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7 Best Small Business Website Examples

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As a small business, your website is key to representing your brand and making a personal connection with your customers.

If you’re thinking about creating your own, check out these examples of small business website design. Later we’ll show you how to create your own website by using the Zyro Website Builder.

Perfect design can be hard to achieve, especially if you’re new to website development. Hopefully, our collection of seven design examples from small businesses will help inspire your own build.

1. Native Union

Native Union website for a small business website example

Native Union is a company specializing in making tech accessories. Founded in 2009 by Igor Druc and John Brunner, their website is a perfect example of professional design.

The site employs a neutral color palette. Most of their elements are in a shade of grey or colored black, while the background stays a clean white.

Thin but striking typography invokes a modern feel, and a sense that the developers know who their target audience is: people who want something slick and stylish.

Showcasing deals, services, and products, an interactive slide display greets the visitor, giving them an overview of the brand.

The homepage previews sections of the site, such as the shop, blog, and social media accounts. A compact menu at the top provides easy navigation.

The website is designed in a modern style that focuses attention on the products.

Overall, Native Union shows that a small business can benefit from a professional and clean approach to web design.

2. Poetic

Poetic website with words in white saying, "Create the future of your industry"

Poetic is a brand and product management agency that leverages technology to help businesses connect with their customers.

Utilizing a sleek design philosophy, this small business website example introduces large and informative displays in three colors – white, black and blue.

With a widely spaced and bold font, Poetic makes sure their message is received clearly.

The site is designed so that every link on the menu is visible at all times. This layout is simple but effective; you don’t have to search long for what you need.

With data to back up their claims, as well as examples of their work on their homepage, Poetic strives for a professional approach – straight to the point.

Browsing through their site, one can learn a lot about marketing your business online to potential clients through clear and impressive examples of past projects.

3. UVE

UVE small business website examples showing vineyards and words saying, "Rooms & Wine Bar La Morra - Langhe"

UVE is an event space and wine bar in Italy, which markets itself as the best place in the area to spend a weekend.

While UVE’s branding appears mostly in black and white, the website’s design is formed around beautiful pictures of the location.

With elegant typography and responsive design, this small business website example provides exceptional user experience.

All of UVE’s services are detailed on the homepage. If customers wish to explore the site further, a sticky menu button accompanies them as they scroll.

Modern, but warm and inviting, the site is an example of how to market an effective small business with websites – from the interactive displays to the introductory movie.

4. Built by Buffalo

Buffalo white website with black buffalo face and "A higher plain" written

Buffalo is a web design & development company from Brighton, UK. Founded in 2006, they have been building gorgeous websites for their clients ever since.

Simple and clean, Buffalo’s website doesn’t bother with flashy colors or intricate interactive elements. Instead, they stick with a grey and orange color palette.

To inspire trust, the first thing that Buffalo showcases on their homepage is the previous projects they’ve worked on for clients.

The homepage continues with statistical information about their customers and business, as well as testimonials from satisfied users.

More than a portfolio for their work, Buffalo’s website includes a section to apply for work and a blog, all accessible through their easy to navigate menu.

If you’re making a small business website to promote your web design business, you should aim to appear as creative and consistent as Buffalo.

5. Gitman Bros.

Gitman Bros small business website examples with fabric in the background

Gitman Bros. is a textile company specializing in shirts. Their unique selling proposition is that they allow you to fully customize any shirt you want to order, from the cut to the fabric.

Making a visual nod to its logo, Gitman Bros.’s website features a gold accent on its otherwise imagery-based background design.

As the shop’s specialty is classic shirts, the typography they employ reflects that – a formal, but modern and sleek font is used throughout the site.

Returning repeatedly to the focus of the business, everything from the main menu to the copy the homepage begins with reminds you that they make custom shirts.

The website’s navigation is simple and easy, allowing you to learn about their products without having to look around the whole site for hidden pages with additional information.

Gitman Bros. shows that even if you specialize in traditional trade, you can still make a great impression with a modern online presence.

6. Moment Skis

Moment Skis website showing skiers on whiteout  mountains

Moment is based in Nevada, USA, and deals in ski equipment. Founded in 2003, they produce their own skis and distribute them around the globe.

Since Moment sells extreme sports merchandise, their website evokes movement. The design is primarily black and white, which lets the colorful products pop.

Bold lettering reinforces the energetic feel of the site, letting potential clients know that they’re in the hands of a fun-loving, adrenaline-fueled company.

The layout makes space for banners that promote both the product and the company’s social media accounts, setting the stage for both sales now and engagement later.

The playful design remains throughout the site, which can be navigated through a simple menu at the top.

Moment Skis provide a great example of a site that targets a particular demographic – those who love excitement and respond to a dynamic design.

7. Confluera

Confluera website

Confluera provides a cybersecurity platform for businesses, projects or individual clients with their own internal infrastructure.

The website is dripping in colors that bring to mind technology and security: black, light green and blue.

The homepage introduces visitors to the dangers they might face without protection, all in a tidy font, establishing the argument for why customers need the company’s product.

Confluera’s design is modern, the website’s content is strongly worded, and the visuals don’t distract from the product, but add to it. The design is consistent throughout the site.

What is a small business website?

As opposed to sites owned by large corporations, a small business website usually must employ a direct approach to marketing their services.

When you run your own business and are just starting out, it’s important to engage your audience the right way. A website is the most effective way to do this.

Showcasing your work and projects is a necessity for small business websites, which is why you’ll often see products or projects on the front page.

Without a website, it is hard for businesses to reach their target audience and establish their brand.

How to create a small business website that suits your brand

If you’re wondering how to create a business website of your own, you’re in luck. With the Zyro Website Builder, making a website becomes easy and completely free.

Zyros free website landing page

Zyro is packed with features that set you on the path towards a website that gives your business online presence a boost.

With a wide variety of templates, you are sure to find something that suits your business website. Zyro even has a pre-made small business website templates.

Zyro provides free hosting and a custom domain of your choice for your website. With our help, you can make something truly unique.

Whether you’re selling merchandise or providing services, we have got you covered when it comes to branding. With the Zyro Logo Maker, creating a stunning logo is easier than ever.

Small business website recap

From the seven small business website examples we’ve explored you should find inspiration when you create your own.

  • Getting your business online is always a good move, but you must remember to have a business website design that delivers your message effectively to your customers.
  • Choosing the right kind of color scheme, layout, and visual style can directly impact how you’re engaging your target audience.
  • Keep in mind the features and functions you need for your business and stick to these. Don’t over-complicate your website with unnecessary frills.

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