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Top 20 Professional Resume Website Examples

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When looking for a job, you won’t get far without a professional-looking resume.

It needs to represent who you are, what you’ve done and can do, and how employers can benefit from your skills and experiences. And that should all fit on one page.

While most job seekers use basic CV templates in a PDF format, your resume should set you apart.

A simple way to appear original is by building an interactive online resume. With a resume website, there’s more than one way to show off your expertise.

We’ve collected 20 resume website examples that should inspire you to create your own for free, with Zyro.

The most creative resume websites

Need some inspiration for your resume website? Here are some websites of applicants who got it right.

1. Brooke Smith

Brooke Smith's resume website

Brooke’s resume website is a minimalist but powerful one.

Being a project manager, Brooke focuses on curating the content of her personal website around her job experience.

For anyone who has a clear career path in mind, tailoring your personal resume for your ideal job will show recruiters and headhunters the types of roles you’d be willing to consider.

The resume website allows for a lot of empty space, which helps to make the content pop out.

This makes it easy for the visitor to focus on the essentials: the reasons why you’re perfect for the job.

2. Martin Ringlein

Martin Ringlein's Resume Website

Martin Ringlein is a designer, investor, entrepreneur, and CEO. 

Despite the long list of previous roles, his website design makes it straightforward for users to explore his career milestones.

The page uses a horizontal scrolling feature, so people can simply use the arrow keys to navigate through the resume.

If you have years of experience under your belt, this might be the right way for you to tell the story of your career clearly.

You should consider adding information about what you’re looking for on your own website. This lets recruiters know the status of your job search, and clients know how to work with you.

3. Andrew McCarthy

Andrew McCarthy's Resume Website

Meet Andrew McCarthy — a Berlin-based developer and designer.

His resume website has a minimalist design that has lots of white space. To reduce text density, the page only includes short sentences and relevant hyperlinks to keep things concise.

You’ll notice Andrew doesn’t include a lot of detail about himself.

As you scroll down, you see his previous work experience, email address, and a sentence about his skateboarding hobby.

This information is repeated throughout the homepage, which at first is confusing.

However, you discover that the background changes shape and color as you move the page up and down.

Though this might seem like a small feature, it engages visitors through interaction. It also hints at the designer’s playful personality.

4. Vladimir Gruev

Vladimir Gruev's Resume Website

Want your website to have that ‘wow’ factor? Vladimir Gruev’s unique resume shows how to astonish potential customers and employers.

The Ukraine-based designer uses a pink and blue color scheme but ensures text is legible by incorporating some black and white too. This is a great tip to keep in mind if you want to create a colorful website.

The standout feature of Vladimir’s resume is the cube that follows your cursor. The text inside changes as you hover over different navigation links, creating an interactive effect.

Aside from the design, what’s great about Vladimir’s resume is that he makes a strong case for why people should hire him.

On his About page, Vladimir includes his goals, skills, and the principles he follows. He also makes it clear how businesses could benefit from hiring him with a Venn diagram.

If you’re an active job seeker, you should consider including similar features to promote yourself to employers.

5. Pascal van Gemert

Pascal van Gemert's Resume Website

Pascal van Gemert’s resume is a splendid example of a user-friendly website.

With a single-page template made for scrolling, the Netherlands-based web developer makes his website easy for any visitor to navigate.

The website provides a lot of information about Pascal, but the layout keeps everything in order. The handy sidebar redirects visitors efficiently to their desired section.

The page’s attractive appearance also improves the experience.

See the large header image of Captain America and famous quotes introducing some sections? Including little details like this can give people a fuller picture of who you are.

6. Nathaniel Koloc

Nathaniel Koloc's Resume Website

Nathaniel Koloc’s resume is another well-executed example of a simple yet effective personal website. 

The strength of his resume lies in its content.

He includes strong statements to describe his professional work as an entrepreneur and people executive — such as “I love building powerful teams and tuning them to perform their best.”

Nathaniel makes a point of appealing to social proof. Not only does he feature logos for his own work, but he also mentions a number of organizations and people he has helped.

7. Anthony Wiktor

Anthony Wiktor's Resume Website

As you open Anthony Wiktor’s homepage, you find a bold headline phrased as his unique selling proposition.

