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12 Trending Products You Should Sell in 2020

There’s never been a better time to open an online store. If you have the right product to sell, you can ride the wave of retail success.

As we mentioned in a previous blog, eCommerce sales are expected to surpass $4.9 trillion by next year. 

Global shopping habits are transforming rapidly – it is easier than ever to have almost anything delivered to your door at the press of a button.

Really, online retail is set to go into the stratosphere.

It takes some work to set up a successful eCommerce store in 2020. Identifying top trending products which are in demand is only one step in the process.

Online retailers need to be dynamic and adaptable. While clever marketing is key, clever product selection is essential. 

Jumping on a single trending product is never a good idea: anyone remember the fidget spinner?

Best products to sell online in 2020

  1. Craft kits
  2. Couch covers
  3. Birth flowers
  4. Personalized vitamins
  5. Gardening supplies
  6. Facial tools
  7. Home workout equipment
  8. Smartphone accessories
  9. Home office supplies
  10. Nail kits
  11. Baked goods
  12. Loungewear

How to use this list

Throughout this list, we’ll share 12 trending products for 2020, and show how you can take steps to build a sustainable business around them.

Some of these trends may end up fitting into your existing product offer. Others should inspire you to create a whole new online store.

Within the list, we’ll identify:

  • The top trending products to sell this year
  • The most in-demand products right now

We’ll also share some tips on how to market your trending products in order to give them the most instant, far-reaching exposure.

Aside from creating your own online store, reactive and tailored use of social media is a core way to sell in 2020. Be sure to provide links to every platform your business is on from your website.

The top trending products to sell this year

Here are the trends that everyone’s talking about right now. These are the ones you should pounce on, if you’re ready to start making money. 

From floral themes to vitamins, the world is feeling a little more kind this year. There is a big focus on self-improvement in 2020, and you can capitalize on this with your growing eCommerce business. Take these trends and run with them.

The self-improvement theme continues, giving you plenty of scope to make your eCommerce business a trend-led destination store. Pick whether you want to help shoppers work out or pig out, or maybe both. That could be next year’s top trend.

1. Craft kits

bundle of yarn balls in different colors

Welcome to 2020: knitting is now trending, embroidery is everywhere, and crochet is officially cool.

Craft-based products have rocketed into trending lists this past year, with Google Trends showing a steady rise in search terms like ‘crochet’ and ‘yarn’.

It isn’t surprising that these activities have such broad appeal. It’s easy for a pro to monetize their handcrafting hobby as a side hustle, for starters. For everyone else, practicing these quaint-sounding crafts is suddenly becoming a fun way to pass the time.

Get crafty

Take advantage of this growing trend: create an online store and start selling craft supplies. Target as many people as possible by stocking up with exciting, trending products that cover a whole range of techniques.

First, do your research and look for the best selling products online in different craft categories. Make sure you sell what people want, but also offer them something new.

Someone with a knack for quilting might be into trying a quilted jacket. Provide them with a how-to guide, some cute buttons, and a lining fabric.

hand moving fabric through a sewing machine

What to sell

Consider products like:

  • Yarn bundles. People appreciate the convenience. Create a selection of yarn balls in many different colors – bear in mind seasonal fashion trends. Sell these in bundles with a small saving to the customer.
  • Tools. The most essential products to sell are needles, hooks, and all the technical accessories. Get your tools branded to make your business look like the real deal.
  • Craft kits. Pull in those new customers with activity kits. Fill it up with everything they need for a project – you can sell kits to both novices and experts.

How to market this

Want to get people doing your marketing for you? Think about selling a tote bag with each purchase.

Surely one of the most in-demand products of 2020, the humble tote bag is easy to brand with your logo. Sell it as something your customers will need – those yarn balls have to be stored somewhere.

If you can find a really good deal on totes, create a gift-with-purchase scheme instead. Gifting your shoppers with a freebie is a compelling way to carry favor, and helps keep your brand visible to them – hopefully, you’ll secure some repeat sales.

Embellish your sales

It should be fun for budding crafters to shop at your store. Beads, buttons, and paints are nice additional products to sell and will pick up custom from people who don’t want to get too committed.

Keep your offer fresh and new – stay on top of what’s going to be the next trending detail in fashion or home. Pompoms are making a resurgence? Make sure you have pompoms aplenty.

