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10 Things to Do on Your Computer When You’re Bored (Might As Well)

Illustration of Woman on a Laptop and Phone, Busy

Got more time on your hands than usual? Bored out of your mind? 

We’re probably going to sound unpopular, but have you thought about giving your laptop or computer some much-needed TLC? 

And what about yourself? Those things you’ve always dreamed of doing, but that you have been putting off – now is the time. 

When you’ve got nothing better to spend your time on, stop procrastinating and do these 10 things. 

1. Clean up your desktop

Unless you meticulously take care of your desktop, chances are it’s cluttered and messy. We won’t judge. 

You should get into the habit of cleaning up your desktop and organizing files into folders for easy access. 

Better yet, designate the desktop space for important files and folders only. Clear out the ‘rubbish’ files every day before you shut down your computer. 

2. Organize your Downloads folder

Here’s a good one – making sure your Downloads folder only has a handful of files seems to be an impossible task for many of us. 

Lots of files accumulate in a Downloads folder, from screenshots, presentations, random PDFs, to funny pictures. 

You know it’s time to clear it out if you continuously struggle to find files and even sorting by date doesn’t seem to help anymore. 

Why wrestle with 1,134 files of randomness? Clear your Downloads folder once and for all. Keep it tidy by giving a quick clean-up at the end of each day or week. 

3. Unsubscribe from newsletters 

Want to reach that holy state of No Unread Emails? Then you must start by unsubscribing from newsletters that you no longer read.

These clutter your inbox and not only take up digital space, but also valuable headspace too. Don’t get weighed down.

Some of these newsletters will be ones that you’ve automatically been subscribed to, others might have become irrelevant over time. 

Be ruthless and keep only those newsletters that deliver real value to you right now. 

4. Empty the bin

Just like we neglect our own wardrobe, that space under the sink and that a-little-bit-of-everything drawer in your kitchen, we often fail to take out the trash from our digital bins too. 

Has your computer been crashing more often lately? Has it been slower? Some of it might be helped by emptying the bin.

So, give your desktop and your Downloads folder a good clean, then empty the bin to remove all of the unnecessary files you’ve been sweeping under the digital rug. 

5. Create a website

Once you’re done tidying up your laptop, why not create that website you’ve always dreamed of? 

These days, if you’re not online, you might as well not exist. And social media presence doesn’t really count.

For example, a portfolio or a personal website can become a great way to show yourself off to potential employers and clients. And a small business website can be the best launching pad for your side-gig. 

Or maybe you’ve always wanted to create a music website to show off your garage band to the world? 

All you need to do is to create a website. The easiest way to do that is by using a website builder such as Zyro

6. Back up your photos 

Don’t risk losing your precious photos and back them up onto the Cloud. 

There’s nothing worse than somehow losing your laptop and then losing access to all of the photos you had on there, both new ones and ones from decades ago. 

Many service providers will offer to back up your photos for a fee, so shop around and pick the option that’s best for your needs.

And to save time in the future, you can even schedule automatic updates for not just your photos, but all computer files.

7. Learn something new 

The internet is full of tutorials, courses and academies to learn anything you could think of. From coding, gardening, Spanish, to photo editing and everything in between, the opportunities are endless. 

For this to work, you’ll need to have a bit more motivation than when you go emptying your computer bin. 

However, the reward is that much higher too.

If you need somewhere to start, you could check out BitDegree. It’s mostly focused on tech skills, which are vital to all of us in today’s world. 

But what’s really important is that the content on BitDegree is gamified. You’ll level up, get rewarded and be motivated to continue with your chosen course – perfect for everyone’s who needs a bit more support to keep going.  

8. Secure all of your passwords 

How often do you find yourself in a situation when you don’t remember a password you’ve created, then having to go through the ‘Forgotten Password?’ procedure, only to forget your newly-created password all over again the next time? 

You can avoid all that, but you will need to invest some time now to reap the benefits later. 

After all, it’s just one of those ‘adult’ things that have to be done. 

There are multiple service providers that offer you to randomize and encrypt your passwords and keep them all safe ‘under one roof’ of a master password. 

This greatly decreases the chances of your accounts being hacked and boosts your personal data security.

And don’t forget to secure all of your passwords on your mobile too while you’re at it. 

9. Clean up your online presence 

What does the Google results page look like when you look up yourself? Type in your full name and see what it comes up with. 

Are there any results that make you cringe? Or worse? It takes a bit of time to clean up your digital presence, but it’s important that you do it.

Employers, colleagues, even acquaintances and government workers will be Googling you, so make sure they can only see what you want them to see. 

10. Update your software 

That little pop-up about system updates that’s been bothering you for weeks? Don’t click on ‘Remind me tomorrow.’

Now is the time to actually do it. 

Keeping your system and software up to date can feel like a challenge, especially when new versions of everything appear on a regular basis. 

However, it’s an important part of computer maintenance. We all want our computer to run faster, don’t we? 

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