Well-known brand logos like Disney and Fox show he has worked at big corporations before, and serve to convince a visitor that he’s the right person for the job.

Impressive graphics elements — such as the color-changing hover effects — engage visitors, and demonstrate his technical know-how. 

On the About page, there is a photo of him smiling, which is a proven best practice for business websites. It inspires confidence in visitors, making them more willing to working with you.

8. Callie Schweitzer

Resume Website of Callie Schweitzer

Callie Schweitzer’s resume website is a masterclass example in high-impact minimalism.

Her multi-page resume might not be feature-rich but perfectly showcases her work as a media and tech advisor. 

Using photos and videos of her in action during speaking engagements serves as first-hand proof of her skills. She supports this by including links to articles of press coverage.

Design-wise, Callie’s website is simple and easy to navigate. There’s a helpful menu you can use to explore her resume to get to know her better.

9. Andris Gauracs

Resume Website of Andris Gauracs

Andris Gauracs’s website shows how animation is a great example of how it can bring a resume to life.

On opening the website, an animated Andris enters the page, making visitors feel like they’ve already met him.

As you click on the carousel dots, animations complement the information which appears to the right. This section overall is mostly about his work as a web developer and videographer.

And as you scroll down, scroll-triggered effects create a smooth browsing experience.

10. Gary Le Masson

Resume Website of Gary Le Masson

A great way to show your creativity on your resume is to imitate the look of a well-known platform.

Take Gary’s resume for example — he designed his website to look like Google’s interface, which makes for a fun and engaging experience.

The content appears like a search engine results page. The Google Resume and References tabs are organized like hyperlinks and meta descriptions. Clicking the displays the related information.

Gary Le Masson's Resume Tab

In the Web Analytics tab, Gary goes into detail about his work. You’ll also see that he even goes as far as to explain some steps to help you get started.

On the same page, there is a demo image on the right that shows his resume website performance.

Clicking on this image ushers you to the website’s Google Data Studio, which exhibits what his services can do for his clients.

Gary Le Masson's Report

11. Ximena Larkin

Resume Website examples of Ximena Larkin

Ximena’s homepage greets you with a large image of her and Michelle Obama. If you have a picture of you with a well-known public figure, showing it is a quick way to increase your credibility.

She presents a detailed description of her work as a PR specialist and writer. She provides links to her own work and press coverages to give potential clients a clear idea of what she offers.

For more proof of her experience, the homepage features a photo of her speaking at an award show.

Since Ximena works as a freelance writer, she has a link at the bottom that gives instructions on how to pitch article ideas to her.

If you’ve gained enough notoriety as a freelancer, it’s good practice to provide such information to future employers.

12. Raf Derolez

Resume Website of Raf Derolez

Raf Derolez is a front-end developer focusing on creative interactions and slick animations. His resume website lets his interests shine through.

By using interactive design elements, such as parallax scrolling and mouseover effects, Raf shows off his web development skills.

Despite the simple black-and-white design, his personality shows in features like the slightly offbeat typeface.

Raf’s About section is where you’ll find his true character. The hover-triggered changing eyes on his photo indicates that he has a playful personality.

13. Denis Moulin

Resume Website of Denis Moulin

If you can’t get enough of minimal designs, make sure to check out Denis Moulin’s resume.

As a specialist in simple-to-use interfaces, Denis aims to illustrate what he can do through his own resume website with a simple example or two.

The highlight of Denis’s resume is in its simplicity. There is almost no use of color other than in the logos and yellow accents.

The content is positioned centrally, with tons of white spaces in between. The clean design implies Denis’s work is simple and methodical.

14. Gary Sheng

Resume Website of Gary Sheng

For those who want to seem open and approachable, look to Gary Sheng’s website for inspiration.

As you explore his one-page site, you find personal touches that give his resume character.

He divides the sections with unique heading titles, such as “Here’s what I’ve done so far” and “Get into my brain.” The emojis on the text elements hint towards a playful personality.

Other than that, he includes a series of life principles to showcase his beliefs. Adding such a section to your own resume website can inform visitors and clearly demonstrate your professional work ethic.

