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I Rebranded My Team Using Only Zyro’s AI Tools with… Results

AI Branding Tools Feature

Here’s some insider gossip to give you a glimpse into the goings-on at Zyro: my team, formerly the ‘Words Team’, has just rebranded to become the ‘Storytelling Team’. Exciting, I know. 

But, I figured, why stop at the name? If we’re serious about a rebrand, let’s do it right. 

So, I opened some fresh tabs, fired up Zyro’s own AI tools, and created a whole new brand identity for my team. 

Below, you can find the results.

A new name 

I was never totally sold on the whole ‘Storytelling’ name, so I turned to Zyro’s AI Business Name Generator for some novel ideas. 

The tool could not be easier to use. You just enter a few words about your business (in my case “Zyro brand stories”, and with the click of a button, you’ll have dozens of business name ideas to choose from:

Zyro AI business name generator

While there were, of course, plenty of great options, my heart was instantly drawn towards XTreme Media. 

I can’t explain, it just… spoke to me… 

I’ll still have to run it past my boss, but I think it’s safe to say that from now on, it’s no more ‘Storytelling Team’, and hello ‘XTreme Media’. 

Once I had a new name, the obvious next step was to create a logo to accompany it. 

Now, I have exactly ZERO design skills, so I was totally reliant on Zyro’s AI Logo Generator to help me out here. 

The tool instantly created some suggested starting points, and as I browsed there was this one that kind of looked like someone reading a book, only really abstract. I thought that fitted our team pretty well: 

Zyro logo generator logos

With a little tweaking to get the colors and text how I want them, I ended up with our brand new team logo:

xtreme media logo

A powerful slogan 

A name and logo are all well and good, but how are people going to know what we actually do? 

We needed a slogan. 

It just so happens that Zyro has its own AI Slogan Generator

I decided the best thing to do would be to simply put our new team name into the generator and see what kind of ideas popped out. 

Here’s my favorite:

Zyro AI slogan generator

Back to the logo generator I went to incorporate our new slogan into our logo:

xtreme media logo with slogan

In my opinion, the outcome was both professional and profound. 

Photographic proof

After all the work putting together a new brand identity for my team, I thought it might be nice to post some pictures of us hard at work, so the rest of the company would believe we’ve been busy. 

Unfortunately, what with Covid-19, we’re all working remotely, so a shot of everyone working in the office was out of the question. 

Luckily, Zyro recently launched an AI Image Background Remover tool, which automatically removes the background from any image. 

Here’s what I did:

Step 1. 

I took a photo of myself flashing two thumbs up, the universal sign for a job well done. 

Man doing thumbs up indoors

Step 2. 

I used Zyro’s AI Image Background Remover to get rid of my apartment and leave just my smiling face and positive hand gestures. 

Man showing thumbs up after Zyro AI background remover

Step 3. 

I fetched a free photo from Zyro’s Unsplash image library which depicted the kind of office scene I was looking for and simply pasted myself seamlessly in.  

Even the most keen-eyed viewer would think I was in the original shot:

Duncan in the office

Explaining what we do 

It was at this point that I realized that, while excellent, our new slogan might not exactly communicate to people what our team does. 

Not to worry. 

I turned to Zyro’s AI Content Generator to help me put into words exactly what the XTreme Media team is all about. 

The tool creates unique, SEO friendly content, either based on categories or text input from a user. I decided to go wild and see what would come out. 

Zyro AI content creator

Here’s what I got:

We’re the XTreme Media team. Our job is to tell Zyro’s story. We want to see these stories told on every platform we can! Let us show you what is happening and give you inspiration as to how you could do this in your own unique way.

I really couldn’t have put it better myself. 

Create your own brand

All of the brilliant AI tools mentioned above are free and easy to use. 

While I was using them to brand my team, you could use them for creating a brand identity for your company, improv comedy troupe, Little League team, or pretty much anything else. 

You can also use Zyro to create a beautiful website or online store to go along with all your great new branding. 

In minutes, you can go from zero to having a whole new online identity. 

Give it a go. 

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