great way to make money online.

Best practices. Small businesses like htmlBurger, Le Garage, and Bellafare have branched out to the digital world with a website. Consider following in their footsteps.

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2. Portfolio website

Joplin website
Joplin Portfolio Template

Searching for jobs in a visual industry can take a lot of extra effort. Putting together a portfolio of your best designs or a photography website is time-consuming work.

If this sounds all too familiar to you, it’s more than likely you’d benefit from a beautiful portfolio website instead.

A photography website, or any portfolio website for that matter, is easy enough to set up. Pick a template for your new website, and then you can customize the site to suit your exact aesthetic or the theme of your work – it’s all about showing off your style credentials.

Creating a website for your visual portfolio is a great website idea. Essentially, you’re opening yourself up to a whole world of job opportunities, and even potentially a following of new fans.

You can update the site as and when you have new website ideas and create new stuff, and remember to always embed links to your social media profiles to make it feel truly engaging for your visitors.

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3. Personal brand website

Bronx website
Bronx Website Template

So your work isn’t all that visual, but you still want to make a positive name for yourself online? Enter the personal brand website.

Anyone can build a brand, but it takes a certain kind of an outgoing personality to turn your own name into your own website and then into a profitable business. But if you’ve got it in you, you’re looking at one of the best website ideas.

Speakers, authors, and influencers can all benefit from a personal website. Much like a visual portfolio, this is a customizable space for your career highlight reel and a business website rolled into one. 

Today, a personal blog or website does more than just act as a digital journal. Sure, you write articles but the real profit is the part it plays in increasing personal brand awareness and conversion rates.

Simple to make and manage and filled with content that’s specific to you, this great website idea will probably increase your chances of landing your dream job.

If you enrich the website with a blog or some inspirational imagery that people find interesting (like a travel blog), you could monetize your personal brand by selling ad space to networks like Google’s AdSense.

Once you have a steady audience, you could establish another income stream by doing endorsements and joining affiliate programs on an affiliate website. Now you’re looking at a great idea for an online side business, and the possibilities are endless.

Best practices. Personalities like Marie Forleo and Huda Beauty have found fame online. Who knows, maybe a personal website is your ticket to success too. 

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4. E-learning website

Botada website
Botada Website Template

If you’re an academic or a specialist in a particular subject, why not set up an e-learning website? You’ll be making a difference, and you could make money online, too.

Education should be accessible to everyone, and in terms of useful website ideas, online classrooms are a good place to start. Your lessons or online courses could have a global reach at a minimal cost. 

E-learning takes 40% to 60% less time investment than face-to-face learning. It also requires less energy and fewer natural resources, making it eco-friendly, and I think we can agree that makes it a nice website idea all around.

There are plenty of learning management systems (LMS) like LearnUpon LMS, Blackboard, and Docebo that can help you set up an online course in no time. One such website, Skillshare, is a membership website where you can teach practically anything. 

Best practices. These platforms generally provide various pricing models that allow you to monetize the courses. For inspiration, check out e-learning platforms like Udemy and Codeacademy.

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5. Online store

Wells online store website
Wells Website Template

It’s predicted that 65% of internet users will rely on online purchases this year. So if you’re a budding retailer, this isn’t a website idea, it’s a website reality, make sure you get yourself an eCommerce store.

As well as being cost-effective, an online store will help you reach a wide audience regardless of your geographical location — two perks that physical stores lack.

You could even launch a dropshipping business and earn revenue without having to deal with holding inventory and managing shipments.

An online store will need to have its web pages designed, programmed, and published. Or, if you want to speed up the process and have it cost you less money, too, you could use an eCommerce website builder like Zyro.

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6. Events website

Marian website
Marian Website Template

Once you find the right template design, you can organize pretty much anything with an events website.

It’s a simple website idea and if you’re a social butterfly, this type of site is great for notifying friends and family about your upcoming parties. 

It’s also the perfect online platform for managing all the details of a wedding. If your big day is coming up, use the website to collect RSVPs, suggest local hotels, and post photos afterward.

