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7 Inspirational Resume Website Trends for 2022

Work harder text in neon lights

Looking for a new job? First, you’ll need an unforgettable resume to help you grab employers’ attention.

You could just type up a one-page CV to attach to job applications and just be another average candidate. Alternatively, you could show that you’re a serious contender with a customized resume website. 

With Zyro, building a resume website is quicker and easier than you imagine, but it still helps to get some inspiration. 

That’s why we’ve collected some of the most impressive resume website examples. Each of them demonstrates one of the hottest web design trends of 2022. 

Take a browse and let them inform the way you approach your own website. 

Exceptional resume website examples

1. Melanie DaVeid shows illustrations are hot

Screenshot from Melanie DaVeid resume website

Illustrations and white spaces are two of the hottest 2022 design trends, and they’re used in perfect harmony on Melanie DaVeid’s resume website.  

Since her work is in user experience and art direction, it makes sense that her website should reflect some of her artistic flair. Beyond the creativity, though, illustrations also serve to show some personality. 

If you’re looking for a way to make your website stand out as personal, including some unique illustrations created specifically for your resume is a simple solution. 

Melanie’s website uses white space to throw her artwork into focus, and make sure the visitor’s attention is always where she wants it to be. 

Use illustrations if:

  • You work in a visual or creative field
  • They match your brand and style
  • You don’t like the look of plain digital designs 

2. Rafael Derolez engages dark mode

Screenshot from Rafael Derolez resume website

While many web designers are moving towards the white space aesthetic, those in the know are going the complete opposite direction. Dafael Derolez shows how darkness helps shine a light on what’s important. 

Dark mode increases the contrast between the background and accent colors on screen. Text and images on a dark background really pop, and seem more vivid. 

Rafael is a developer, and this makes sense, since dark mode is a popular design with developers and coders. 

Dark screens also help save energy on OLED computer displays, meaning that if you use Dark Mode, you’re technically making your website more eco friendly.

Use dark mode if:

  • You work in web development or related fields
  • You want to have an impactful website design 
  • You want to save a little energy 

3. Ximena Larkin echoes Instagram

Screenshot from Ximena Larkin resume website

It’s totally acceptable to pull inspiration from existing and established platforms for your website design. 

Take for example the way Ximena Larkin borrows the layout of Instagram tiles to present her personal information. It’s used on Instagram for a reason: it’s a clear and neat way to present images. 

Unlike using illustrations or dark mode, what makes this sort of design so effective is its familiarity to users. If a visitor feels comfortable on your website, they’ll have a better impression of you. 

This kind of layout is particularly useful for images, but can also be used to present text and other elements. 

Use an Instagram layout if:

  • You have lots of images to display
  • You’d like a clear and clean layout
  • You want to offer users a familiar experience

4. Josh McCartney paints in bold colors 

Screenshot from Josh McCartney's resume website

Sometimes the oldest trick in the book is actually the best one for a given situation. So, if you’re trying to grab attention and make an impression, why not just plaster your website with bold colors?

Art director Josh McCartney’s resume website is a prime example of this hot trend. He employs big blocks of bold colors to help his work stand out, and give his website some real pizzaz.

The perceived wisdom in web design is that you should pick one main color, with a couple of accent tones. This approach throws that idea totally out the window. 

If you’re going to use block, bold colors on your resume website, you really have to commit. 

Use bold colors if:

  • You want to show a strong personality 
  • You’re trying to demonstrate creativity
  • You’re willing to commit to a bold look

5. Ximena Vengoechea hand writes 

Screenshot from Ximena Vengoechea resume website

Looking for a design that really stamps your sign of creativity on your resume website? How about using handwritten text and illustrations?

As Ximena Vengoechea demonstrates, using your own handwriting as a design feature not only shows a decent helping of personality, but also helps your website stand out among digital-looking web pages. 

Handwriting also communicates an element of fun and free-form creativity, without coming across as silly. It’s flexible, meaning you can create looks totally different from other websites. 

Use handwriting if:

  • You want to create a relaxed atmosphere
  • You’re hoping for a really unique look 
  • You have nice-looking handwriting

6. Nik Papić keeps things clean and clear

Screenshot from Nik Papic resume website

Many of the examples we’ve shown you so far use bold and extravagant design elements to make an impact. Nik Papić achieves the same effect with a super minimalist design. 

A clean design, with plenty of white space and simple navigation tells visitors that you’re straightforward and honest. You’re not leaning on fancy design tricks to impress. 

This is also a great way to make sure your website looks good on every device, from large desktop monitors to smartwatch screens. 

Use minimalist design and clear spaces if:

  • You don’t have too many images to present 
  • You want to create a simple, effective website
  • You’re a fan of clean aesthetics

7. Resoluut shows depth with soft shadows 

Screenshot from Resoluut website

Giving your resume website some visual depth can give visitors the impression that elements are 3D or floating in space. It’s a nice and distinctive touch which requires little work. 

Take a look at the website of the branding company Resoluut. The soft shadowing gives the site the appearance of layering, making the page more interesting and engaging to look at.  

If you’re a designer or other kind of creative, the simple addition of soft shadows can help your work pop, and guide the visitor’s eye to the features you want to highlight. 

You soft shadows if:

  • You want to give the appearance of depth
  • You’d like to have your site look layered and interesting
  • You have graphic element you want to give structure to

If you’re feeling inspired and ready to start building your own resume website, why not try out Zyro?

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