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7 Tools to Help Build a Profitable Business from Scratch

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In business, it’s often observed that success lies not in which tools you use, but in how you use them. I think that’s mostly untrue. 

If you’re an entrepreneur on the verge of launching your new venture, or an existing small business owner wondering where to find success next, finding the right tools can really make the difference, regardless of how you use them. 

Whether you’re trying to organize, market, or scale your business, not all tools are built equal. You need to find those that will help you achieve success with the minimal amount of time and effort from you. 

So let’s introduce you to some of our top picks for the job. 

1. HootSuite 

Are you planning to drive engagement with your new enterprise through social media? Make posting and interacting with users via a range of social media platforms simpler by using HootSuite. 

HootSuite Homepage

On the most basic level, HootSuite is a social media scheduling tool that allows you to create content when it’s convenient for you, and will then post it at a specific time to ensure the highest engagement. 

This is just the start of what the platform helps you do, though. It also helps you: 

  • Manage all your social media accounts from a single place
  • Quickly reply to interactions from a helpful dashboard
  • Get insights into your audience with handy analytics
  • Give multiple colleagues access to your social accounts 
  • Compare your performance with competitors 

HootSuite isn’t free, but with professional plans starting at just $49 per month, it’s certainly not the most expensive service of its kind. 

2. Trello 

Trello Homepage

How does your team keep track of its workflows? If you don’t have a clear answer to that question, then you definitely need to start using a tool like Trello. 

What Trello does best is collaboration. While it is certainly helpful for individuals with a lot of tasks to manage their workflow it comes into its own when you have an entire team that needs to keep on top of what their colleagues are working on. 

You can easily group and order tasks, set deadlines, assign people to tasks, and track the progress of your projects. 

If you’re a new business just starting out, I can’t stress enough just how helpful it is to have a single place where everything you need for organizing your team’s workflow is all together. 

You can even start using Trello for free to discover its powerful potential. 

3. Zyro Website Builder

Website builder Zyro

Sure, I’m biased towards promoting Zyro, but let me explain why our website builder is more like a Swiss Army success builder. 

At its core, Zyro is a powerful but easy-to-use website builder and eCommerce platform. Even if you have no coding or design skills, you’ll be able to launch a professional website or online store in a matter of minutes. 

Beyond that, though, there are tons of extra features on the platform that will help launch your business into profitability. 

  • Need a logo? Give your business a unique look with our beginner-friendly logo maker
  • Need an email address? Connect multiple, professional email addresses to your domain with Zyro’s Titan Mail integration. 
  • Need to optimize your website for search? Use Zyro’s extensive SEO tools, including a Google Analytics integration, to get found online. 
  • Need to find new customers? Utilize a staggering selection of digital marketing tools to introduce your businesses to whole new audiences. 
  • Need to sell across platforms? Don’t rely on your website for every sale, but instead easily sell on Amazon, Instagram, and Facebook. 
  • Need a business name? Don’t even have a name yet? We’ve got a business name generator for you to try. 

4. Canva

While Zyro has a handy logo maker, as well as a couple of other tools for graphics and image manipulation, if you need to go deeper into graphic design but lack the skills, you should try out Canva. 

Instead of complicated design interfaces and confusing jargon, Canva’s drag-and-drop platform makes graphic design accessible to even the most novice users. 

Canva Homepage

You might start by creating graphical elements for your website only to discover you can make beautiful Pinterest pins, logos, flyers, banners, and more. 

Even if you just need to make an attractive PDF, Canva should be the first place you turn. While it does offer paid plans, Canva is also available to use for free. 

5. Typeform

Typeform Homepage

Need to understand what your customers think about your brand? Want to do some market research to identify promising niches? Keen to gather feedback from a team training session? 

Use Typeform. 

Typeform is an amazing online service that allows you to quickly and easily create professional-looking surveys for all kinds of purposes. 

Things I love about Typeform surveys include how clear and easy to navigate the surveys are, that they’re easy to share and mobile-friendly, and how convenient it is to view the results of each survey in the backend. 

But the thing I love most about Typeform? The fact that it’s totally free to use, obviously. 

Save yourself time and money when creating internal or external surveys.

6. Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO Homepage

Search engine optimization is pretty much necessary for all new enterprises just starting up in business. Where better to get found than in search engine results?

At the center of a good SEO strategy is great, keyword-optimized content. But planning and executing this content can be tricky, especially if you don’t have the skills or time to do all the leg work yourself.

This is where Surfer SEO comes in handy. 

To help make content production for SEO simpler, Surfer SEO helps you:

  • Create your content strategy in one place
  • Plan individual pieces of content in a handy tool
  • Get insights into your competitors’ content 
  • Understand how competitive SERPs are
  • Create keyword optimized content

7. Salesforce

Salesforce Homepage

Once your website is up and running, you start having some traffic, and your marketing is beginning to take effect, chances are you’ll need to start thinking about customer relationship management, or CRM. 

For this, as a new business owner, your best bet is Salesforce. 

Salesforce isn’t just one product, but a whole suite of products, each designed to help you engage with your customers and drive the growth of your company. 

From tasks as simple as managing email flows and tracking sales leads, to optimizing your marketing efforts and gaining a deep understanding of your customers, Salesforce has you covered. 

Bonus: Hostinger 

Hostinger Homepage

If you need hosting without a website, consider using our hosting partner Hostinger. All Zyro websites are hosted through this service, which is fast, reliable, affordable, and has 99.9% uptime. 

I’m not including this in the main list because, if you need a website, I think you should use Zyro. But if you are just looking for hosting, Hostinger is the best place to find it. 

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Duncan is obsessed with making website building and eCommerce accessible to everyone. He explains the best tools and the latest digital marketing trends in ways that are clear and engaging. His focus is on supporting the sustainable growth of small to medium-sized enterprises. When not writing, he enjoys deep sea fishing and endurance cycling.

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