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5 Great Design Ideas for a Restaurant Website

5 Great Design Ideas for a Restaurant Website

A website can help your restaurant thrive. It can reach a wider audience, generate business, and boost the restaurant’s visibility.

To sell your business, your website must captivate visitors with a beautiful design.

To help inspire you, we’ll take a look at some well-designed restaurant websites, and explain how to create one with the Zyro Website Builder.

Inspiring restaurant website examples

1. Moxhe

Moxhe website showing a simple seashell

Our first tip is to make sure the design revolves around your restaurant’s theme. Moxhe, an Australian-based seafood restaurant, perfectly demonstrates how to do this.

To build a calming sea vibe, a looped video of ocean waves is embedded in the header. A transparent shell serves as the logo.

You’ll feel the same atmosphere from other pages. The menu section, for example, displays an appetizing image of clams.

The layout is well-thought-out too. Important elements like the menu and booking buttons are located at the top of the page, so visitors won’t have to scroll around to find what they need.

To deliver better user experience, the menu bar consists only of essential links like About, Contact, and social media icons.

This clutter-free bar adds to the overall feel of a clean, slick website.

2. Whitman’s

The whitmans restaurant website located in New York, showing open faced hamburgers

Whitman’s website displays plenty of burger images to attract visitors.

You’ll see a slideshow showing dishes from the menu right on the front page. As you scroll down, you’ll meet the restaurant’s food Instagram feed.

The same theme is applied throughout the website. Wherever you go, close-up shots of juicy burgers will greet you.

To further emphasize the beauty of their food, they embed a full-screen video that shows the making of their mainstay — a burger called Juicy Lucy.

3. 4 Rivers SmokeHouse

4 rivers smoke house restaurant website with option to cater or order online

4 Rivers Smokehouse is a restaurant that specializes in barbecue dishes. Throughout their site, you’ll see juicy platters set as background images — sure to make your mouth water.

This restaurant demonstrates how you can boost sales the moment visitors arrive.

The header encourages visitors to make an order, and there’s a subscription box right below that. It’s a great way to turn visitors into customers.

For the overall design, 4 Rivers Smokehouse uses a boxed layout below the headers.

Depending on the page you’re on, these boxes can contain food photos, locations of the branches, or products sold online.

4. Caravan Restaurants

The Caravan website showing all the different locations they have

Your restaurant website doesn’t always have to be colorful with a complex layout. As shown by Caravan Restaurants, a simple monochromatic website can work wonders.

Upon entering the website, you’re presented with a full-screen grayscale header.

Without any flashy elements, the header directs your attention to the booking buttons for Caravan’s branches.

The homepage is short, too. It consists only of the header, a full-width box that links to its merchandise shop, and a footer.

Due to a lack of content, visitors are encouraged to click those booking buttons, which lead to the branch’s own page. There they will find more detailed information about each establishment.

All pages use a sticky menu bar for better navigation. Browsing the site is more convenient because visitors don’t have to scroll up to find the menu.

5. The Paper Mill

Login page for The Paper Mill website showing the apartments nearby

The Paper Mill is an all-in-one food destination. It provides four dining options under one roof — meat and seafood, charcoal chicken, dessert, and pizza.

To show-off these different options, the restaurant uses a boxed layout on its homepage. Each box displays a zoom-out effect when you scroll, so visitors are drawn to them straight away.

If you want to learn how to use accent colors, this website is the perfect example of how to do so effectively.

The primary colors are black and white, but it uses golden brown to highlight important buttons like reservations, menus, and subscriptions.

What makes a good restaurant website?

There are several elements you need to consider when building a restaurant website:

  • Use a suitable template — pick a template that represents your restaurant’s theme and image
  • Let customers book online — place the reservation button on the front page so visitors can easily book your restaurant
  • Share your location and open hours — make it easy for visitors to find your restaurant by embedding Google Maps
  • List your menu and price — use a pdf format and ensure that it’s clean and easy to read
  • Display appealing images — help visualize how your dishes look like

Building a restaurant website with Zyro

It’s time to put the design ideas from above into practice.

The easiest way to start your own restaurant website is by using Zyro, an all-rounder website builder for your site needs.

Zyro offers all the tools and features you need for free.

You get instant access to the drag-and-drop editor, where you can build your website using one of our beautiful, mobile and SEO friendly templates.

Landing page for Zyro's free template

The editor’s grid system helps manage the proportions of each site element. Thanks to this feature, you can maintain the consistency of size, spacing, and margin.

If you’re not sure where to place images or call-to-action buttons, use Zyro’s AI Heatmap.

Our latest technology will show the spot that will get the most attention, so you can be sure visitors will see what you want them to see.

To get your site ready, follow the steps below:

  1. Join Zyro. It’s free to register an account.
  2. Choose a template that suits your style.
  3. Customize the fonts, colors, and layout to your liking.
  4. Publish — share your website and let the world know about it.

To make your site engaging, create a blog that covers topics related to food and restaurants. It could be about your dishes, the origins of your menu, or the latest events in your restaurants.

Rather than hiring expensive copywriters, you can use Zyro’s AI Writer. Just enter some sample text into it, and the tool will generate content tailored to your needs.

zyro's AI content generator page to help write content

Basic and Unleashed price plans are available if you want other features and perks. Both offer integration with Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and Messenger Live Chat.

Restaurant website recap

A website is essential for restaurant owners. Aside from promotion purposes, it provides the necessary information that your customers need before visiting your restaurant.

We’ve shown the best examples of excellent restaurant websites to inspire you.

If you want to create one without hassle, consider using Zyro. Its easy-to-use editor and AI-driven tools are just what you need to build a beautiful and functional website.

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