2. Couch covers

yellow sofa with loose cover

Just want to hit the zeitgeist?

If you’re keen to find products to sell online instantly, couch covers – or ‘sofa slips’ – are the breakaway trend of 2020.

A simple, nearly-one-size-fits-all product, the couch cover started out as a hit for Airbnb hosts. And it’s still trending, as viral posts have transformed the couch cover into a highly desirable product beyond the hospitality industry.

For exacerbated parents, pet owners, and the indecisive among us, sofa covers could be the answer.

Add a little variety

You’ll find that Amazon is currently saturated with couch covers. Google Trends has shown that the demand will hit a new peak this year. So, although now is the time to sell, you should find a point of difference for your store.

Performance fabrics are hitting the news in the décor world this year. We’re not talking scratchy, plain textiles: it is now easier than ever to find stylish stain-proof material for everyday seating.

Add this into your range for something that’s both on-trend and incredibly useful.

piles of sofa fabric for upholstery

What to sell

Whether you find some accessories, go into stain-proof materials, or get into designing unique patterns for your couch covers, you’ll find there are so many options for creating a stand-out product offer.

Get ready to sell the following:

  • Cushion covers. A thrifty way to use up leftover fabric, and an easy way to sell an add-on product. Look into dropshipping as a space-saving solution if you want to sell the full cushion instead of just its covers.
  • Ottoman covers. You could almost convince your customers to cover everything in the room.
  • Bed linen. Become the best resource for Airbnb hosts and sell coordinating bedding products. This is particularly useful for studio spaces.

How to market this

Reach out to Airbnb hosts by being smart with your advertising. Find out where the closest host hubs are – i.e. big cities, cute coastal towns – and create a custom audience based on geotags for your store’s Facebook page.

Put together quick, engaging videos for your website and social platforms, showing exactly how your product works. It helps your target audience see that you are confident in what your store is selling.   

Sell a premium product

Let’s face it: the trending couch covers on the eCommerce market are mainly cheap-looking and cheap-sounding. Go a little further for your customers, and sell them a more premium-looking range of luxe-looking options.

Find fabrics that will photograph well for your online offer, or provide a free swatch service. This will take some time and effort, but it could help guarantee sales that might have otherwise been abandoned.

If you fancy going all-out, why not offer a ‘white glove’ delivery service?

This ridiculously premium option sees the delivery driver take the couch cover into the customer’s house in a pristine condition – they could even dress the sofa there and then.

A little too extra? Perhaps. But it’ll show that you care.

3. Birth flowers

bouquet of daisies in a vase

Move over Zodiac trend: birth flowers are the new way to express your personality in 2020.

Birth flower-themed products are trending worldwide according to Google Trends, with Etsy reporting a 69% bloom in searches this year.

These products share the same symbolism as birthstones – an April baby is loyal like a daisy, for example, and those born in November are fun to be around, just like chrysanthemums apparently.

Attaching sentimentality to a product can be a great way to target shoppers. 

Create something people can give away

It’s easy to pick products to sell within the birth flower niche right now. Many people haven’t jumped on this trend yet, so start by considering accessories you enjoy and that you think will be popular.

Giftable items are always on trend – think of all the birthdays and Hallmark holidays each person has to buy for in one calendar year. If you already have an online store selling pick-up pieces, it could be easy to find related products to sell from the birth flower trend.

packaged rose soap gifts

What to sell

You could pad out your store with categories like:

  • Accessories for women. Keep it simple and sentimental with jewelry that will last for years, or jump on the hairband trend for a more instant hit.
  • Prints and greetings cards. They’re cute, quick to make and appealing to all ages.
  • Personalized products. This trend isn’t slowing down, and it’s a great marketing tool around the holidays. Shoppers love to feel like they’re buying something unique.

How to market this

If you’re feeling generous, send a selection of your products to popular online influencers, and get your business trending on social platforms. Bear in mind these will likely be free gifts, but it could be worth it.

Influencer marketing is a pretty mainstream way to sell your product online in 2020, and it’s the best tactic to reach more people. Instagram users can easily get what they want on the app, if they like what they see. Be a part of that movement.

Sell flower-themed flowers

How about actual floral deliveries? eCommerce florists are big business in 2020. Keep kindness trending, and consider starting an online store selling birth flower bouquets.

