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6 Small Business Heroes: Zyro’s Templates for Success

So far, over 150,000 websites have been built using Zyro. That’s an impressive number of really impressive businesses that we’ve helped get online since 2019.

Ever wondered what a Zyro website looks like once our designer-made templates have been well and truly customized? Look no further.

We’re taking the opportunity to revisit some of our favorite Small Business Heroes we’ve profiled over the past year, and shine a spotlight on people who have used Zyro websites to do amazing things. 

From artists in Ohio to bag makers in Lithuania, and from Danish cosmetics to architectural visualizations, these businesses prove that with a vision and a website, anything is possible. 

Chelsea Heimlich from The Daily Doodle Art

‘It’s really important for us as a society to support creative efforts because it’s what makes us human.’

Chelsea Heimlich first made money from her art by setting up a postal subscription service for hand-drawn illustrations sent to friends, family, and anyone else who wanted a regular dose of creativity in their lives. 

Since tasting initial success, Chelsea has managed to pivot her entire career towards art. She has subsequently established a collective for small artists and opened her own physical art space in downtown Columbus, Ohio. 

Her philosophy, and that of her Daily Doodle Art collective, is that low-profile artists should support and promote each other for the mutual benefit of sales and recognition. 

Ugnė Gudiškė from Gud.Renders

Screeshot from Gud Renders website about page
Source: Gud Renders

‘The obvious things in the mind of an architect don’t always make sense to their clients, and that’s where I come in.’

A trained architect, Ugnė Gudiškė quickly became dissatisfied working at a large architectural company. She needed a career path that appealed to her independence and creativity. 

Not seeing that path laid out in front of her, she decided to pave the way for herself. Leaning on her education and experience, she launched Gud.Renders, a tool which helps visualize blueprints from architects and interior designers to help make them accessible to clients. 

Her work is all about bridging the gap between what a professional can do and what a client can understand. She combines technical expertise with the creativity missing from traditional architectural work. 

Despite struggling with the pressures of becoming a freelancer, she’s thriving. 

Darya Shingiater from Letique

Photo of Dariya Shingiater from Letique
Source: Starting Fresh: The Letique Model

‘It’s frustrating to put your energy into something that doesn’t make a difference and doesn’t make a change in the world.’

Despite working full-time as an engineer modelling oil and gas reservoirs for a large company, Darya Shingiater was hungry for another challenge. 

Wanting to create a business that would make a difference to people, she launched Letique; a cosmetics brand which brings salon-quality products to consumers’ homes. 

With flagship products like anti-cellulite complexes, body scrubs, and body wraps, Darya is pioneering an all-natural approach to cosmetics in Denmark. Her biggest ambition is simple to make her customers feel happy with her products and themselves. 

Facing off against the practical scepticism of the Danish market, she’s proving that the struggle is worth it.  

Milda Šimkuvienė from Millaw Kids

‘I needed something to take my mind off the kids. And that was the moment when it all came together.’

Milda had been dreaming of launching her own business for years, but it was only until maternity leave hit pause on her 9 to 5 that she was able to turn dreams into reality. It was her ‘now or never’ moment. 

That’s when she launched Millaw Kids

Creating oversized, unisex childrenswear, Milda’s aim with Millaw Kids is to offer parents clothing options for their children which are comfortable, hard-wearing, and perfect for growing into or passing down. 

Milda has quickly gone from a one-woman, hand-made clothing operation, to having sell-out ranges in stores all around Europe. 

Agne Kairyte-Timinskiene from Lapsa

‘I started lacking motivation at work and hated the fast-paced life that I was living. I wanted to do something that made my heart sing.’ 

Agne Kairyte sat on the idea for her bag company for 8 years before she launched Lapsa

She originally started out simply making bags and backpacks for herself and friends, meaning her designs are the kind of thing she’d be proud to wear. After years of working on her designs, she finally built up the confidence to sell her creations.

As well as being uniquely beautiful and functional, Lapsa bags have sustainability at their heart. She uses sustainable, vegan, and cruelty-free materials in her bags to ensure that they are ethical to produce. 

While selling on Etsy brought limited success, launching her own online store launched Lapsa into overdrive. Agne is now selling products worldwide.

Justina Vasiljevaite from Angry Cupcakes

‘The wedding industry is tough and I’m only where I am because I never stopped trying to build it for myself.’

How can a baking hobby turn into a successful wedding planning business? Ask Justina Vasiljevaite, who pivoted from baking cupcakes for fun into Angry Cupcakes; a fully-fledged wedding coordination business. 

As she grew her skills, changed her focus, and started taking on more responsibility than just providing cakes for functions, her business has blossomed. 

Although she found the transition scary, she recognised that to move forward, she needed to develop herself first, before she could find success and fulfilment doing something she loves. 

Recognising the importance of customer experience, she leaned into the small, personal touches which make a difference, to overcome her limited financial investment. 

It’s not about how much you spend, it’s about how much value you offer. 

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