7 Best Wedding Website Examples

Keeping guests informed about your big day is essential to wedding planning.

Get everyone on the same page with a wedding website. An alternative to paper invitations, your website can be a full information portal for your wedding.

More than being informative, your website should excite guests, and set the tone for the special day by incorporating the same aesthetics as the wedding ceremony and party.;

Here you’ll find seven beautiful wedding website examples to inspire you. Later we’ll show you the elements a wedding website should include, and how to create one for free with Zyro.

7 best wedding websites for inspiration

If you’re short of ideas, the following wedding website examples might spark your imagination.

1. Jenny and Grayden

Wedding Website of Jenny and Grayden

Jenny and Grayden’s site is one of many wedding website examples that convey the fun and care-free personality of the couple.

Within a unique yet straightforward one-page template, it provides all the necessary information about their big day in a digestible format.

Design-wise, the website builds on a basic concept, organizing content into sections. The user can either scroll down or use the top navigation menu to explore the site.

Note how the use of whitespace eases the flow and prevents clutter.

What makes Jenny and Grayden’s website stand out is their creative visual elements.

As you open the web page, you’re greeted with a romantic photo of the pair facing one another, grabbing visitors’ attention.

The website uses the color red and blue to represent the bride and groom. These colors work as accent features and are most impressive when combined in the love story timeline.

Grayden and Jenny's Relationship Timeline

A standout feature is the bridal party’s bobblehead images, which give the website a fun character to complement its tongue-in-cheek design.

Overall, this one of the greatest wedding website examples, as it shows how simple, yet creative you can get with your own site.

2. The Pittmans

Wedding Website of The Pittmans

Check out how the Pittmans use a multi-page template to create one of the best wedding websites examples.

This site has separate pages for each detail of the couple’s wedding. To access them, you need to use the top navigation menu.

One of this wedding website’s best features is the proposal story page. Here, people can read about their engagement story and see the proposal photos. It’s a nice touch to get people in the mood for the wedding.

Including a dedicated section about your relationship is a nice way to help guests better get to know you as a couple before the event.

The visual elements like the bold typography and accent colors exude a playful vibe. Additionally, the hover-triggered photo of the couple gives a fun personality to the homepage.

Other features worth mentioning are the wedding countdown and the couple’s custom logo at the bottom of each page.

The Pittman website goes above and beyond for invitees. A custom map shows the couple’s recommended spots in town for visiting guests, giving the website a personal touch.

The Pittmans' Map

3. Jessica and Russ

Wedding Website of Jess and Russ

Jessica and Russ’s wedding website steals the show by focusing on the couple’s love story from the very beginning.

Eliminating the navigation menu, the site encourages visitors to follow the bride and groom’s relationship timeline.

This website’s strength lies in the series of illustrations made by the couple’s designer friends. They complement the narrative and make the storytelling engaging.

Parallax scrolling gives depth to the illustrations, creating an animated effect. Despite having different styles, none seem out of place thanks to the uniform black, gold, and white color palette.

Jess and Russ's Illustration

Additional text characteristics like the cursive typeface and drop caps create the feeling that you’re reading a storybook.

Toward the bottom, there’s a call-to-action for guests to RSVP. The website also provides links to their donation registry and friends’ work.

While Jessica and Russ’s wedding website seems less functional compared to the previous examples, the design elements give out-of-the-box ideas for a visually striking design.

If you choose to adopt a similar concept, consider adding a navigation menu for convenience.

4. Alice and Gene

Wedding Website of Alice and Gene

If you like minimalism, you’re going to love Alice and Gene’s wedding website.

It features lots of whitespace, large headlines, and small body texts that create a clean look. Despite the simplicity, elements stand out and help tell their tale as a couple.

The background uses illustrations of mountains, which represent the setting of their engagement, while the website’s dark green color scheme hints at their love for nature.

In place of a typical slideshow, this website’s gallery uses a draggable image grid that’s easy to navigate and gives a modern feel.

Though the design is simple, the wedding website still delivers all the information that guests need when visiting their city.

Not only does it provide recommended activities and restaurants in the area, but it also puts up flight and accommodation reservation links for out-of-town guests.

5. Karl and Gina

Wedding Website of Karl and Gina

Karl and Gina’s wedding website is another that features only illustrations. Unlike Jess and Russ’s website, Karl and Gina use a cartoon approach to showcase their big day.

A giant illustration of a blue sky with a landscape at the bottom serves as the web page’s background, and the website includes several animations, giving it a dynamic and playful look.

The navigation menu appears as part of the illustration, so it remains harmonious with the overall design.

As you move down the page, you’ll come across the wedding details presented similarly. Each section has a custom illustration in fitting with the cute theme.

The website also includes up and down buttons on each section to help visitors navigate through the website. It serves as an alternative to standard scrolling.

Whether or not you plan to use illustrations, you can learn how to create a cohesive and attention-grabbing visual design from Karl and Gina’s website.

6. Judie and Z

Wedding Website of Judie and Z

Judie and Z’s website also employs a one-page template but has other qualities that distinguish it from the rest of the wedding website examples.;

For instance, the page uses sliders for some sections. This feature allows the site to display multiple bits of contents at the same time while still keeping the page length short.

Additionally, several sections overlay other elements to save space. If you look at the Festivities segment, you can see that the site features a slider on top of a live map.

