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What to Post on Facebook (30 Ways)

If you normally use social media for connecting with friends, knowing what to post on Facebook as a business owner instead can be tricky.

There are so many content options available, from polls to Stories to live videos – and will your followers appreciate your taste in memes? 

Although we can’t guarantee that your target audience will share your sense of meme humor, we can give you 30 rock solid, engagement-boosting post ideas.

Why should you post on Facebook?

For starters, with almost 3 billion active monthly users, Facebook is the biggest social network in the world. That’s a lot of people to expose your business to.

There’s something for everyone on Facebook.

While it appeals to Millennials the most, the platform is popular with pretty much every age demographic. 

Plus, it’s good for business. It’s estimated that two thirds of users visit the Facebook page of a local company at least once a week.

So if you’re creating the social media marketing strategy for your brand, or you just want it to get noticed, you should post on Facebook.

What to post on Facebook – 30 ideas 

Sure, you know why, but do you know what to post on Facebook? Check out our list – there could be some post ideas you’d never considered.

1. Utilize pinned posts

Make sure that your followers see the most important post you’ve created as soon as they land on your Facebook page. 

This will be the first impression people have of your business activity, so make it good. 

Pinned posts can be anything you choose, but they’re a great way to advertise your merch or an upcoming event. Or just pin your company’s mission statement up here.

Homeslice Pizza Facebook page
Source: Homeslice Pizza Facebook page

2. Share company news 

If something exciting has happened in your business, post on Facebook about it. Social media is one of the most immediate ways to share news.

Not only are newsworthy posts great content for your page, they’ll also help you build brand loyalty. The more positive stuff you share, the closer your community becomes.

Your news posts could be anything from introducing a new employee, to explaining a new company objective.

3. Optimize your page with a video header

Get creative like lifestyle brand, Goop, and insert a video into your page header. This is one of our favorite Facebook content ideas.

Sitting right at the top of the page, a header video is the first piece of your content users will see. Show that your brand is worth the engagement right away.

Why not pull together some clips of your favorite products or projects being made?

Goop Facebook page
Source: Goop Facebook page

4. Show things being made

On that topic, don’t be shy about showing the work that goes into your business. This is your chance to demonstrate the skills and passion you have, and it might win you some fans.

Giving your audience an insight into how your product or service comes together can work wonders for your brand’s credibility.

Plus, quite often there’s something oddly satisfying about watching items being made.

5. Post behind the scenes

People love getting a look behind the scenes – take advantage of that and let your new fans feel like they’re part of the action. 

Posts from the kitchen, packing room, and boardroom make for great content on social media. It shows a less polished side of your brand, which works well on Facebook.

It’s also a fun way to create excitement about your newest launch or event.

Pear Tree Cafe Facebook page
Source: Pear Tree Cafe Facebook page

6. Create video tutorials

When it comes to content formats on Facebook, the stats say you’ll probably get more engagement from video posts than anything else. 

And video is the perfect format for tutorials – quick, digestible, and informative content that your audience will benefit from just as much as you.

You can show people the best way to use your products, or come up with creative solutions that will hook your fans in no time.

7. Organize an event

Want to meet your Facebook fans, or entertain them? You can bring your audience together for an event – maybe you could run a workshop or do a performance.

You can create events online on your Facebook page showing users the time, date, place, and invite list. Think of some ideas for a virtual hangout to maximize your reach.

Be sure to post on Facebook in the run-up to your event to keep people engaged.

Ink Meets Paper Facebook page
Source: Ink Meets Paper Facebook page

8. Broadcast a Facebook Live video

If you’re feeling confident, track your engagement in real-time with a Facebook Live video. Just be sure to plan ahead so that you have an audience on the day.

Facebook Live is a great way to connect with your customers and fans – they can ask questions and get to know more about your company.

Remember to be somewhere with a solid internet connection for your live posts. 

9. Post fun questions for engagement

This is a cute option for those days when you really don’t know what to post on Facebook, although it’s also a clever social media strategy.

Asking your audience fun questions can help you understand them more. A great question can set the comments section alight, too, which helps you to get more engagement.

It can be something super simple – check out the example below. 

Kirsty's Craft Room Facebook page
Source: Kirsty’s Craft Room Facebook page

10. Create polls

For some reason, people love to vote on random things, like what their favorite brand of ice cream is. Thankfully, Facebook has a poll feature that allows anyone to do just that.