Google Trends shows that flower searches spike in springtime. Your product offer could buck the trend by staying relevant year-round. Make sure your customers receive a monthly reminder email so they can start planning for upcoming birthdays.

4. Personalized vitamins

We are living in the future.

If the thriving trend for wellness is teaching us anything, it’s that we should all be taking better care of ourselves. Never mind generic pots of vitamin C gummies: the trending products to sell this year are packs of fully personalized vitamins.

Prevention is definitely better than cure, and having a useful stock of vitamins is just another step in a long line of trending self-care products.

We should all be eating fresh veggies, adding supplements into our shakes and keeping our skin in check. Why not invest in a product offer that takes it full circle?

Walk the talk

Check out some of the companies already selling personalized vitamin products online.

This type of business calls for a sleek, well-designed website to help customers feel at ease. You will be offering a product which influences someone’s health, so make sure you look and sound like you know your stuff.

Work out how you want to organize your range to sell online. Use Google Trends to establish which specific vitamins people are searching for, and when.

Could you see a spike in vitamin D throughout the winter months? Are students looking to relieve stress around exam season?

glass of orange juice with lemon and sliced orange

What to sell

When it comes to identifying trending products to sell in this category, your focus should be on which principles you want to uphold.

Your patrons are looking for the best products to improve or maintain their health. Focus on catering for the needs of both men and women, with overarching principles like:

  • Preservative-free and sustainable. The health and beauty industry spent many years putting weird stuff in products. Remember plastic balls in exfoliators? Keep your product offer clean and appealing.
  • Made by experts. Nobody wants to buy vitamins you conjured up in your basement. Although you’re looking for trending products to sell, get that professional backing before anything else.
  • Friendly to dietary needs. Come vegans, come celiacs… Don’t sell yourself short. Anyone should be able to personalize vitamins through your company.

How to market this

When planning your marketing strategy, you could send product info and some free samples to online magazines. This is a fun way of getting your eCommerce store off the ground.

They will take what you have identified as trending products to sell, and turn them into trending products to buy.

Gain exposure by featuring in online articles and listicles, where affiliate links could be used to route readers to your store’s website. They will arrive already armed with knowledge, so ensure you get the look of your site completely on target.

Connect via consultations

Take this trending product idea and turn it into more than just an eCommerce store. Start offering free consultations to new people who want to start to use your products.

Gaining some trust will aid your efforts to sell online, particularly to those who are used to trawling through the pharmacy shelves.

You could also set up a repeat consultation email address, and target return customers who are already familiar with your product.

Use this engagement opportunity to boost sales, introduce new trends, and maintain your customer base for years to come.

5. Gardening supplies

pot plants and gardening tools on the floor

If you know the difference between loppers and shears, you’re in luck. Focus your new eCommerce store on gardening supplies and get selling. Two trends set to go wild in 2020 are huge plants and homegrown vegetables.

Products like seeds and spades are already top selling items as people start to think more about how to help the environment. According to Google Trends, searches for ‘vegetable garden’ have soared this year. 

People will dig for dinner

It turns out the top gardening products to sell online in 2020 are food-themed. Eating locally-grown produce is a trending topic, and what’s more local than your own back yard?

Think about how you can make your product offer relevant and exciting. Take a look at what’s trending in grocery retail and the restaurant industry, and work out how this could translate into a veggie garden.

Maybe even go to food fairs and pick up some free samples – all in the name of product testing, of course.

peas being picked in a garden

What to sell

Great items to have available in stock include:

  • Packets of seeds. Research shows the most popular options are chilies and beans. Selling an easy-to-use product such as seeds will get even the most novice gardener into your store.
  • Superfoods. Tap into the healthy eating trends of 2020. Pea milk is now trending as the new oat milk, so start selling those peas.
  • Accessorize. Hobbies can quickly become obsessions. Your customers will want to perfect their vegetable garden with the right accessories. Boost your sales with products like seed vaults and plant labels.

How to market this

Get your gardening supplies trending on Pinterest, where users are already talking about zero-waste living, garden rooms, and microgreens. Try marketing via affiliate ads, or design a profile and share helpful gardening tips alongside aspirational imagery.

Take advantage of the importance of seasons in gardening. Create a dynamic email schedule so you can help your customer base constantly find relevant, related products in your store.