Wouldn’t you rather monetize an event site and make it one of the best website ideas you’ve ever come up with?

If you’re the entrepreneurial type, putting on a sporting event, music night, or conference day is easy with slick online presence. 

Get clever with your marketing strategy, too, and you can drive traffic directly to the event website, making conversions a breeze and your website idea a success.

With increased visibility and easy registration, you’ll also get the chance to put together a mailing list of customers that you’d like to invite to your future events. All it takes is a great website.

Best practices. Take a look at Web Summit or Obonjan Island to see how this type of site functions. 

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7. Recipe website

Sugaro website
Sugaro Website Template

Sure, it’s not going to top the list of unique website ideas, but everyone loves a home-cooked meal, and sometimes it helps to get a little bit of inspiration from elsewhere. 

That’s where food blogs and recipe sites come in. This website idea has become the go-to for anyone who finds themselves craving something different for dinner.

If you’re always dreaming up new dishes or you consider yourself an expert in a particular cuisine, you could get some extra cash from sharing your recipe ideas online or you could even sell online courses for your meals.

To be really savvy, install a plugin on the site to ensure your recipes are SEO-friendly. You might have noticed that a lot of recipe websites have long introductions before you actually get to the recipe, well, now you know, that’s all for the search engine traffic. Once you’re getting traffic to your website, monetize it by selling ad space.

Some recipe sites are community spaces, where anyone can contribute their favorite recipe ideas – you can add ratings or reviews to really optimize other user-generated content.

If you’re keeping it personal, you could sell eBooks via the website of your personal recipes, and one profitable website idea could be to start to cultivate a personal brand on your food blog like a pro cook.

Best practices. Sites like Tasty and Deliciously Ella have really nailed it when it comes to yummy-looking recipe ideas sites.

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8. Self-improvement website

Jaye website
Jaye Website Template

The workplace wellness industry is booming – it’ll be worth $66 billion by 2022 according to the Global Wellness Institute. Fancy a slice of that pie?

Well, plenty of people do, and that’s why it’s one of the most popular website ideas.

Self-help and self-improvement websites offer users a wealth of positive and inspiring content, aimed simply at improving their personal or professional lives. It’s a nice concept and a good website idea.

Your website can also be monetized. While keeping some free content is definitely recommended, at least to entice visitors, you should consider paid-for development courses too.

The style of your self-improvement site is up to you. It could be a blog format, with daily motivational posts, maybe simple lists of life hacks, or even a meditation website with guided sessions.

Best practices. Motivate yourself before you create a website, and read up on sites like Lifehacker or The Positivity Blog and figure out how you can help others to succeed. 

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9. Goal-setting website 

Much like self-improvement and self-help platforms, goal-setting websites help people to develop themselves on their own terms. 

This is one of those website ideas that can take you anywhere. With a goal-setting site, you’ll be handing personal development over to your users to manage. 

You help them to create lists, timelines, and general organizational tools. They can set achievement reminders for the end of the day or the end of the year.

Offer features like color-coding and categorizing. People could even share their lists with colleagues or family members if they’re that organized.

Pulling off this type of website idea takes someone with a little technical expertise, and it will thrive if it can be mobile optimized or turned into an app. 

Make a profit by developing unlockable features or subscriber content like weekly motivational newsletters, file-sharing, and software synchronization.

Best practices. There are some great goal-setting sites already available online, so check out places like Lifetick or Remember The Milk and find your own unique selling point.

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10. Fitness website

Mikaela website
Mikaela Website Template

You could squeeze a lot out of a health and fitness website if this theme is your personal passion.

From selling your services as a trainer or coach to posting workout videos, offering consultations, and promoting your very own app – there’s a world of website ideas here.

Fitness websites are great for motivating people wherever they are, even if they’re sitting around at home. 

So, if you’re a personal trainer or small gym owner, this website idea is ideal for widening your reach and giving your business the exposure it deserves.