Similar to asking questions, polls can be good content for market research, and good for your engagement levels.

Think of something that your target audience would feel passionate about, and create your poll. You never know, the results might surprise you.

11. Repost user-generated content

This is where you share content that your fans or customers have posted on social media – in particular, photos showing them using your products or services.

Sharing photos from users can add heaps of credibility to your brand. It’s also often the best way to thank them for giving your business some much needed organic reach.

Plus, if you’re stuck for what to post on Facebook, reposting content is an easy move.

The Natural Pet Store Facebook page
Source: The Natural Pet Store Facebook page

12. Use Facebook Stories

You already know that people love quick, bitesize types of posts. Using Facebook Stories is a great way to give them more immediate access to your brand.

Much like the versions you’ll find on other platforms, Facebook Stories allow you to post on the app right away throughout the day. Content will disappear after 24 hours.

Stories sit at the top of the Facebook news feed, for maximum visibility. 

13. Post actual stories

Of course, you could also opt for more traditional stories. We love Facebook posts that tell a story to the audience – they’re both educational and entertaining.

If you like to tell stories, plan out what to post on Facebook in advance. You could see some pretty cool results by creating a series of informative posts.

Remember to keep it relevant to your brand, and add photos. People love photos. 

MANNA DEW Facebook page
Source: MANNA DEW Facebook page

14. Feature your employees

If you work in a team, show them off on Facebook. It’s bonus behind-the-scenes content for your audience, and it can give you consistent post ideas. 

You could take photos of the people in your company and post over a period of time. Or let your fans familiarize themselves with the team and feature them often.

It’s one of the most friendly ways to gain more engagement, so roll with it if you can.

15. Reintroduce yourself

Wondering what to post on Facebook when you’ve got an influx of new followers? What a great problem to have – why not post about yourself?

It’s good to reintroduce people to the human behind the brand. You could add images and a short story to explain how you got into the industry, or what your mission statement is.

Sometimes, the best brand content is the personal stuff, especially on social media platforms.

SWEET Nibble Bakery Facebook page
Source: SWEET Nibble Bakery Facebook page

16. Recycle relevant content

It can take a lot of scrolling to find older content on Facebook, so don’t be afraid to recycle any content you’ve previously posted. Your own page is often your best resource, anyway.

You might have more fans now that haven’t seen your old posts, and you could get more engagement. This is a great idea if you’re selling services or advice.

Just make sure the copy is slick and the images are still available. 

17. Share your blog posts

Do you have a company blog? If so, be sure to share every blog post on Facebook. Show your fans there’s more to your business than your Facebook content.

Sharing blog posts should drive traffic to your website and help supercharge audience engagement, if you write about engaging topics.

Consistently link each blog post on your page, making sure the posts are accompanied by photos to grab people’s attention as they scroll.

Nerd Cow Facebook page
Source: Nerd Cow Facebook page

18. Ask for honest feedback

Fresh out of ideas for content? There’s nothing stopping you from asking your fans what to post on Facebook, as long as you keep it constructive.

Create a text post with a brightly-colored background, and ask people questions about what they’d like to see or what they think of your products.

Your audience could be a great resource for post ideas – after all, it’s them you’re trying to entertain.

19. Host contests and giveaways

Reward your helpful audience with a generous giveaway every now and then. Contests can be incredible for boosting engagement on social media.

Pick times that coincide with big events, like your brand’s birthday or a new product launch. 

Create a Facebook post that features photos of the prizes and entry instructions. To ensure more engagement, ask people to like, comment, and tag a friend on the post.

Kaimia Hair & Make Up Facebook page
Source: Kaimia Hair & Make Up Facebook page

20. Post challenges

You’ve probably realized that not every Facebook post needs to be about your business. It’s important to build a community, so ideas like contests and challenges are just as cool.

Post on Facebook about a challenge you’ve created or are participating in. It could relate to the industry you work in, or be a cause you believe in.

Encourage your fans to join in and support each other along the way. 

21. Offer discounts and flash sales

If you run an online store, schedule times in your content calendar to host flash sales. Allow people to shop in-app, or post discount codes for your website.

You could offer discounts exclusively to social media fans. Share a Facebook post showing the hottest new products in your store, and include a one-off code.

Don’t forget to add a call to action in your Facebook post, to encourage your fans to spend.

