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15 Teacher Website Examples (2022)


You know what they say: those who can – teach. 

But what nobody told you is that those who teach best, do it with a website.

If you stick around until the end of this article you will know:

  • How successful teachers attract clients and make money online
  • Why you need a website to move to the next level
  • Where to find the best online teaching resources

Sound good?

Then let’s go.

1. Mentorly

Mentorly teacher website examples, built with Zyro

Remember back when you were in elementary school and while the teacher was talking all you could think about was “how is this information ever going to help me in real life?”

Well, now there’s Mentorly. Mentorly is an online tutoring service that is specifically designed to make sure you succeed at interview and land your dream job.

Students at Mentorly have gone on to work for Google, Microsoft, Facebook and more. 

Better yet, one of the big ideas behind Mentorly is to help you understand your worth. You know that dreaded question, right?

“What would be your salary expectation if you join our team?”

Well, after a few lessons from Mentorly, you’ll be able to answer clearly and confidently and get the paycheck you deserve and the job you love.

2. Learning in hand 


Just because we all got the crash course in Zoom classes back in 2020 doesn’t mean that online schools are anything new.

Tony Vincent has been the principal teacher of his online class website Learning In Hand since 2002 (that’s before I even had internet access in my house.)

Students in his virtual classroom can expect a variety of weekly lessons, as well a homework schedule on top of a bespoke teaching experience.

Every Tony Vincent student can expect fun tasks, instructional videos, and optional assignments. 

It’s a sign of the quality of his teacher website that teachers themselves are his students – over 2000 educators have enrolled in his school to find ideas for their own classroom.

Tony mostly focuses on  digital topics such as making videos, improving documents, and learning how to display your content in a more attractive format.

3. Castor & Pollux

So, you want to learn UX?

Well, form an orderly queue because the way the job market is going it won’t be long before they teach it in elementary school.

Still, for those of us whose teachers cared more about capitals than coding, then don’t worry – hope is not lost.

Castor & Pollux is a teacher website for UX designs and the only place to be for anyone who wants their homepage to shine.

Take a peek at that homepage.

Am I right? You decide.

Either way, the aspiring UX student can find 10 UX lessons presented in a fun and interactive learning environment.

Better yet, this teacher website actually features the opportunity for students to attempt their own projects once they have finished their learning.

This is no color-by-numbers either: you send them an email and they will get back to you with a challenge. 

The whole idea of the Castor & Pollux website is that you interact with their teacher website as if it were a game.  

They say that you should teach by example, and there are few websites that make sure of that like Castor & Pollux.

4. Neil Patel

neilpatel-seo-blog-teaher-website-examplesNeil Patel SEO blog to follow.

Oh Neil, wherever would we be without you.

As teacher websites go, Neil Patel is the godfather of online marketing and the ultimate example of how you can transform a blog into a classroom website if you just take the time to fill your site with quality content.

Neil Patel is the best source of marketing information anywhere and as any person in this industry can tell you, his website is on speed dial.

What makes teacher websites like his such a good example is that it doesn’t require any specific content, resources, or plug-ins to learn. 

All it is, is a great blog full of excellent articles written by a person with bags of experience.

If you think you have what it takes to turn your own name into a domain name that people across the world will associate with high-quality education, then it might be time to start your blog and watch as the links come rolling into your own website.

5. Taunton Workshops

taunton workshops teacher website examples

Just because you work with your hands doesn’t mean the classroom website concept isn’t for you.

You’ve heard of Instructables, right? You know, the website that shows you how to make things?

Well, that website, and teacher websites like it inspired a whole host of would-be teachers to try their services online, even if their niche isn’t something that most students wouldn’t associate with a virtual classroom environment.

Taunton workshops offer lessons and help with woodworking, home building, and sewing through a variety of resources on their blog such as photos, videos, and one-to-one tuition between students and teachers.

If your home DIY ideas never made it past the flat-pack stage, this might be the just the addition to your education that you’ve always needed.

6. Daily Burn

So, you know that scene in WALL-E?

Well, we can thank quarantine for that. 

But listen, we’re not here to stop you from living your best life.  Still, if you have itchy feet and you’re stuck at home then Daily Burn could be the website for you.

This classroom website offers the best in home workouts, from instructional yoga videos to running tips and virtual teachers who won’t stop until they see you sweat.

Forget the book recommendations, the trending articles, the blogs, and the ridiculous dietary schedules – there is no substitute for exercise and good old-fashioned endorphins.

The site offers one on one workouts with selected teachers or group sessions where students and partners can team up and join a class with a teacher whose ideas and experience go beyond drop and give me 20!

7. Ramsey

If you’re the kind of person that loves to sing, then it’s pretty hard to leave your passion in the classroom.

Still, your parents, children, friends or neighbors will thank you if you invest a little time in some lessons.

Ramsey is more than just a singing teacher website, it is an online voice studio with all the professional resources that students would expect from a physical school classroom.

