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Resume Website or LinkedIn Profile: Which Makes Finding a Job Easier?

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So you’ve got a profile on LinkedIn.

Sometimes, you participate in conversations in your feed, but spend most of your time casually scrolling – just like the majority of the other 675 million LinkedIn users.

And that’s fine if you’re not looking for a job. But when you’re on the prowl for your next career move, you need to give yourself the best chance to get discovered by headhunters and employers.

While LinkedIn certainly has its pros, the sheer number of people on there make it hard for you to stand out and get noticed.

That’s where a resume website can help.

In this article, we will run through the 7 most important aspects of finding a job, and put resume websites and LinkedIn profiles head to head.

Let’s see which one comes out on top, shall we?

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1. Stand out

It’s not easy to customize your LinkedIn profile beyond a profile photo and catchy bio. And that doesn’t really let you stand out from the crowd.

The thing is: recruiters are increasingly paying attention to creativity and originality. That’s on top of your education and experience.

A resume website is a good way to get noticed.

With a website builder such as Zyro, you can customize everything. Change the layout, add unique images, embed videos to show employers what you’ve worked on in the past.

You can also let your personality shine and get ahead in the job-hunting game by:

  • Adding a social media feed to your website
  • Including a song to your homepage
  • Showing off your expertise by writing a blog

2. Tap into your network

On LinkedIn, having the right people in your network can make or break your job search.

Being active, participating in conversations, and creating insightful content helps you meet more recruiters and business leaders.

And that, in turn, can help you uncover job opportunities that would’ve otherwise gone unnoticed.

Don’t be shy – the power of networking has proven successful time and time again.

Become a master networker and:

  • Send a thank-you note to your new connections
  • Set up lunches with your network
  • Engage with trending posts

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3. Show off your past work

Your portfolio is a priceless tool for highlighting your skills to clients and employers alike.

Unfortunately, most job portals are not meant for displaying full portfolios and examples of creative work.

Having a dedicated space for your best work, like a resume website, creates the right kind of first impression. You want to demonstrate your expertise in a very practical way.

Use your resume website to wow your future employer and clients by:

  • Showcasing your portfolio
  • Featuring past references
  • Showing off your potential

4. Keep your data safe

The truth is that if LinkedIn shuts down one day, all of your posts, articles, and comments could disappear into thin air.

MySpace has become a cautionary tale just a few years ago – don’t want that happening, do you?

Having your very own resume website means you have full control over your content. You can keep backups of your website’s older versions and decide exactly what is public and what isn’t.

Opt for a resume website if you:

  • Want to have full ownership of your data
  • Worry over privacy
  • Want to archive your content

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5. Speed matters

Do you know that saying about how it’s the early bird that gets the worm?

With access to a global pool of candidates, having your timing off in the job hunt could cost you your dream job.

In general, setting up your LinkedIn profile is considerably quicker than building a website.

That is, unless you’re using a website builder built for speed, like Zyro.

With Zyro, you can:

  • Choose a ready-made, professional resume template
  • Use the AI Writer to fill in the gaps
  • Have your website live in a few minutes

6. Get found

Since recruiters rely on LinkedIn searches in their work, keywords in your profile can determine whether you show on top of the search results or not.

Having your profile set up well will help you to be found by the right people on LinkedIn.

But depending on your industry (we’re looking your way, creative folks), you might want to be showing up in search engines like Google as well.

This is where your resume website will take the lead:

  • Create content in the form of blog posts, for example
  • Use keywords to boost your website’s visibility in search engines
  • Have a competitive edge against your competitors

Man Sitting and Browsing on Laptop

7. The cost

Although good things in life are free, a job search without LinkedIn Premium can be ineffective. That’s because you won’t be able to connect with the right people from the start.

Paying $30 a month can feel a bit pricey, especially if you’re in between jobs.

Instead, you could go with a free platform like Zyro, and enjoy a fully functional resume website for free.

On top of your website, you also get:

  • Web hosting (somewhere to house your website)
  • A domain name (your address online)
  • An SSL certificate (to keep your data safe)

Transform your job hunt

Looking for your new career move is a time-consuming and sometimes long process. In order to successfully land that dream position, you need to have helpful tools at your disposal.

LinkedIn is great if you:

  • Want to get closer to recruiters
  • Want to build your professional network
  • Are looking for published job listings

In turn, having your own resume website means that you:

  • Can showcase your portfolio without limits
  • Can build a unique personal brand
  • Have full control over your data

If you have 5 minutes, why not set up your resume website today and see what Zyro is all about?Build a Website With Zyro

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