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Explosive Results: 7 Tips to Blow Up Your eCommerce Business

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At Zyro, we are all about getting first-time, small business, and inexperienced entrepreneurs over the hurdles towards establishing an eCommerce brand. 

This means that we often end up caught up in the basics. 

But what about when your company is established and trading? What can you do to inch closer to the kind of eCommerce success you want to see?

Here are our tips for taking your eCommerce business to the next level. 

1. Don’t be scared to experiment 

We get it: setting up a business for the first time is all about playing it safe. 

We’re sure you did some boilerplate market research, some off the shelf advertising, and used a website design almost identical to the template. 

Well, it’s time to start busting out of your safe space. 

Two women working on a computer

The most successful businesses don’t bet on sure things, but rather try out moonshot ideas and experiment. If you want to level up your company, you might:

  • Try targeting a brand new or unexpected demographic 
  • Switch up the design of your website to give it a unique look and feel 
  • Launch ads unlike any you’ve ever seen before 
  • Innovate new products or services which bolster your existing offering

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2. Combine messaging over various channels 

Well done, you’ve found out that your perfect target consumer uses Facebook and Pinterest, and you’ve managed to capture some emails too. 

What’s your plan here?

The rookie move would be to plaster each channel with either the same content or content made specifically for that channel. 

Here’s the rub, though, your shoppers are likely to see that content on more than one platform, and it’ll either be disappointingly disjointed or exactly the same. 

The smart move is to create content for each channel which complements the content on other channels. Of course, they should make sense by themselves, but your channels should harmonize with each other if viewed by the same consumers. 

3. Move with the times

We mean this in a number of ways. 

Novelty is the cornerstone of success, so this means you should always be thinking of ways to fresh your brand and help it move with, rather than against, events. 

Black Friday Checklist for Online Retailers

With this in mind, you should aim to:

  • Always be seasonal. Black Friday coming up? Christmas on the horizon? Be sure to turn seasonal events into profitable opportunities. 
  • Target new channels. Who would have known 4 years ago what a huge influence TikTok would have on culture, and who knows what channels will be huge in the future?
  • Be responsive. You can’t control world events, but you can decide how to respond to them. If events offer the chance for promotion or growth, take it. 
  • Rebrand occasionally. Don’t be scared to leave an iconic logo behind, or switch up your color scheme. A rebrand means a refresh. 

4. Find your unique features

Ok, when you started up your company, you identified your product or service’s unique selling proposition, and have been milking it for all its promotional value. 

But have you been thinking about that since you launched?

You don’t know what kind of value consumers are going to find in your offering or brand until they’ve started buying from you. 

This means the discovery of the unique features of your brand is an ongoing process. 

Be open to discovering what your customers love about your brand, and be willing to pivot your marketing strategy to promote that. 

5. Offer value beyond sales 

It’s perfectly natural that, as your brand is first getting on its feet, that you’ll want to focus on activities that will drive consumers towards conversion. 

But value for both you and your customers doesn’t just come from sales. 

Customer Value

If you want to grow a truly sustainable brand, you need to think about what you can do to generate value: 

  • Offer user guides. Create user guides for your product, or else offer other advice for your customers. 
  • Give great support. Make aftercare a cornerstone of your business. Make your customer support unforgettable. 
  • Signpost resources. Do you know where your customers can get their hands on valuable information? Tell them. 
  • Don’t let customers feel forgotten. Remind your customers you’re thinking of them with messaging that doesn’t just ask them to buy. 

6. Learn as you trade 

This might sound like a basic tip but it’s only disguising as one. 

The fact that you’re reading an article like this one means that you’re already showing curiosity about eCommerce, and want to know about how to do it better. 

Don’t stop here, though. 

You can check out books, podcasts, further articles, and guides to learn more. You could check out Zyro’s own eCommerce beginner series, or read entries in our Knowledge Base to gain important insights into our tools and how to use them. 

Researching Marketer

There’ll always be more to learn about eCommerce, so even once you become an expert, there’ll still be growing to do. 

7. Be honest with your customers

With almost 400 years of capitalism to learn from, today’s consumers are savvier than any that came before them. 

Most importantly, they can always sniff out when a brand is being less than honest. 

This goes beyond just offering honest descriptions of your products and services, but rather requires you to give your brand an authentic tone that rings true to your customers. 

If consumers feel they are being spoken to with respect and honesty, they’re far more likely to not only shop with you, but also recommend your company to others, and purchase again. 

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Duncan is obsessed with making website building and eCommerce accessible to everyone. He explains the best tools and the latest digital marketing trends in ways that are clear and engaging. His focus is on supporting the sustainable growth of small to medium-sized enterprises. When not writing, he enjoys deep sea fishing and endurance cycling.

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Ready to launch your eCommerce empire?

With actionable advice, visual explainers, and simple explanations, this is the only guide you’ll need to sell successfully online.

I agree to receive marketing communications from Zyro. Unsubscribe at any time.