17 Profitable Website Ideas for 2020

This year, the number of active websites has reached 1.9 billion.

Within three decades, the global website traffic has grown to reach over 4,5 billion users — that’s more than half of the world’s population.

Amazing numbers indeed.

Due to the constant changes in market demands and user tastes, new types of websites have started appearing too.

Depending on their functionality, each type of site carries different pros and cons for both its owner and audience.

If you’re thinking about creating a website but don’t know where to start, then this article is for you. We’ve got 17 website ideas that you can turn into a potential income stream.

17 website ideas for your online website

Since there are many types of websites to choose from, picking the right one might seem like a daunting task.

Not to worry — the following list will uncover 17 profitable website ideas to get you inspired.

Feel free to check them all out and go for the one that appeals to you the most.

1. Personal brand

Many people choose to run personal sites and blogs. Managed by private parties, these types of websites contain personal thoughts and ideas, with hopes of getting feedback from their visitors.

Today, personal blogs do more than just act as digital journals. Personal websites also play an important part in increasing brand awareness and conversion rates.

If you’re looking to showcase your work – be it photography, design, or writing – good website ideas are to create a personal portfolio website.

It’s easy to make and manage and will probably increase your chances of landing a dream job.

Additionally, you can monetize a personal blog by selling ad space to networks like Google’s AdSense.

Once you have a stable audience base, you can establish another income stream by doing endorsements and joining affiliate programs. The possibilities are endless, really.

Blogs like Huda Beauty and Greatist have found fame following this path. Who knows, maybe this type of website is your ticket to success too.

Huda Beauty landing page

2. Niche-based

If there are particular interests that you want to explore further, you can do so with a niche-based website.

The name itself is pretty self-explanatory. This type of website provides topic-specific information and, in some cases, services that cater to a particular market.

One of the benefits of having a niche-based site is the opportunity to create a tightly-knit community.

United by similar interests, your readers will likely stick around for more content as they know what to expect from your site. By getting repeat visitors, your credibility as a professional in the niche market will grow much faster.

Several popular niche-based websites that might inspire you include BestReviews, The Savvy Backpacker, and The Spruce.

The Spruce family website

3. Company website

Yes, you’ve guessed it. A company website contains all of the information related to a particular business.

Owned by businesses, this type of site functions as a tool to share information about the company’s products or services. Additionally, company sites also publish advertising content to further improve brand awareness and conversion rates.

With more and more users preferring to use digital platforms rather than printed media, the need for business websites is higher than ever.

Since 72% of customers who perform a local search are likely to visit the store and make a purchase, having a company website can boost your on-site sales significantly.

Small businesses like htmlBurger, Le Garage, and Bellafare have branched out to the digital world. If you have a physical store, you should consider following their footsteps.

HTML burger's landing page saying "coding service"

4. Online store

If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of owning a physical store, why not create an online store instead?

Besides being very cost-effective, online businesses can also help you reach a much wider audience regardless of your geographical location — two perks that physical stores lack.

As data scientists predict, 64.6% of global internet users will rely on online purchases by 2020, having an online store can be financially beneficial for you.

Alternatively, you can start a dropshipping business and still earn revenue without having to deal with product stocks and shipment.

In 2017, dropshipping contributed 23% of global online sales. The statisticians even predict that this number will increase in the coming years due to the rising popularity of eCommerce.

Since running an online store by yourself can be overwhelming, many users opt to launch their store on eCommerce platforms like BigCommerce, and PrestaShop.

Besides giving you all the tools and support you need to establish an online store, these platforms also give you access to a massive audience with clear purchase intentions.

The latter will help jump-start new businesses and reduce marketing costs.

5. Forum-based

With the internet bridging the communication gaps between users across the globe, people use it to talk to one another.

Forum websites fulfill this increasing need by providing a space for public online discussions. Anyone with similar interests can join the conversation and exchange thoughts freely.

Unlike chat rooms, forum-based sites allow you to keep conversations going without having to be online. The messages are generally longer than one or two lines of text and stick to specific topics. As search engines crawl these types of sites, popular discussion threads can rank on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

If you don’t want to create a standalone forum website, you can incorporate it into an existing site using web forum software like phpBB and MyBB.

Besides providing a place for your community to interact, a forum can give you valuable user insights to perform efficient content marketing and improve the site’s SEO.

Weddingbee, Gap Year, and The Blood Sugar Diet are few among many forum websites, that you can draw ideas from, that flourish with this format.

Weddingbee website for wedding planning

6. Fan club

If you’re a fan of a certain artist or a band, why not create a fan club website for them?

This type of website shares all of the information about particular celebrities, which include, but are not limited to, public appearances and shows.

People with a massive following can benefit from having a fan club site as it provides a space for their followers to develop as a community.

Fans may also use it to exchange information about events, merch, and other topics related to their idols.

And as a nice bonus, you can also generate revenue through memberships and trade-offs.

Well-established fan clubs that might inspire you include Carrie Underwood FC, Queen World, and Sting FC.

Queen online international fan club website

7. Service website

Similar to a physical store, your offline service business could use a website.