You could earn money from just creating a website, too. If you’re a fitness expert, why not design online courses or weight loss tips and ideas that viewers can subscribe to? 

The best way to market your website could be to post snippets of your videos on social media. You don’t need to spend any money, and you’ll be giving potential customers some great workout ideas.

Best practices. Sites like Fitness Blender and The Fit Mother are great examples of fitness niches that are making waves online. 

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11. Conference website

Arroyo website
Arroyo Website Template

This website idea might sound dull, but it really doesn’t have to be – some of the most inspiring content on the internet comes from conference websites.

You can capitalize on the conference craze by creating a website that brings informative conversations online. Think of the audience you could gain.

A great conference site should be intuitively designed and filled with diverse media, from embedded videos, to blog posts, to downloadable articles.

This format is great for networking pros. If you know a bunch of interesting people who can actually help others to learn, bring them on board to help you create a website.

Earn money from your online conference venture by creating a subscription plan, and offering unlimited access to articles and extra content.

Your reach doesn’t have to be online only. Once you’ve established your site, there’s tons of scope to branch your business out into physical conference events. 

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12. Trivia website

Sporcle landing page

If a quiz night is your idea of a good time, you could earn yourself some extra drinks money with a trivia website.  

Think of it as an alternative video game website, learning actually is fun, you know.

Turn your quizzing site into a community hub and encourage people to contribute their own creations. It’ll save you some time and diversify your platform, too.

Appeal to a younger audience with personality quizzes and nostalgic trivia tests, or broaden your site’s appeal and offer a whole range of subjects.

Back to that drinks money.

Use ads on your site, and offer an ad-free version to paid subscribers that will unlock extra content.

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13. Job board website

We Are Peas Recruitment Website Screenshot

Although it can sometimes feel like the world is overflowing with recruiters, there are always people looking for work.

Job site search engines are in high demand. If you’re talented at finding the perfect roles for people, you could find success with your own recruitment business.

Finding a niche is going to be key at setting you apart and driving traffic to your site. Think about one or two business areas that you can specialize in.

Whether you’re helping job-seekers gain employment in design, finance, or maybe engineering, there will always be demand for targeted career openings.

Your users can upload their details to the site, including an up-to-date résumé and tailored job preferences, and set up daily notifications for new listings.

Be sure to offer free sign-ups so that you attract users, but don’t forget you can monetize your website by adding a paywall for more tailored content.

For your paying users, you could put together interview tips for roles in your industry, offer priority access to listings and blog posts, and enable access to data like salary insights.

Best practices. Recruitment websites like WeArePeas and UpWork could give you some helpful pointers to kickstart your own niche job board business. 

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14. Crafts website

Hania website
Hania Website Template

The arts and crafts industry is not to be underestimated, it might seem old school, but it’s hardly as parochial as a poetry website – it’s predicted to be worth around $50 billion by 2024. This is one of those website ideas that you definitely shouldn’t overlook.

A recent revival of knitting, crocheting, and homemade goods has pushed crafting into the mainstream. It’s a great way to pass the time without scrolling through your phone.

It can also help many people to earn money on the side, with sites like Etsy providing an online marketplace for sellers of unique handcrafted items. 

But it’s not all about making and selling. You could create a website dedicated to teaching other people how to craft and share tips on your specific niche.

With a how-to crafts site, you’ve got a great opportunity to build a network of crafters. It can be monetized in a number of ways, for example, through ads and affiliate links and smart social media management.

Best practices. You could sell materials for your products and make money that way, too. Check out Not Martha and BuildEazy for some inspirational website ideas.

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15. Affiliate blog website

Navy landing page
Navy Website Template

This is one of those simple enough website ideas that’s accessible to anyone with ambition. Affiliate blogging could be the easy profit-earner that you’re looking for.

Be warned, this is no travel blog. With an affiliate blogging website, you’ll be posting targeted content. The aim is to drive traffic from your WordPress website or whatever platform you use to the site of the seller of the product or service you’re promoting.

