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7 Best Web Design Classes and Tutorials for Beginners

Ever wondered how to design a website? 

While the best website builders are so intuitive to use that you won’t need much handholding, there are plenty of web designing classes available online. 

Ranging from videos to in-depth guides and articles, there’s something for everyone. 

And to make your life even easier, we’ve created a shortlist of our favorite web designer courses for you. 

That way you can stop wondering how to learn web design, and instead, get started the way that works best for you.

7 best web design classes

Web development is a huge field, covering lots of different things from responsive web design to UI design and everything and anything else in between. 

In general, website design can be divided into roughly 5 main categories:

  • User interface (UI) development and user experience (UX) development
  • Framework design
  • Front-end design (HTML, CSS, and JS)
  • Back-end design (PHP, databases, and so on)
  • WordPress theme and plugin development

While understanding some basic programming languages will help you start learning web design, it’s not a must – many web design courses start with the basics.


Codeacademy landing page

Looking for free courses in web design? 

Codeacademy’s got your back. 

This platform offers free resources and web design training for those wanting to learn different programming languages

Most commonly, the programming language studied is related to a particular web design course: think building a WordPress website or coding a program for Alexa.

It’s great for beginners who are interested in learning to code in a structured and fun way. 

And for $19.99 a month, you get access to members-only content and can use real-world projects to hone your web design skills further.

Perfect for:

  • Beginners wanting to learn programming languages
  • Anyone on a tight budget
  • People looking to learn front-end, back-end or full-stack development skills 


Memorisely landing page

More and more businesses are focusing on user experiences both online and offline. 

And that has created a huge need for user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) designers. 

Memorisely runs part-time UI and UX design courses (or bootcamps, as they are called) that offer a mix of live online classes as well as weekly preparation tasks. 

The good thing is that the class levels are tailored to both total beginners and web designers who want to get better at using tools like Figma and Notion.

The class options start from $150 a week, but you can also join the global Memorisely social media community, meetups, and Slack channel for free. 

That way, you can pick the brains of thousands of other UX and UI designers and learn from your peers.

Perfect for:

  • Total newbies to UI and UX design 
  • Budding web designers looking for UI and UX instructors
  • Amateur UX and UI designers looking for a designer community  

Udemy: Web Design for Web Developers

Udemy web design course page

If you want to get a head start on web design, Jonas Schmedtmann’s free beginner’s web design class is just what you need. 

This course focuses more on front-end web design.

This means that you’ll learn how to make your text, images, icons, colors, and layouts look their absolute best.

Schmedtmann’s 25 design principles offer a great introduction to the world of web design without complicating things with too many technicalities. 

Sounds ideal for newbies, if you ask us. 

Perfect for:

  • Complete beginners looking for an introduction to web design 
  • Back-end developers wanting to learn the basics of creating user-friendly and beautiful websites 
  • Project managers who want to understand the basics of web design


Design + Code landing page

Design+Code is all about offering web design courses on the industry-favorite tools, platforms, and design languages.

Think UI and UX design and front-end development courses on languages and tools like CSS, SwiftUI, Vue, Javascript, and so on. 

With Design+Code, you won’t have to worry about learning outdated skills or tools.

Instead, you’ll learn to use the current technologies and the same software that you’ll actually need on the job.  

With the free trial account, you can access all the free courses as well as 5 premium videos.

And if you like what you see, the pro accounts start from $19 a month. 

That’s a decent price to pay for not just courses and learning resources but live stream access, too.  

Perfect for:

  • Budding web designers wanting to learn the current front-end technologies
  • UX design enthusiasts looking to fine-tune their skills 
  • Web design novices with a passion for front-end development 

YouTube: Design. Build. Launch.

YouTube design build launch course page

Maybe you’ve been looking for a YouTube course on web design? 

Check out Design. Build. Launch. 

Not only are these design classes free of charge, but they cover a lot of web design ground.

From building a wireframe on Adobe XD to design a website with Webflow, host Caler Edwards talks a beginner through everything there is to basic web design

You’ll learn to think about page design and navigation, and how to create style sheets and guides to keep your designs looking the same across your website. 

And did we mention that it’s all for free? Now that’s what we call a bargain.

Perfect for:

  • Beginners interested in responsive web design 
  • Anyone interested in the architecture of a website 
  • People looking for good basic web design courses


LearnUX landing page

Here’s another great platform for budding UX designers.

LearnUX teaches you everything there is to know about user experience design.

You’ll start off with the basics of what user experience and interface design actually is.

Slowly, you’ll move through topics like how to choose your tools and how to start building wireframes and prototypes.   

And before you know it, you’ll be fully fluent in coding languages like HTML and CSS and can easily create pages for platforms like Webform and WordPress.

You can view a handful of the videos for free, or can upgrade to a paid membership from $12 a month. 

Perfect for:

  • Aspiring front-end and user experience designers  
  • People interested in a career in front-end web development
  • Users with a small budget but big web design career dreams 

Udemy: How to Create a Website With Zyro Website Builder

Udemy Zyro course landing page

Are you a small business owner, looking for a simple yet stylish way to bring your business online?

Without it costing you a fortune or taking up a lot of your time? 

While Udemy is full of web design classes, this course shows you how you can use a website builder to fulfill your web design needs. 

This course is perfect for people with a tight schedule, who want to learn how to create a good-looking website intuitively. 

Plus, this one is one of the classes on our list that you can do for free. 

Perfect for:

  • Busy business owners looking for fast and easy-to-follow web design courses
  • Total beginners who want to learn to build websites, but not to code 
  • People wanting to dip their toes into the world of web design, without having to commit to a long course 

Building and designing your first website is easy

Regardless of whether you’re  interested in web design or just want to take classes to learn how to make your own website, using a website builder will save you both time and money. 

The thing is, most website builders are visual web design tools. 

This means that you can drag and drop different elements around your web pages, adjust colors, fonts, and images until you’re happy with the result. 

Zyro website builder in action

Plus, the best builders are already optimized for mobile-responsiveness and SEO, taking one less thing off your to-do list. 

Usually, the whole process starts with picking a website template that you like or see potential in. 

These templates are most often designed by an experienced web designer. 

And that’s not a bad thing – it means that a beginner won’t have to worry about the ins and outs of page design or site architecture. 

Instead, they can focus on having fun and exploring the different page layouts and site elements at their disposal. 

Become a web developer today

With so many web design courses around, a beginner can easily get confused.

But focusing on the aspects of web design that you’re interested in and that complement your existing skills can help you narrow down the selection to just a handful of courses. 

Remember that ideally, you want to put your academic knowledge into action, too. 

If you’re more of a doer than reader, have a go at building your first website with Zyro

It’s simple, intuitive, and most importantly – it’s a lot of fun.

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