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Website Builders vs. WordPress: What’s the Difference?

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Do you find WordPress too intimidating or confusing? Don’t want to touch a line of code ever again?

Then try a website builder like Zyro.

It’s a beginner-friendly platform that you can use to create a website, blog, or online store. You won’t need any web design or coding skills – at all.

We’re going to have to level with you, though.

It still seems that some people are still unsure about the differences between platforms like Zyro and WordPress.

So we created this quick guide, where we’ll explain what each platform offers, what their main pros and cons are, and which one would be better for your needs.

What is a website builder?

In the past, websites had to be coded ‘by hand.’

That meant that you either had to do it yourself or, more likely, you had to hire a professional to do it for you. It was time-consuming and expensive too.

Fast forward to today.

A website builder, like our very own Zyro, lets you create a website or an online store without the need for coding or web design skills.

Website builders only require you to create and move the elements of your website in a visual, drag-and-drop editor

That makes it possible for anyone to build a professional-looking website either from scratch or by using a designer-made template.

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What is WordPress?

Though there are lots of examples of content management systems (CMSs) out there, WordPress is by far the most well-known.

It powers a staggering 32% of all websites on the internet. 

And what’s the biggest reason for its popularity? Its versatility.

If you know what you’re doing, you can build almost any kind of website on WordPress and get it to look exactly how you want. 

As long as you have some technical know-how, you can use a combination of coding and plug-ins to create a website with extensive functionality. 

Key feature comparison

Let’s zoom in on some of the most important features you might be looking for when deciding how to build your website.

1. Hosting 

Hosting refers to the server space in which your website is stored.

Since websites are a collection of web files, they need to be stored on a server where users can access them. 

With website builders, hosting is free as part of your package with the platform you’re working with.

In the case of Zyro, we handle everything to do with hosting for you, guarantee your website has 99.9% uptime, and that it’s always secure. 

With WordPress, hosting is an additional cost and something you have to arrange and manage yourself.

You’ll have to find a reliable hosting provider and won’t get support from WordPress if something goes wrong with your server.  

With WordPress, you’ll also have to do the work of migrating your website to a new hosting server if you choose to switch suppliers.

Colorful wires dozens of connections

2. Domains 

Your domain is your website’s name.

It’s the URL that users will put into their address bar to navigate to your website, e.g. www.zyro.com

As with hosting, website builders will, generally, offer a domain name as part of your package with the platform. 

Take Zyro again. Not only does it help you find the perfect domain for your website (including making suggestions based on AI), it offers a free domain with most of its price plans.

It will even help move your website to an existing domain if you already have one. 

The same cannot be said about WordPress.

As with hosting, you must go find your own domain elsewhere. You will need to manage the registration of your domain individually too and will have to connect your domain manually to your website.

Build Online Store Zyro Banner

3. Visual building

One of the big appeals of using a website builder over any other method to create a website is the ease of use. 

The main reason they’re so easy to use is that they rely on visual website editors, which let you see what elements on your website look like as you build. 

Zyro’s drag-and-drop editor is a prime example of this.

You can move all elements like text, images, forms, or other content around and place it wherever you want it to be displayed on-screen. 

CMSs, instead, require you to code the appearance of your site or use templates to create the look you’re after. 

It is actually possible to use a visual or drag-and-drop builder with WordPress, but only with the help of plugins.

4. Plugins

Ok, we’ll let you in on the secret of WordPress’s versatility: plugins. 

Plugins are basically add-ons which you can either use for free or a fee. They give your website specific features, either visible to users or just available to you in the ‘back end.’ 

There are almost 40,000 plugins available in WordPress’s official directory along, and tens of thousands more available elsewhere. 

These tools offer everything from help with SEO and the ability to display Google reviews on your site, to facilitating comments on your site and launching an online store. 

While WordPress plugins allow you to access more features than your average website builder, they come at a price. Some run as much as a few hundred or even thousands of dollars to use. 

Plus, every additional plugin that you install adds ‘weight’ to your website, making it load slower. And Google will rank slow websites much lower on its search results.

Meanwhile, a website builder like Zyro that comes as a single piece of software with all the features built-in, has faster loading speeds straight out of the box.

Colorful lines of code on black screen

5. Coding

Have you put in the long hours teaching yourself how to code?

If that’s the case, then you might find website builders a little frustrating to use. 

Most website builders don’t allow you to edit the code of your website directly. And those that do will seriously limit the areas of the site you’re actually able to code. 

While this is great news for beginners or those who are scared off by the sight of code, it means that development geniuses can’t stretch their programming muscles. 

If you want to be able to show off your coding skills on your own website, WordPress offers you the opportunity to do so, within a helpful framework of the CMS.

WordPress VS website builders – FAQs

Is Zyro a plugin for WordPress?

No. While there are plugins available on WordPress that would offer similar functionality, Zyro website builder is a stand-alone, easy to use, and cost-effective platform. 

Zyro was designed as an alternative to WordPress. It’s perfect for users who find WordPress too complicated or who don’t need to access all of the plugins that it offers. 

Which is best if I want to code?

Since visual-only website builders don’t offer the opportunity for you to code, WordPress is the clear choice if you want to code on your own website. 

However, if you find the prospect of coding off-putting, opt for a website building platform instead.

Laptop on Desk with Clutter

Which is more beginner-friendly?

Hands-down, the best option for you, if you’ve never built a website before, is a website builder. 

Not only is the process of actually building a website made easy and accessible with the help of a visual editor, but you won’t have to worry about hosting, paying for a separate domain, or forking out cash for plugins. 

Are website builder sites as professional as WordPress sites?

We get it. Surely, if website builders are so easy to use, the finished product can’t look or perform as well as a WordPress site, right?


While they’re simpler to use, website builders can be used to make high-quality, professional-looking websites that are every bit as attractive as WordPress sites. 

Check it out for yourself – it’s free.

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