10 Most Popular Web Safe Fonts You Can Use for Your Website 

If you’re a web designer or want to create a personal blog, there’s a temptation to use custom fonts to make sure your site is unique. It’s not as simple as that, however.

Using web safe fonts guarantees all your content will appear correctly, no matter what system or device your visitors use.

They’re standard fonts between operating systems, or very similar counterparts that belong to the same font family.

You might already be familiar with some of the best and most popular web safe fonts in this article, but you’re likely to be introduced to something new, too.

1. Arial

One of the most well known fonts available today, used by both Microsoft and Apple systems alike.

This typeface has been around since the 1980s and still dominates much of the web today.

While Calibri has taken over on the Windows systems, it became one of the default Google fonts. You should be familiar with it if you’re a frequent Google Docs user.

An example of the arial font

2. Calibri

Calibri has become the default serif font for Microsoft Windows products since Windows Vista was introduced to the market.

It belongs to the humanist sans-serif typeface category which features well-rounded letters, close to letter forms used in calligraphy.

An example of the web safe font calibri

3. Courier New

One of the earliest versions of this typeface family is still commonly used for electronic systems and programming software.

It belongs to the monospace family, which means that each letter is designed in such a way that the width of the letter and each space in between is the same size.

Courier New is reminiscent of old school typewriters and is still used as the default font for screenwriters today.

An example of the web safe font courier new

4. Garamond

Commonly found in literature, Garamond’s origins date back to the Renaissance period, making it one the oldest known fonts on this list.

It has a real antique feeling, something to consider if you’re looking for a more classic look for your site.

It’s easily recognizable, readable, and can be found pre-installed on most systems today.

An example of the web safe font garmond

5. Georgia

Just like many fonts on this list, Georgia was designed to be clear and understandable while being read.

However, it remains one of the more elegant additions to the web safe font family. For this reason, it’s often used for websites that are trying to appear more stylized.

An example of the web safe font georgia

6. Helvetica

Adored by graphic and commercial designers around the world, Helvetica was used as the default typeface for Apple’s operating systems for many years.

It’s one of only a few fonts that has had an actual film created about it and is widely used by governmental institutions.

An example of the web safe font helvetica

7. Impact

A more widely used sans-serif font that you might already be familiar with.

This sans-serif typeface is widely used as the font for memes, traditionally appearing with a white fill and black outline.

Its bulky design was intentional, conceived primarily as a font for posters and commercial distribution.

It was created and advertised as a typeface that dares to make a statement, just as the name suggests.

An example of the web safe font impact

8. Roboto

Roboto is a newer font, but is still instantly recognizable due to the fact that it’s the default font used throughout Android operating systems.

Created as a Google font, this typeface quickly took over other online services and platforms, such as YouTube and Google Maps.

An example of the font roboto

9. Times New Roman

Easily the most well known font of modern times.

The Times New Roman typeface was the default font for Microsoft Word throughout the years, until the Windows Vista operating system was released.

While considered somewhat outdated by today’s standards, Times New Roman is still a requirement for academic papers around the globe.

An example of the web safe font times new roman

10. Trebuchet MS

Named after the medieval siege engine, this serif font is used throughout many web pages.

Such popularity is due to the fact that it was designed with a computer screen in mind.

Trebuchet MS accompanied Windows operating systems throughout the years and now serves as a reliable typeface respected for its clarity.

An example of the font trebuchet

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What is a web safe font?

There are thousands of fonts available online. While you may find something that you would want to use for your website, just using any can be difficult.

Whenever you browse the web, the body text that you see will appear differently based on the device you use to access that information.

If someone’s web browser doesn’t support the font style you chose to display the content locally, it will try to load another font pre-installed on their system.

That is why whenever you visit a site, the font that is shown might not be the original one used.

Here’s where web safe fonts come into play. It’s a group of fonts that are supported by all major devices and browsers. Using them allows you to make sure the content you’re presenting is viewed as you intended.

These typefaces have been around for a long time, and while they might appear dull or overused, they are widely used for good reason.

Why should you use web safe fonts?

An issue that might appear with a custom font is that it can be displayed incorrectly when someone is trying to access your site’s content.

For example, it might be rendered poorly or show random symbols instead of actual letters.

Using web safe fonts guarantees that your website’s information will be displayed correctly. All systems are familiar with this type of font, or at least something similar that they could use to represent it.

Web safe fonts provide more control for web designers to ensure that everything is displayed as intended. This is why email services use web safe fonts since it’s important that all content is presented correctly.

Website speed is one of the key criteria for SEO, and using web safe fonts also ensures that your site won’t take additional time loading every single element.

It’s safe to say that having a fitting font for your site comes with more benefits than just aesthetic design.

Web safe fonts recap

Using web safe fonts is one of the best ways to ensure that your website’s body text will be displayed correctly no matter which operating system or device your visitors use.

See what fits your site’s design best, taking into account your niche and style.

Unless you’re aiming for Comic Sans. In that case, you might want to make sure that you reconsider your options wisely.

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