Expand your database                 

Why not make starter kits to target shoppers who are new to gardening? Boxes packed with supplies are easy to sell to people who want to be a part of a trend, but don’t know where to start.

Or go the extra step and launch a subscription service. Provide your patrons with seasonal seed packs, garden accessories, and grow guides. Subscription boxes get trending towards the holidays, so perfectly-timed marketing is key.

6. Facial tools

facial tool products laid out on a table

Self-care is finally on trend. Thanks to a movement that has been slowly creeping up the beauty charts for years, the world is starting to realize that it doesn’t matter if we all look our best, but we should definitely all feel our best.

Women in particular are starting to collate serious-looking facial toolkits, as skin care reaches a new level of professionalism. Alongside sustainable packaging and intensive hair products like tailor-made shampoos, tools for the face are the trending products to sell in 2020.

Join beauty movements

Step aside, 10-step Korean cleansing routines. According to beauty insiders, Japanese skin care – also known as ‘J-beauty’ is the movement to get behind for the foreseeable future.

J-beauty has gone up and down in popularity over the past few years, according to Google Trends, having lived in the shadow of K-beauty. It turns out that now is a great time to jump on the resurgence and build your product offer around these techniques.

The big focus in Japanese skincare is on simple, effective practices like oil cleansing. Source tools that complement these techniques, for instance pulsating face brushes.

Maybe even extend your range to include tools for the body, too: bathing is a big deal in Japan.

bottle of serum being poured onto a hand

What to sell

There are plenty of less-niche trending products to sell, too, that will easily fill out your online toolkit range. Almost every product is targeted at women, and prices range from the cheap pick-up to investment pieces.

Some tools to consider include:

  • Gua sha: originally referring to the actual method of skin massage, the gua sha tool has been a staple of Chinese medicine for years. Working to tone, tighten and de-puff the skin, this sculpture-like tool often comes in pretty jade or rose quartz colors that won’t look out of place on an Instagram feed
  • Vibrating facial roller: jade rollers are a little too 2019. Upgrade your product offer to include a powered-up version which uses sonic vibrations to soften fine lines. Women love gadgets as much as anyone else
  • Face brush: deep-cleansing brushes have been a part of many women’s toolkits for years now. Hi-tech brushes have hit the trending list for 2020, however. Sell these in sweet pastel colors to ensure broad appeal

How to market this

Promote your new eCommerce store through social platforms. Instagram is always an effective way to get active engagement if you have products to sell. 

As with some of the other ideas on this list, select a handful of influencers who you could gift with free tools, so that the right audience gets to see your store. 

You could also start out by adding free samples onto every online order – this is something many eCommerce businesses are already doing.

It helps to build brand loyalty, introduce customers to related products, and practically guarantee future sales by being a thoughtful, well-marketed company.

Become a guru

If skincare is truly your ‘thing’, and you have some tricks to share, how about using your eCommerce store as a platform for developing a beauty guru persona?

Consumers love to put a face to a brand when it comes to beauty and micro-influencing is on the rise. Being able to see that a real professional is behind the product is a particularly invaluable way to sell in 2020. Paula’s Choice is a great example of this.

Creating videos for your own eCommerce space is free. Position yourself in a well-lit area, clear your background of any laundry piles, place your smartphone on a steady surface, and go.

Having a little bit of influence is one surefire way to boost your product sales.

7. Home workout equipment

workout equipment on a wooden floor

Something you’re guaranteed to sell online in 2020 is the humble kettlebell.

The appeal of wellness, coupled with how much time we are now spending at home, is having a powerful impact on sales of exercise equipment. As people spend more time closer to the sofa, both gym enthusiasts and lazy folk alike have been drawn to homemade fitness routines. 

Become a one-stop shop

Weight training as a category has grown by 307% in the past year alone.

The kettlebell is a top trending product in the fitness arena, with Google Trends reporting a huge increase in searches since March.

This hefty hunk of metal is popular for being versatile and space-saving – if you can get your hands on it.