If users who have clicked your affiliate links then make a purchase, you get a cut of the sales profit. 

Say someone searches online for new tennis shoes. They find your ideas blog post on the ‘10 Best Tennis Shoes of 2021’ and click an affiliate link for the top-rated pair.

They buy the shoes, and you get a portion of money from their purchase. Neat, right? This kind of online marketing takes some work, though. Think about it, people would be likely to trust your opinion on shoes if you run a popular fashion blog, but would the same apply if your blog was a news website or a celebrity site?

Affiliate blogging is a competitive industry, so make sure you find your niche – you could go for a product or service you know or simply love. As we mentioned above, if you run a fashion blog, look for fashion affiliates, that’s how you’ll make money.

Best practices. Keep a schedule to ensure you’re posting on your blog regularly, and you can scale this business as much as you want. Check out Affiliate Marketing Blog and ShoeMoney for ideas.

16. Forum website

Thos website
Thos Website Template

We’ve all witnessed the occasional Twitter argument or Facebook confrontation. But you can also find strong online communities of strangers with something in common. 

Forum sites come in many different shapes and sizes, so you can really take this website idea and make it your own. If you can hone in on one particular idea, your community will keep coming back. It’s almost like a niche news website with a very engaged audience.

There are forums for particular TV shows, neighborhoods, industry niches, and even for general gossip. Conversations can flow on a forum site for days, weeks, or months at a time. 

You can incorporate a forum into your existing website, as a way to build a community of users and gain insights into your company’s online marketing initiatives. 

Or set up a standalone site and see where it takes you.

Best practices. Weddingbee, Gap Year, and The Blood Sugar Diet are just a few forums where you can draw ideas.

17. Statistics website

Copywriters love a reliable statistics website the same way that a restaurant website loves a reviews website. It injects your content with proof and credibility and makes your copy much more interesting and engaging.

Did you know, for example, that the highest-ranking articles on Google contain an average of 2,416 words

Also, some people believe that around 80% of statistics are false. So how do you make a profitable business based on this website idea?

You’ve got to fact-check, for starters. Making sure your facts and figures are genuine will help massively with user retention for your site.

Pick an industry or market that you understand or are particularly interested in. Marketers love to pad out articles about topics like retail with stats, as an example.

Screenshot from Google Trends showing a graph
Google Trends

You can date your statistics – make older ones freely available online to drive traffic, then put your freshest data behind a paywall for industry specialists to access.

Best practices. There are loads of places to look for inspiration, from small blogs to giant multi-topic sites like Statista.  

18. Reseller hosting website

If you’re in the market for a side hustle, give this website idea a try. Reseller web hosting sites are pretty low-investment and simple enough to manage.

What you’ll be doing is renting server space and reselling it to other business owners, repackaged as your own web hosting plans.

This is a neat business proposition for web developers or designers who want to try making a living by creating websites.

You could also join affiliate programs held by major hosting companies, then promote their services on your website.

With these, you’ll get a commission each time a visitor clicks on your referral link and completes the task required by the program. 

Best practices. For your reseller hosting website ideas, check out Namecheap, GreenGeeks, and other hosting resellers. Partner up with one of them and market your services like crazy to monetize your traffic.

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19. Travel website

Elisha website
Elisha Website Template

Earning money while you travel the world for fun – it’s everyone’s dream, right? It could actually be your reality once you put the effort in. 

If you’re a frequent traveler, a keen photographer and a great storyteller rolled into one, set up a travel blog website and share your adventures with the world. 

Invest some time and you could have your own community of fellow explorers, following your journey for tips, tricks, and your expanding photo album.

With a loyal following in place, you can start to make a financial success of your blog site. 

Connect with tourist boards or local businesses to make the most out of your trips. Offer to promote affiliated products for a fee, like suitcases or hiking shoes.

You could even set up a member subscription service for your most dedicated users with a platform like Patreon. Embed videos and max out your subscriber content.

