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Top 33 Crazy Interesting Websites for Procrastination

Dog wearing sunglasses sitting in hammock

Procrastinating? You may as well do it right.

Stop scrolling aimlessly on social media, quit collating Pinterest boards, and don’t watch your 50th kitten video of the day. Instead, check out some of the most interesting websites on the internet. 


Spend some time improving your mind and keeping boredom at bay with these interesting websites. 

1. Bored Panda

Bored Panda landing page

Bored Panda’s main mission is to entertain and inform you in the most lighthearted ways. Steering clear of heavy current affairs, this website offers news that put a smile on your face.

If you’re looking for heartwarming stories about animal best friends next to fun recipe ideas, then Bored Panda is the perfect place to spend your time. 

2. Reddit

Reddit landing page

Known as the ‘front of the internet’, Reddit is a place where millions of people from around the world share information every day.

Join conversations, ask questions, or simply check out what’s already there. You’ll find threads about pretty much every topic you can think of.

3. Astronomy Picture of the Day

Astronomy Picture of the Day landing page

Who doesn’t love looking out into the cold, busy emptiness of space? Well, thanks to NASA, you can now stargaze in the middle of the day, and without a telescope. 

Astronomy Picture of the Day delivers exactly what it promises: a beautiful shot or video of somewhere in our universe each day. Check this out to feel inspired. 

4. Six Degrees of Wikipedia

Six degrees of Wikipedia landing page

Have you ever played that game where you try and get from one Wikipedia page to another, using only the links available in the article you’re viewing? Well, now there’s a website for that.

Type two different topics into search boxes, and this site shows you how closely and in what ways they’re related. In theory, you’ll never need to make more than 6 steps to reach your goal.

5. The Onion

The Onion landing page

Priding itself as America’s finest news source, The Onion makes our list of top interesting websites.

Covering all kinds of stuff from politics to news and sports, this is one of the places to spend time when you need a break from reality.

And since it’s been around since 1700s, and still boasts a high journalistic standard – meaning that you’ll stay informed while procrastinating.

6. Mental Floss

Mental Floss landing page

Got big questions you need answers to? Or maybe you’re one for amazing facts?

Mental Floss has you covered. This is one of those cool websites that has quizzes, biographies, and a list or to about almost anything.

Here’s a quick tip: use the menu to browse everything by the topic.

7. Vsauce

Vsauce YouTube channel

This YouTube channel is one of the best ways to learn about really cool pop culture topics in your free time.

Covering everything from the solar system to things like time and space, it’s the perfect channel for break times.

You’ll learn a thing or two, and there are enough videos for days.

8. Wait But Why

Wait But Why landing page

Ran by a trio, Wait But Why is one of those interesting websites that covers whacky stuff. And since it’s been around for years, there’s a huge archive to comb through whenever you need something to do.

The website aims to answer questions like what makes you you and give you a run-through of different types of friendships you’re probably part of, and everything else in between.

9. This American Life

The American Life landing page

Looking for something good and interesting stuff to listen to?

This American Life is the website of a weekly radio show and podcast, covering a different topic every week.

Known for their various initiatives (they once did a show based on stories pitched by their parents), you’re bound to be listening to a show that sounds like a warm hug from friends.


Revel in the genius of other artists and get creative yourself. 

10. Library of Babel

Library of Babel landing page

When we tell you this website was inspired by an obscure Argentine writer born in 1899, it might sound dull. However, this site is a fascinating library including every possible combination of 1,312,000 characters. 

Though Jorge Luis Borges theorized the project as a thought experiment, the internet has made it possible. While most works are nonsense, you’ll find absolute gems in there too. 

11. Zyro.com

Zyro landing page

Are you getting inspired by all of these websites? If you’re feeling creative, consider building your very own website fast with Zyro. You can build anything you want. 

Zyro empowers you to create the kind of place you’d like to spend time on the internet. Whether you want to be informative, creative, fun, or just weird, we’ll help you out.  

12. The Faces of Facebook

Faces of Facebook on Natalia Rojas' website

Have you ever wondered what all of Facebook’s users’ profile photos would look like displayed all together? Wonder no more – The Faces of Facebook is here. 

With well over a billion people’s images already on the site, you’re able to randomly select and explore profile photos. If you’re patient enough, you could find your own. 

13. Zoom Quilt

Zoom Quilt endless zoom image

A fantastical image greets you when you click on this site. As you watch it starts to zoom, and zoom, and zoom, and zoom. All the while revealing new parts of the image. 

This is a creative and hypnotic way to combine illustrations with computer wizardry. While there’s nothing to interact with, you can find yourself on this website for hours. 


Chill out and enjoy yourself. 

14. Game Oldies

Game Oldies landing page

Whether you’re a fan of old video game titles, or simply want to see what the past was like, Game Oldies is the site for you. 

Simulating gaming systems like Nintendo NES & SNES, Sega Master System, and Genesis, the website invites users to enjoy retro games online. 

15. 9gag

9gag landing page

Do you know where memes are born? Well, a lot of them are created by the good folks over at 9gag. The forum lets anyone post funny content, that gets shared around the web.

This website is great for two things: jokes and community. Connect with people and the punch line. You can keep scrolling a laughing as long as you like. 

16. Spurious Correlations

Spurious Correlation graph

What relationship is there between the volume of cheese consumption and the number of people who die from getting tangled in their bedsheets? This is the website to find out. 

This site shows you hundreds of examples where correlation doesn’t suggest causation. The content here is hilarious and totally shareable. 