There are dozens of other workout products in high demand right now, too. Retailers in this market are reporting record-breaking sales in everything from skipping ropes to weighted vests.

kettlebell next to rolled up yoga mat on a concrete floor

What to sell

You could start to sell a full range of workout accessories – go for:

  • Yoga mats. Trends for mat-based activities just keep on going. This product is great for selling to people at the start of their fitness journey.
  • Dumbbells. These are great for when a can of beans just won’t cut it. Target occasional exercisers as well as those who have been training for a long time.
  • Exercise balls. Good for core strengthening and for comical value. If your customers tire of the fitness trend, this can double up as an entertaining place to sit for their Zoom calls.

How to market this

Influencers in the fitness industry are adapting, too, uploading workouts for followers to learn through their phones. Make sure you stay up-to-date on their routines and what they use, in order to keep your business stocked with trending products.

And why not partner up with your favorite influencers? Not only will you get your products out to a wider audience, you might also be able to start selling to people who exercise for a living.

Consider setting up a PR email address and approaching an influencer talent agency, to ensure you’re working in the most effective way.

Keep it professional

Branded is best when it comes to the fitness industry. Serious gym-goers prefer to stay faithful to trusted brands. Ask a yoga instructor which mat to use, and they’ll likely point you in the direction of a Manduka.

See which popular workout brands you can work with – make sure they have trending products set to sell in 2020.

Selling well-known fitness items that shoppers really want is great marketing for your business, and could help you get ahead of the competition.

8. Smartphone accessories

woman taking selfie with a camera lens on her phone

Looking for one of the smallest trending products 2020 has brought us? Look no further than the smartphone lens. This mini gadget is one of several tech accessories to target aspiring influencers with this year.

Even though some smartphones appear to have more advanced cameras than, well, actual cameras, shoppers are still searching for ways to make their photography even more powerful.

But the phone lens is just one item on a list of demands.

Check out Google Trends to see that tripods are being searched for, phone stands are steadily rising in popularity, and the pop socket is trending upwards again.

Add style and substance to your offer

Give shoppers a reason to choose your store as their go-to place for smartphone accessories. Take these very functional products and give them a little fashion appeal, too.

Stay ahead of trending colors and style movements. A lot of consumers are shopping for a product that won’t look out of place in their perfectly-styled home office.

So stock your offer with failsafe options that feature the most on-trend details, like pastel shades and metal trims.

Phone and accessories in coordinating red color

What to sell

When choosing which products to sell online, you could build a range that is highly technical, or light and fun, or a healthy dose of both.

Consumers love a smart gadget, so adding in a trending product from the tech category – a Bluetooth speaker, for example – could extend your reach from light-hearted shoppers to those searching for quality goods.

Mix up your product offer with some variety:

  • Wireless chargers. These are easily customized and are available in several shapes to suit your brand. A lucrative way to get things to sell in 2020 is putting fun prints on things, even if it’s a wiener dog. Amazingly they are trending again, too.
  • LED ring lights. A standard smartphone accessory for any serious selfie-taker, this little battery-powered product has been one of the trending products to sell for some time now. Hop on board!
  • Music sleep mask. You’re going to appeal to wellness shoppers with this product. Designed as a soothing sleep gadget for a good night’s sleep, this eye mask is fitted with speakers and a connector cable, ideal for listening to music while you drift off.

How to market this

In case it hasn’t been mentioned enough: you’re going to great traction by promoting through social platforms. Particularly when your product is intended for the very device that is being used to promote it. Inception?

Market your product by gifting it to influencers – it might be hard to give things away for free, but consider setting up a promotional campaign to give your product some direction to success.

Make it personal

A product like a personalized phone case has frequently trended over the last few years. According to Google Trends it reaches its peak around the holidays. Why not extend your store’s personalization service to any product with a big enough surface?

This could be a solid technique for attracting influencers with brand logos, or even just highly identifiable names. In an era where we are all glued to our digital devices, phones can be an extension of your personality.

9. Home office supplies

home desk with laptop on riser

The world is waking up to the idea of working from home more often.

If you want to go big with the products in your eCommerce store, start selling office supplies and the sales will come rolling in. Desk chairs, laptop risers, and noise-canceling headphones are all trending products this year.

Millions of office workers have experimented with setting up their work zones from the kitchen table in 2020, and many businesses are seeing a future for remote working.

Flexibility is in. As a result, demand for the right equipment has gone into overdrive.

Supersize your product offer

At the top of the list of trending products to sell, you’ll find desk chairs – Google Trends has reported a staggering 156% increase in searches in the last year.