Just like any other business, ensure you’re active on social media. Regular updates on Instagram will keep people engaged and invested in your travels.

Best practices. Sites like Cookiesound and KaraandNate will give you some ideas on how many ways you can thrive in the travel blogging industry.

20. Tourism website

Mr&Mrs Smith Website Homepage Screenshot

If you’re passionate about travel but not so much the digital nomad life, consider setting up a guide-based tourism website instead.

Rather than blogging on the go, these types of sites are great for inspiring people to visit a huge range of destinations based on what’s happening there.

If you aren’t well-traveled, pool your content by seeking tourism advice from locals and intrepid travelers. Or encourage site visitors to collaborate with you. 

You can attract a huge, varied audience, from people who have booked their flights to people who are just daydreaming at their desks.

Fill your website with the hottest tips like top restaurants, upcoming theater events, and hip new hotels.

You can turn a profit with affiliated ads, sponsored blog posts and articles, or even by becoming a rep for some of the businesses you promote. 

Best practices. On the Grid and Mr & Mrs Smith are cool examples of tourism website ideas done in the most visually appealing ways. 

21. Humor website

What better way to get paid than to make someone’s day brighter? If you have a great sense of humor, create a website that’s crammed with funny digital media. 

It’s very simple, but a site dedicated to comedy will have mass appeal. Curate lists of memes, gifs, and hilarious tweets to generate laughs. 

Just remember that if your website content depends on copyrighted materials like movie snippets, monetizing the access to the site might be tricky, if not impossible.

WebsiteIQ graph showing humor website rankings

Best practices. It’s easier to generate revenue by selling ad space to advertising platforms like Google AdSense. 

22. Reviews website

People love to make their voices heard, whether that’s positive or negative, a forum where you can have your say is always going to be popular.

Okay, but how to monetize it?

Well, say yours is a news website with reviews of all the best restaurants in the city that you live in, plenty of restaurants would pay to have their name featured at the top of the list.

In the process, those paid partners will receive more reviews and more custom. It’s a simple way to help all sides and monetize your website.

Best practices. If you have a strong voice in your niche, you could offer premium options to certain partners with something simple such as a ‘most popular’ ribbon, which will naturally drive engagement and encourage more visitors to review your partners. It’s a win-win.

23. Buying guide website

Which landing page

Customers love a buying guide, with so many eCommerce websites and options out there, it can be difficult to make a final decision.

Websites like Which? have got this down to a fine art. They present all the most popular products on the market and compare the price points and features to help potential buyers make up their minds.

Of course, with an authoritative voice on which products are ‘best buys’ your website is in the perfect position to monetize by offering in-depth reviews to specific partners.

Best practices. Just like a review website, you can use your website hierarchy to make one product stand out more than another, and right there, you’ve got a great money-spinner.

Why have your own website?

If this list of easy profitable website ideas wasn’t enough to convince you that it’s time to get a website then let’s take a look at the cold hard facts from website visitors and online businesses themselves. 

Here’s how owning a website can benefit you:

  • 24/7 access. Your site doesn’t have business hours. Once you publish it, a website will always be available for the public to access. 
  • Cost-effective. It cuts various operating costs like office rental, salaries, and utilities. 
  • Monetizable. There are a ton of ways to make money with a website, from selling ad space to running an online business. The possibilities are endless.
  • Bigger exposure. A website is accessible to everyone regardless of their geographic location, allowing you to reach a wide audience.
  • Provide user insights. With analytics tools, you can review your users’ browsing and shopping habits and create personalized marketing messages.
  • Increase customer engagement. A website allows you to communicate directly with people, build a community, and earn the trust of your customers.

Build it all with Zyro

The best part about everything that we’ve mentioned above is that it’s easier than ever to make any of these websites.

With a simple drag-and-drop website builder, you can have a web page set up in a matter of hours.

Zyro website builder has SEO-optimized designer-made templates that fit almost every category of the most profitable website ideas out there.

With just a little customization, you will be well on your way to a profitable website faster than ever before.

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