PetBox Facebook page
Source: PetBox Facebook page

22. Respond to comments

When you’re thinking about what to post on Facebook, consider what you need to do regularly as well as at specific times. In other words, remember to respond to comments.

This is one way to show your fans some gratitude – if you can, hire a social media assistant to post replies for you.

Answer questions, post funny observations, and share photos. Keeping the comment sections of your posts alive is great for engagement. 

23. Change profile and cover photos

Even if a video header isn’t your thing, be sure to refresh your profile or cover photos every now and then. Reassure people that your Facebook page is constantly up-to-date.

We love how stationery brand Ohh Deer promotes product discounts in its header images.

Just like every Facebook post, your new profile and header photos will show up on your followers’ feeds, so don’t change the images too often. 

Ohh Deer Facebook page
Source: Ohh Deer Facebook page

24. Celebrate the holidays

Businesses should plan for holiday events a long way out – moments like Christmas and Easter can take a few months of planning. 

As part of your plans, think about what to post on Facebook in the run-up to each big day. You can have a lot of fun dreaming up post ideas for maximum engagement.

Hook people in with a countdown, or do daily giveaways if you’re feeling generous.

25. Create an infographic post

Social media can be a great learning resource for people. It’s not all about filtered images: your fans can save and screenshot posts, so make them valuable.

Keep things interesting and post one or two infographics on Facebook per week. Why not teach your audience about your industry, or share mind-blowing statistics?

It’s totally possible to help people learn using Facebook posts, and it makes for interesting content, too. 

26. Post industry tips and tricks

Sure, there’s another social network dedicated to business (we’re looking at you, LinkedIn), but you can share industry insights in a Facebook post, too.

This is a great idea for B2B companies, as well as for product-focused brands.

Show your audience how to use what you sell. In return, encourage them to post their results or feedback – another great engagement opportunity. 

27. Post on hashtag days

The humble hashtag has been reinvented by social media. Sure, you can hashtag every Facebook post, but you can also decide what to post on Facebook based solely on a hashtag.

Hopping onto popular tags, like #throwbackthursday, is a pretty easy way to find what to post on Facebook and make your page visible.

You can make the content align with your brand’s message, and throw in a promotion for good measure.

The Little Gym Facebook page
Source: The Little Gym Facebook page

28. Post about trending topics

Hashtags are used to make a bunch of related posts easy to find, and they’re used to help identify trending topics as well as fun weekly themes.

Trending topics are the most newsworthy topics on social media that week, and you could post about them if they’re likely to spark a conversation.

If you do decide to create a Facebook post about a trending topic, make sure you pick content that your audience will relate to.

29. Use tap to shop

Online store owners are spoiled when it comes to post ideas. Now that Facebook has its own shop function, you can sell items directly from the app.

To use tap to shop on your product images, you’ll need to upload a catalog of goods. Make sure prices, photos, and descriptions are accurate.

After that, any time you post a new product photo, simply tag each item and customers can tap to shop.

Daylesford Facebook page
Source: Daylesford Facebook page

30. Collaborate with a brand

Why create a Facebook post that only your followers will see, when you can double or even triple the potential audience? 

If you’re a great networker, team up with brands that suit your company’s style and values. 

You could collaborate on products, events, and giveaways. If collaborative content can benefit you both, in terms of reach and revenue, it’s worth the effort. 

Top tips to up your Facebook game

Now you’ve got plenty of ideas for what to post on Facebook, it’s time to sharpen up your social media expertise.

Let’s wrap up with a handful of our top tips for maximizing content, gaining a following, and boosting your brand’s engagement on Facebook:

  • Post frequently. Once a week just isn’t enough if you want guaranteed engagement from your audience. Create a content calendar that lets you plan your posts in advance – you could even get an app to do all the work for you. 
  • Vary the content you post. Everyone loves a bit of variety, and that goes for what we consume on social media, too. Schedule different types of content depending on the time and day. Your fans will thank you for it.
  • Link to social media from your website. Be sure that all of your social media channels are visible wherever you are online. Zyro website builder even helps you to sell on Facebook Shop if you’re setting up an eCommerce store.
  • Be true to your brand’s identity. Stand out from all of the other brands on Facebook and only post content that is super identifiable as yours. Remember that this is a marketing channel, so always consider your brand’s values when you post.
  • Focus on your audience. Unlike other marketing channels, Facebook is a great place for your customers to interact with you. Don’t leave them out in the cold – respond to comments, repost their content, and keep them engaged.

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