There’s also demand for more premium products in this category, such as posture-correcting furniture. Staffers aren’t prepared to put up with standard-issue seating in their own homes, so capitalize on this trend with your product offer.

leather desk chair

What to sell

A model like dropshipping will enable you to offer large, big-ticket products without having to set up warehousing or a logistics operation. You could sell:

  • Portable sit-stand desks. Small enough to wheel into the corner of a room, this product is great for home working. Sell it as the best option for keeping that posture strong during video meetings.
  • Ergonomic chairs. There are so many directions to go in with this trending product. Kneeling chairs, anyone? Pick a bunch of colors and sell these to workers with achy backs.
  • Footrests. No more having to label your footrest and hide it from an office full of friendly thieves. Target customers looking online for the best lumbar support, and sell these at high volume.

How to market this

Selling your product through a platform like Amazon Marketplace is a viable way of reaching a huge potential customer base. It will also give you the option to process orders with the help of Amazon’s fulfillment centers.

If you want to target businesses that may be thinking about covering employee expenses for office supplies, try simple email marketing. Make the effort to sell your store well, with an amazing product image selection and a clear price list.

Small is cool

Want to keep it low-key? Smaller office accessories are trending products, too. Google Trends shows a peak in online searches for laptop risers this past month, and products such as ergonomic mice are also set to sell in 2020.

Or narrow your target market down. Maybe find aesthetically-pleasing products to sell to women who value a photogenic desk.

See which product is missing from your favorite influencer’s office pic: a constant calendar in a trending font? A pastel-colored tablet stand?

10. Nail kits

assorted nail polish color swatches

This is one of those trends that emerged because of a need for convenience, but looks set to stick around for a while, because it’s fun.

Search results for nail kits have reached dizzying new heights this year. Google Trends is showing a phenomenal 566% increase in the first few months of this year.

For women who can’t get to the salon for a monthly gel manicure, or for those bored of the natural look, the nail kit is a lifesaver.

Nail kits with lamps have swiftly become trending products to sell online, but it doesn’t stop there. Whether out of boredom or a need for self-care, nail polishes and more simple manicure sets are also wildly popular. 

This is a good time to start selling.

Have a handful of options

Demand for nail kits is at an all-time high, so don’t hold back in getting your store ready to fire on all cylinders.

Read up on the latest beauty listicles to find the top trending products to sell – don’t shortchange yourself with just one item.

There are plenty of accessories, tools, and professional-grade polishes that you could offer alongside your main trending product. Just like some other ideas on this list, it’s a good move to cater to the pros as well as novices.

box of nail polish bottles

What to sell

Should you buy in ready-made nail kits, or build your own? Here are some ideas:

  • The full works. Give the people what they want. You already know that nail kits are the trending products to sell, so offer the best one on the market. Make sure it contains a lamp, polishes, and all the necessary tools.
  • LED lamp. A simple yet powerful lamp is essential for achieving a salon finish on those gel nails. Make it clear that this product can also be used for pedicures.
  • Well-known brands. Every nail enthusiast has a favorite brand or two. Stock up on popular labels you can sell online to target those in the know: top brands include CND or O.P.I.

How to market this

The nail kit is one trending product you’re going to need to really push in order to drive traffic to your site first. Your copy and content should be super SEO-focused – learn which keywords are the most valuable and high-intent.

As with any product making waves in the last few years, featuring your nail kits on social platforms is one way to gain pretty immediate traction, if you do it right.

Enable steady growth on your company’s Instagram account with powerful imagery, satisfying videos, and clever hashtags that will get you on people’s explore pages.

Turn your business into an art form

The popularity of this trending product is down to its functionality. Nail kits are user-friendly after one or two goes under the lamp – anyone can achieve salon-perfect nails.

Why not take it a step further, and impress your customer base with nail art tutorials?

This one is for the professionals. If you’re an artist, make it easier for enthusiasts to learn a new skill by uploading quick tutorial videos, either to your social platforms or your website.

Showing off how to make the most of your trending product is well worth it. Can’t work a tiny paintbrush? Connect with someone who can, and offer them a free kit for their efforts.

Nailed it.

11. Baked goods

stacks of giant cookies in different flavors

If you’re lucky enough to own a KitchenAid, or you just love creating cakes, you could seriously monetize your hobby right now.