Service sites aim to promote their businesses and inform potential customers about the services it provides. Other supporting contents include price lists, portfolios, and contact information.

Since service businesses sell non-physical products, building credibility and trust with customers is more important than ever.

By having a service website, you get to not only boost your business’ credibility, but also reach a wider audience at minimum cost.

If you provide house call services, a website can improve your local SEO and help locals discover your business.

Offline service businesses with killer websites include Ottawa Plumbers, MCH Nashville, and Clear the Air.

Clear air cooling and heating website

8. E-learning

Education is another sector that significantly benefits from having websites. With the invention of e-learning, education curriculums become accessible for everyone via online platforms.

Besides eliminating geographical barriers, it also increases retention rates by 25% to 60% – nearly three times higher than face-to-face training.

Productivity-wise, e-learning requires 40% to 60% less time investment. Additionally, e-learning also requires less energy and fewer natural resources, making it eco-friendly.

Thus, if you have specific expertise, you might want to consider creating an e-learning website. There are plenty of learning management systems (LMS) like LearnUpon LMS, Blackboard, and Docebo that can help you set up an online course in no time. These platforms generally provide various pricing models that allow you to monetize the courses.

For more inspiration and website ideas, you can visit well-established e-learning websites like Udemy, Eduonix, and Codeacademy.

udemy website to unwrap a new skill

9. Job boards

With over 170 million people worldwide still seeking employment, creating a job board site can help solve this global issue.

By digitizing job listings, you bridge the communication gaps between employers and potential candidates. Furthermore, career sites benefit the business industry as they reduce the cost and the time needed to hire.

Besides helping others find work, a job board website has the potential to become a revenue stream.

You can charge companies who want to post job listings on your site. Additionally, you can sell memberships with extra perks that will increase job seekers’ acceptance rates.

In short, everybody wins.

Popular job board websites that can inspire you include Glassdoor, Indeed, and CareerBuilder.

Career builder website to search for jobs

10. Event management

Event management websites handle all of the information about an event.

Depending on the type of event, event management websites generally handle registrations, online ticketing, and promotions. Thus, you get to decrease your workload without negatively affecting the event itself.

Besides supporting the event management process, this type of website also serves as an efficient documentation platform.

Thus, you get to archive all event documentation in one place and even use it in your marketing strategy. Additionally, promoting the event via a website can increase its exposure, which leads to more attendance and revenue.

#digitized19, Web Summit, and ConvergeSE set an excellent example of how an event management site functions. Check them out!

digitized event landing page

11. Affiliate blogging

If you want to make a quick profit from the get-go, starting an affiliate blog should do the trick.

This type of site promotes products and services to visitors using targeted content.

Whenever visitors make a purchase or complete a particular action, you receive a commission from the product owner.

Affiliate blogs’ content and income mainly depend on the affiliate programs you enroll in.

Despite so, you shouldn’t sacrifice quality over profit. Instead, it’s best to join affiliate programs that align with your blog niche or passion. By creating meaningful content, it’s easier to build credibility and gain your audience’s trust.

For more inspiration and website ideas, you can check out popular affiliate blogs like Missy Ward, Affiliate Marketing Blog, and ShoeMoney.

Missy ward website about affiliate summit 2020

12. Reseller web hosting

Since the demand for web hosting isn’t going o slow down any time soon, why not take advantage of this trend to earn money?

With a reseller web hosting site, you get to start a hosting business without having to make a big investment or deal with the technicalities of it all.

What you need to do is rent servers from popular web hosting providers and resell them to the public.

This type of business is common among web developers and designers. As web hosting is inseparable from websites, you can easily resell it as part of your services in a bundle pricing. This will not only save your clients the trouble from having to look for a third-party hosting provider but also allow you to earn extra profit.

Alternatively, you can join affiliate programs held by major hosting companies like SiteGround and BlueHost, then promote their services on your site.

You get a commission each time a visitor clicks on your referral link and completes the task required by the program.

Site Ground website about hosting affiliate program

13. Online fundraising

Not only do websites benefit the business sector, but they can also contribute to spreading goodwill.

Fundraising sites generally serve as a platform for various charity events and help them find a bigger audience. Donors can easily browse through the fundraising events and support their causes via the site.

Fundraising websites can also incorporate eCommerce to raise even more money for good causes.

The merch serves as an incentive for people to donate to the charity event and get something in return.

Not only that, but the goods also help spread awareness for the cause they represent. This method is ideal for motivating even those donors, who can’t necessarily relate.

Regardless of how you run the site, establishing it as a reputable fundraising website should be your main priority. Because it acts as a liaison between donors and donees, you need to build trust with both parties to smoothen the donation process and prevent fraud.

Bonfire, DonorsChoose, and Kiva are few among many fundraising websites that dedicate themselves to helping others. Check these websites out to get some ideas on how to shape your fundraising site and attract a broad audience.

Bonfire website showing t-shirt fundraising

14. Storytelling-based

With the rising popularity of eBooks, more and more people publish their life stories on the web.