Style-wise, this wedding website goes with a classy look, featuring cursive headlines and traditional black, beige, and white color scheme.

The use of full-width, high-quality photos is the icing on the (wedding) cake.

Judie and Z’s personalize their website with a quote about love. Consider adding a personal touch like this to your site if you want to make it more heartwarming.

7. Amelia and Steve

Wedding Website of Amelia and Steve

In contrast to other examples in the list, Amelia and Steve’s wedding website incorporates a colorful palette into its design.

Despite having different background colors for each section, the site is eye-pleasing thanks to the uniform use of pastel shades.

Instead of relying on photos alone, this wedding website features painted portraits of the wedding party. The style makes this section particularly stand out from the rest of the content.

This website really stands out thanks to its comprehensive information. It has a FAQ section that covers all details guests need — ideal arrival date, weather-specific clothing, and dietary restrictions.

Adding this kind of info to your website may improve your guests’ experience and ensure a smooth wedding.

What you need to include on a wedding website

Even though every couple has different needs and preferences, there are certain elements that all wedding websites should have.

These websites should convey all the information about your special event to help you as the happy couple, the guests, and the wedding itself get along smoothly.

About us/Our story

This section introduces the bride and groom and tells their love story.

Though it might seem redundant, this information could be useful for guests who are less familiar with you or your fiancé.

Some couples like to build this section from each partner’s perspectives in short paragraphs. The other popular option is to create a relationship timeline and tell your story visually.

Either way, it’s best to share essential details only: who you are, how you and your partner met when the relationship became official, and when the engagement happened.;

Make sure to keep it concise and don’t overshare.


Adding the location details should be a no-brainer as it helps guests find your event. This section is particularly important if you’re using more than one venue.

To make things easier, consider embedding a map on your website. If you use different locations for different parts of the wedding, make sure to mark them on the map.

Provide accommodation information as well if you have a destination wedding, or are inviting guests from out of town.

You may also suggest transportation options, parking options, and local weather forecasts. Some wedding websites feature suggested activities and restaurants around the venue.

Though it’s optional, this information is helpful for guests who want to stay longer and explore nearby places.

Event details

Be sure to include all the general information about your wedding — the date and time, venue description, wedding theme, and dress code.

Guests should know when to arrive and what outfit is appropriate for the venue and occasion.

If you have specific requests and restrictions for the wedding, add them here. The additional information generally relates to no-children policies, menus, and photography rules.

Photo gallery

Some wedding website examples in the list have no photos of the engaged couple, but you may want to consider adding a few shots to your site.

They’re a useful way to express your style and personality, and add some visual storytelling to your wedding website.


If you hope to receive the right wedding gifts, providing some information about your wedding registry is necessary.

The wedding registry helps you compile a list of gift preferences, so the guests know what to get you.

Mention what kind of presents you’d like to receive — household items, honeymoon funds, or money. If you prefer not to receive anything, explain so here.

Lastly, don’t forget to write a statement expressing your gratitude to those who decide to give wedding presents.


Adding an RSVP section is a common way to request invitees’ confirmation on their attendance to the event.

When requesting people to RSVP, make sure to write clear instructions on how to respond.

You can provide a response card or ask them to reply via email. If you’re having a private or small wedding, it’s best to state whether or not you allow invitees to bring additional guests.

Additionally, set a deadline for the RSVPs to give you enough time to plan the seating and catering.

How to create a wedding website

After looking at these wedding website examples, you’re probably inspired to create your own.

If you want a hassle-free experience, try the Zyro Website Builder.

With reliable, free hosting, a vast selection of templates, and AI-driven tools, Zyro provides everything you need to make a stunning website in just a few minutes.

We have the perfect wedding template that you can use immediately.

Zyro Wedding template

All you need to do is:

  • Sign up for a Zyro account
  • Pick a wedding website template
  • Modify its content to your liking.

No need to deal with anything technical or complicated — you can simply publish your website once you’re ready.

Need help with writing content? Let our AI Content Generator do the work for you.

The tool can generate unique texts based on your chosen keywords in a matter of seconds. You can save time without sacrificing your wedding website’s quality.

What’s more, if you wish to create a personalized logo for your wedding – the Zyro Logo Maker is more than ready to assist you.

You don’t need to be a graphic designer to craft a stunning logo for your special day.

If you want to use a custom domain or remove Zyro ads from your website, consider purchasing the Zyro Basic plan.

Costing only $2.99/month, you also get a custom favicon and extra storage to accommodate your beautiful assets.

Start creating your wedding website

Your wedding website is the perfect place to ensure your loved ones have all the information they need about your special day.

An attractive wedding website can help you build the hype before the big day.

If you’re planning on making a wedding website, make sure to include:

  • About Us/Our Story — tell your love story so guests can get to know you better.
  • Location — include the address to your wedding venue(s), directions, and available accommodation nearby.
  • Event Details — prominently display the wedding’s date and time, venue description, theme, and event restrictions.
  • Photo Gallery — add photos to reassure visitors they’re on the right wedding website.
  • Wedding registry — provide information about your gift preferences.
  • RSVP — give instructions for guests on how to confirm their attendance.

We have provided seven beautifully-designed wedding website examples for your inspiration.

If you don’t know how to create one, consider using Zyro Website Builder as an easy and affordable solution.

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