17. Wizarding World

Wizarding World landing page

Looking for a new adventure with Harry and friends?

While Pottermore might be gone, the Wizarding World brings plenty of information, entertainment, and everything else Harry Potter to fans of all ages.

Dwell into the news coverage of the franchise, get sorted to your Hogwarts house, and do all the things and more you used to enjoy on Pottermore.

18. Ocearch

Ocearch landing page

Ocearch is probably one of the best websites out there for anyone who’s interested in the world’s oceans.

This website offers really cool, real-time data on hundreds of marine mammals and their whereabouts.

Follow sharks, turtles, whales, and many other animals and forget about your office or real-life location for a moment.

19. The Oatmeal

The Oatmeal landing page

If you’re not one for long articles, but look for light entertainment for your procrastination moments, The Oatmeal might be just the thing you need.

Offering funny content in the form of comic strips and games, this website offers something for anyone with a sense of humor.

Avoid work by reading stories inspired by the artist’s life, like this one imagining a world where his dogs would be middle-aged men.

20. The Awkward Yeti

The Awkward Yeti landing page

All hail one of the most relatable comic strip websites of all time.

The Awkward Yeti offers insights into the painfully relatable life of the struggles of the heart and the brain (and occasionally, other body parts and the artist himself).

It offers heartfelt but cheeky entertainment for those days when your productivity just isn’t anywhere to be found.

Weird and wonderful 

These websites will make you ask yourself “WTF is this I’m looking at?”

21. Pointer Pointer

Pointer Pointer landing page

It’s always annoying when you can’t see the cursor on your screen. You wiggle it about for ages trying to find it. Pointer Pointer is the remedy to this age-old issue. 

Using state of the art technology and an innovative image database, the website makes sure you never lose your curser again. Go check it out before we say any more. 

22. Eel Slap

Eel Slap landing page

Sometimes, all you want to do with your day is hit someone round the face with a big, soggy fish. But what if you don’t have a fish (or willing victim) to hand?

You can take yourself over to Eel Slap. There, 24/7, 365 days a year, you can slap a man with an eel to your heart’s content. You’re very welcome. 

23. Endless Horse

Endless horse landing page

When engineers working at Twitter invented the endless scroll function, it revolutionized how we interact with the internet. Suddenly mobile surfing was convenient, and web pages more engaging. 

Fast forward to 2021, and someone has created probably the most innovative use of endless scrolling you’ll find on the internet. See if you can find the end of this horse on this website. 

24. The Akinator

The Akinator landing page

This is probably one of the top procrastination sites out there.

He can answer any question and knows exactly what you’re thinking – sounds like the work of a real mystic?

Get blown away bit by bit by how The Akinator can read your thoughts. And put off doing that stuff a little longer.

25. Wayback Machine

Wayback Machine landing page

Wayback Machine takes you back in time to places on the internet you’ve not been to in a while.

Remember things like Yahoo’s original homepage or how Facebook used to look like back in 2007?

This time machine takes you right back to the times when GIFs were a luxury and took up most of our bandwidth.

26. Oddee

Oddee landing page

You don’t need a TV or news articles, or other things for the matter when you’ve got Oddee.

If you’re looking for weird but interesting websites, Oddee’s got your back: it covers all the odd news, weird stuff that exists in our world.

The nifty list function, accessible conveniently from the homepage, lets you browse some of world’s oddest listicles.


For those days when you just need a good dose of aww.

27. The Dodo

The Dodo landing page

Want to look at pictures of cute animals and read articles about rescue cats and dogs that are bound to melt your heart?

The Dodo’s the place to be.

It’s a website full of content about people and their pets – and a fool-proof way to believe in people after a long and difficult day.

28. Attack of the Cute

When it comes to interesting websites, this one is both interesting and adorable.

Attack of the Cute is a website sure to put a smile on your face.

Get lost in the world of puppies and kittens – your life is sure to feel much better after some quality browsing on this website.

29. 100,000 Stars

100000 stars landing page

We absolutely adore this website: get up and personal with 100 000 of the closest stars to our planetary home.

You won’t need to give away your email address or name to see the cosmos: just scroll and zoom around and explore some corners of the universe while avoiding work.

We can’t think of better ways to waste time in style.

30. Animal Planet Kitten and Puppy Cameras

If you’re in the US, Animal Planet’s live streams of puppies and kittens are probably the best stress relievers out there.

Feel your mood getting better while you watch baby animals playing and napping on repeat.

And the best part is that if you see a pet that steals your heart, you can adopt it from one of the rescue centers.


Find somewhere new to waste your time.

31. The Useless Web

The useless website landing page

Have you already checked out all the other websites on this list, and now you’re bored again? Don’t worry, The Useless Web is here to the rescue. 

Hit the button, and you’ll be taken to a random, useless website. There’s basically no limit to the time you can kill discovering new weird and fascinating corners of the internet. 

32. Don’t even reply

Don't even reply landing page

Are you someone who loves reading through comments on news websites?

Then you’ll love this website. The author has clearly been waiting for a strike of productivity to hit him while he’s been replying to listings on Craigslist and documenting his conversations.

Needless to say, the email conversations have all the ingredients of a true comedy, and you’ll be wanting to read nothing else all day.

33. Cool Interesting Stuff

Cool interesting stuff landing page

When it comes to interesting websites, here’s a site like no other.

If you’re not into life hacks (sorry, Buzzfeed), but instead find yourself speculating over unsolved mysteries – you’re in luck.

From UFOs and aliens to ghosts and all things paranormal, this website has it all.

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