Students that visit the site can expect a free video from the teacher – Matt Ramsey – so they know what to expect when they sign up to take lessons from his online school.

8. Karen Pryor

As an educator, and or as a student, there must have been countless times when you’ve thought this person is just not speaking my language.

Well, when your students are dogs, the breakdown in communication is somewhat understandable and unavoidable.

Karen Pryor specializes in animal behavior. Her teacher website is there to help you get an education in animal behavior, rather than her teaching your dog from a laptop screen.

Karen is a teacher first and foremost, but her page is also a place where you can find links to reputable websites, content, and resources for animal behavior educators in your area.

9. Creative Cook

As the domain name suggests, the creative cook offers recipes and a cooking class on the website.

This is an example of how you can transform your virtual classroom or blog into a booming eCommerce page.

While the creative cook sells lessons, it also sells the ingredients for those lessons in addition. 

We have all been to a website where it feels like the owner is trying to swindle you into buying unnecessary products as soon as you land on their blog, right?

If you want to sell effectively, many times, less is more. 

So take note: if you sell something on your website that people will need for your class, go for a soft sell approach. Place the priority on learning and you’ll soon see the sales come rolling in.

10. Paul Riley

This website offers more than your traditional school class.

Far from sitting down in a virtual classroom, students of Paul Riley can book to experience an artist retreat at his school/studio.

Painting isn’t exactly something that you can learn from a blog and that’s why Paul doesn’t try to sell you any lessons on his homepage.

His website is honest about the kind of learning that it takes to improve your art and for that reason, his art school is very successful.

As a teacher, it is important that you don’t oversell your abilities. Communicate to your students in plain language and make sure that everyone who enrols in your school knows exactly what they can expect to get out of it.

11. Nature Masterclasses

Nature masterclasses are more than just blogs, they are an online academic research service.

This one is less for children and their parents and more for serious learners as even the most basic text weighs in at quite a hard level.

Aside from blogs, Nature Masterclasses offers professional training for researchers through online courses and workshops.

The workshops are organized by tags which designate the subject area, duration and length of course so you won’t get in over your head by accident.

Take a look at the blog to find a research area that you might be interested in.

12. Actor’s Gym

Budding actors could do much worse than honing their skills at Actor’s Gym.

Acting is one of those professions that you can’t learn in text, so learning online might also seem like a challenge.

At Actor’s Gym, the teachers take a novel approach with a 7-day self tape acting challenge, designed to lift the text off the page and take your dramatic skills to the next lesson.

Membership to the Actor’s Gym includes online workshops, personal feedback from professional actors and priority access to casting opportunities to help you stand out from the crowd.

With a whole host of celebrity alumni, you can be sure that your acting future is in good hands when you sign up.

13. Steezy


Steezy studios offers a step-by-step learning program to have you dancing like a pro with lessons programmed by famed choreographers.

You can choose from beginner, intermediate, or advanced lessons in a variety of popular dance styles including hip-hop, dancehall, and k-pop.

The thing that really sets Steezy students apart is the in-built video player which allows you to speed up, slow down, and loop tricky sections until you have got your moves just right.

14. Dave Burgess

Okay parents, it’s time to put your doubts to the side for just one moment and accept that pirate learning might just be the solution you’re looking for.

Teach like a pirate is the motto of Dave Burgess and as you might imagine, his teacher website is more than just a block of text on a page.

Burgess also hosts his own teaching podcast for those in want of an additional deep dive on his learning techniques.

A New York Times best-selling author, Dave’s pirate approach promises to increase student engagement, boost creativity, and transform your life as an educator.

Those looking for an outside of the box teaching website example need look no further.

15. Kim Strobel

In a world of virtual reality experiences, QR codes, and total internet connectivity, it can be hard to get back to the basics of everyday life.

Kim Strobel is a lifestyle and happiness coach and aside from a podcast and a weekly newsletter packed with inspirational content, she offers one-on-one online coaching.

Her website is simple: it is designed to get you the help you need without introducing any additional stresses into your everyday life.

Kim specifically works with women who want to improve their confidence in the working world, her website is an invaluable resource for everyone who needs a helping hand to take that next step.

What should teacher websites include?

There are some things that you just can’t teach, but luckily, building a website just isn’t one of them.

A Zyro teacher website is so easy to create that even an elementary school class could make one in a couple of days.

Obviously, your new site will need to include an editable contact form, an example of the work you do and the things you teach, as well as an easy-to-understand interface to welcome prospective students and parents.

Luckily, every Zyro template is designed to give all your pages the perfect style without having to take up too much of your precious resources. Simply upload your photos and your content and you are ready to go.

What is the best class website for teachers?

Okay, so we’ve seen some inspirational examples of teacher websites – but what about websites for teachers that need inspiration?

Every teacher will know that lesson planning and finding stimulating activities for their students is 90% of the battle.

Here are our top resources for an engaging curriculum for the next generation:

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