Worldwide searches for cookie deliveries are at an all-time high.

Now that it’s officially cool to stay in on a Saturday night, hungry people are either digging out their kitchen scales or reaching for their phones and scouring delivery apps. It’s likely the trend for comfort food will live on in 2020, so get baking.

Feed those cravings

Cookies are by far the top trending products to sell in this category. Think about what the ideal, craving-induced online food delivery looks like: easy to eat with your hands, easy to eat fresh out of the oven… Cookies fit the mold, right?

You could either find your niche with one item, or expand your product selection to sell a whole range of delicious baked goods online.

Check out popular accounts like Tasty or Bon Appetit on YouTube and Instagram. As with nearly everything else, you can get a great idea of food trends from social media.

man delivering food on a bike

What to sell

If you want to sell more than one product, add these to your menu:

  • Vegan options. One of the biggest trends of the last few years, veganism is sure to stick around. Widen your appeal and make it easy for people to find options to suit their dietary needs.
  • Botanical flavors. Sure, chocolate will always be king. But flavors like lavender, basil and hibiscus are trending for 2020.
  • Healthy options. Some of the best products are those that taste amazing but are guilt-free. You’re going to stand out online if you can offer a high-protein, or low-sugar product in your bakery.

How to market this

Give your business the reputation it deserves, and sign up to sell with food delivery apps, a market estimated to be worth over $20 billion by 2025.

This is a great way to serve your neighborhood and help people to find you online.

Make sure your product photos show your business in the best light – and position those trending items at the top of your menu.

Get your customers in the kitchen

The subscription box is a recurring trend in this post, and for good reason.

This is a great idea if you want to monetize your product in a more permanent way, and you can provide a unique service that transforms your brand into a household name.

A nice way to engage your subscribers is to precede each box with an email, shouting out that month’s trending product, and maybe even throwing in a recipe or two.

12. Loungewear

woman wearing loungewear outside

Launching a clothing business right now sounds risky. But loungewear bucks the trend.

For the ‘Netflix and chill’ generation, products like sweatpants, robes, and fuzzy sweaters have become staple wardrobe items. This category is high-demand. Google Trends reports a worldwide boom in searches for loungewear in the past year alone.

As more businesses align with the notion of flexible home-working, this trending look is only set to stick around.

It’s easy to go in either direction with loungewear products: alongside cheaper items, cashmere sweats are selling and sheepskin sliders pass for acceptable footwear.

Establish a local supply chain

The pressure on fast-fashion outlets to be more sustainable is mounting. And rightly so.

Producing clothes overseas can be costly to both businesses and the local environment. Fortunately, the handmade look is in style, and recycled materials are desirable.

Although it can be tempting to bulk-buy piles of cheap loungewear from far-away factories, you should definitely consider looking for local suppliers to stock your online store.

This is a great way to set yourself apart, and it should help future-proof your business.

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What to sell

A few trending products for 2020 include:

  • Luxe loungewear. Yep, feather-trimmed robes are trending products. To make it more 2020 than 1950, this trend is being held under the Maximalism umbrella. Why not sell to women who want to feel a little luxury while they power through a box set?
  • Cropped tank tops and unwired bras. Loungewear trends are all about comfort. The soft lines of these products will appeal to women needing a little structure – but not too much.
  • Knitted sweats. Sure, they don’t flatter everyone but knitted pants are undeniably comfortable. Trending items for 2020 – according to Vogue itself – include knitted leggings, flares, and shorts.

How to market this

Right now, social media is your oyster when it comes to marketing your loungewear products. From Instagram and TikTok to YouTube, hoodies and sweats are getting the exposure they deserve via the world’s home videos.

Ensure you have a business account on Instagram for your online store, so that you can sell from the site via affiliate ads and sponsored posts.

Add an email address so that people can reach out to you. Create a hashtag to get your store trending, too.

Make it equal

It’s not only women who are in the market for loungewear. Target men looking to find comfy clothes online as well, to maximize your sales.

Make sure the product range is going to be equally as popular by taking trends and showing people how to make them work.

Take the hoodie, for example. One of the key trending products of the loungewear ‘movement’, it’s still tricky to make it look cool. Use great imagery to pair it with more grown-up products – pieces like overcoats, tennis shoes, and tailored sweatpants.

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