This type of website caters to this particular target market, serving as an archive of all kinds of writings and genres.

By starting a storytelling-based site, you help writers gain publicity for their work, and literature enthusiasts find hidden gems that have yet to be discovered by publishers.

Depending on your preferred type of writing, you may earn revenue by taking a sales percentage from every purchase made through the site.

Selling memberships and premium content are also good options to make profits while improving both the writing and reading experience. For copyrighted materials like fanfiction, you can still sell ad space to earn revenue.

For more inspiration, feel free to check out popular storytelling websites ideas like Wattpad, Madefire, and FanFiction.Net.

Wattpad, social storytelling platform, login page

15. Travel-based

If you’re a frequent traveler, then you should consider having a website.

Travel sites are ideal for sharing your adventures with the world. What’s more, you can share tips and tricks to help other travelers get unique experiences and avoid travel disasters.

There are plenty of amazing travel blogs that earn serious money by publishing this type of content.

For you ambitious souls with a passion for business, you can use the site to run travel-based businesses like B&B, tour agency, and travel photography service.

It’s easier to reach a broader audience and get both local and international customers – a perfect setting for tourism businesses.

Thanks to global connectivity, the sky is your limit.

Airbnb, On the Grid, and Cookiesound are few of the many examples of travel websites ideas, that thrive in this industry.

Cookiesound travel website

16. Trivia and quizzes

Trivia and quiz nuts can channel their passion into this website.

It showcases all types of trivia quizzes about various issues and lets visitors test their knowledge.

Your audience can contribute to the site by creating quizzes for others to test their knowledge of topics in question. This opens a door of opportunity to create a tight-knit community within similar interests.

On a more serious note, this type of site has great potential for assisting the data collection process.

Companies and organizations can customize quizzes to measure various business elements like customer satisfaction, employee performance, and sales effectiveness.

In this case, you’re providing the space and tools to conduct the tests.

For more inspiration, you can browse established quiz sites like Sporcle, ClassMarker, and Fyrebox.

Fyrebox, make your own quiz, website

17. Humor websites

What better way to get paid than to make someone’s day brighter?

You can do so by starting a humorous site that serves as a portal of funny digital media and writing. From popular memes to one-line jokes, this website’s content centers around a single purpose – entertaining visitors.

If your content greatly depends on copyrighted materials like movie and song snippets, monetizing the access to the site might be legally tricky, if not impossible.

Instead, it’s easier to generate revenue by selling ad space to advertising platforms like Google AdSense. Not to worry –as long as your content can humor visitors, a few ads will less likely deter them from enjoying the website.

Little Old Lady Comedy, 9GAG, and Point in Case are few among many humor websites that nail the entertainment and profitability aspects perfectly.

Little Old Lady Comedy website

Why you should have a website

With over half of the global population using the internet on a daily basis, we turned this technology from luxury to an absolute necessity.

The best part is that websites are beneficial for both the owners and users. Here’s how owning a website can benefit you:

  • 24/7 access. Your site doesn’t have business hours. Once you publish it, a website will always be available for the public to access. What’s more, you don’t need as many human resources to run it as a physical shop.
  • Cost-effective. It cuts various operating costs like office rental, labor salary, and utilities. Furthermore, a website can also decrease marketing and deliverance budgets.
  • Monetizable. There are a ton of ways to make money with a website. From selling ad space to running an online business, the possibilities are endless.
  • Bigger exposure. Not only does it have 24/7 access, but a website is also accessible to everyone regardless of their geographic location, allowing you to reach a wide audience.
  • Provide user insights. Using analytics tools, you can get insights into your audiences’ browsing and shopping habits. This information helps you create personalized marketing messages for higher success rates at a fraction of the cost.
  • Increase productivity. Due to its accessibility, a website serves as a great communication tool. If you work within a team, having effective communication can improve the team’s accountability and productivity.
  • Improve customer satisfaction. If you own a physical store, a website can save your customers from having to make a phone call or drive a mile to your place. By going this extra mile, you improve their shopping experience and even increase the chance of influencing their buying decision process.
  • Increase customer engagement. A website allows you to communicate directly with your customers and build a community with similar interests. Thus, it’s easier to build and earn their trust.

With all of these benefits, you might think it’s expensive to build a site, but Zyro will gladly prove you wrong.

With our website builder, you can create professional websites without having to hire a developer or spending a penny.

Besides having beautiful website designs, Zyro also provides you with powerful AI-based tools like the content generator and the heatmap that can help your site get off to a good start.

So, what’s the most profitable website of 2020?

Seeing that a website can greatly benefit both individual and corporate parties, not owning one would be a loss of opportunity on your end.

Since there are various types of sites to choose from, it’s best to base your choice on your goals and needs.

Regardless of what type of site you want to build, Zyro is always ready to help. Our website builder is great even for users with no technical knowledge.

Not only do we provide plenty of tools to ease the building process, but we also offer a free plan that comes with a hosting service.

All you need to do is let your imagination flow and publish your dream site.

We can’t wait to see what website ideas you have in store. See you at the top!

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