15. Sean Halpin

Resume Website of Sean Halpin

If you’re looking to use illustrations on your resume, pay attention to Sean Halpin’s website.

The visual elements are cute and attractive but don’t distract users from the important information.

The illustrations establish Sean’s distinctive style, while the use of green as his primary color makes for a cohesive design.

Sean’s website reads like an effective landing page.

The content begins with who he is, what he does, and ends with a call-to-action button that leads visitors to contact him. Text descriptions are written concisely, so readers can take in all the information.

16. Brandon Johnson

Resume Website of Brandon Johnson

If you’re looking for a personal resume that takes your breath away, check out Brandon Johnson’s personal website.

It has a dark and slick design, which is the perfect canvas to feature visual elements and content related to his work as a planetary scientist.

There are pictures of planet surfaces and asteroids throughout the page, and the website includes a graphic chart and a link to a video showing his expertise.

To help visitors get to know him better, Brandon provides a list of where he’s been published and a link to his Google Scholar profile.

He also notes all his related interests to demonstrate the range and breadth of his knowledge in the field.

17. Anna Ellenberger

Anna Ellenberger's resume website

Anna’s resume website boldly introduces Anna to the visitors from the moment they land on her website.

Using a bold statement as the headline of your personal website not only grabs the visitor’s attention, it also makes it crystal clear who you are.

In Anna’s case, she’s a designer and an illustrator but focuses on first introducing herself to the visitor.

She uses her portfolio to highlight her job experience, rather than chronologically listing her previous positions and projects.

If you work in a creative position, consider using your portfolio and personality as your main selling points.

18. Sean O’Connor

Sean O'Connor's resume website

Sean is a freelance marketing strategist and has an impactful personal website.

He uses diverted colors (black background and white text) paired with bold headings and a couple of quirky illustrations. The different sections (how I can help, projects, and clients, what people say) are clearly divided, making the browsing easy for the visitor.

If you want to have the best personal website, you should include testimonials and reviews of yourself on your website.

Like Sean, collect honest feedback from previous employers and clients and display them on your website. This way you build trust with the recruiters, as they don’t have to just take your word for your awesomeness.

19. Diogo Correia

Diogo Correia's resume website

The good news is that resume websites are not just for graduates and professionals.

Students, too, can benefit from having a dedicated place to showcase their experience, passions, and skills acquired during studies and internships.

Diogo is a student developer and boasts an impressive resume website with a timeline detailing different career milestones.

He also includes an Impossible List’ as a separate page, with various fitness, travel, and life goals.

Including content like this helps you demonstrate your goals and values in life: many recruiters aren’t only looking for the right skill-set but also for the right person to fit the company culture.

20. Quinnton J Harris

Quinnton Harris's resume website

Being unique and catching the eye of potential employers can make or break a job hunt.

At first glance, Quinnton’s resume website doesn’t seem like a resume website whatsoever.

The bold headline for the website assumes that the visitor already knows the man in question. The big navigational dots on the left-hand side encourage the visitor to scroll on and learn about Quinnton’s story.

As a creative director, Quinnton’s resume website focuses on storytelling. The visitor learns about his professional achievements, but also about personal facts like his marriage and his twin.

Opting for creative website design engages your visitors in a fresh and interesting way.

What is an online resume, and why should you build one?

An online resume is a personal website where you summarize who you are, demonstrate what you do, and explain what skills and experience you have.

Compared to a traditional PDF or paper CV, resume websites have many advantages:

  • It allows anyone to locate you on search engines when they’re looking for a service related to your industry and expertise.
  • A website is also useful for recruiters. All the necessary information can be found quickly, in one place.
  • On a related note, a website enables more creativity, and opportunities to impress companies. The best personal website is one that stands out.
  • Lastly, it can improve your personal and professional brand. Establishing an online presence with a resume website suggests that you care about how you look in front of potential customers and employers.

The Zyro Website Maker can streamline the process of making your personal resume.

Or, if you’re looking to build your resume website from scratch, sites like Hosting Data list the best web hosting sites in the UK and elsewhere to get you started.

Combined with the top 20 resume websites we’ve shown above, you’re ready to make a beautiful resume website.

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