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Sell Instantly with Stripe and Help Your Clients via WhatsApp: What’s New @ Zyro?

Every month, our team works its magic so we can add new features and elements to Zyro.

Each of these features is designed to make website and online store building easier than ever before. You can read more about this in an exclusive interview with Zyro’s CEO Giedrius Zakaitis.

This April was no different when it came to implementing features that you – our users – have requested.

You told us that you wanted to sell that one eBook to your clients without going through the hassle of setting up a complete online store for it. 

You also wanted to give your customers more options to reach you, no matter the time of the day. 

Our developers worked their magic so that we could add these new features and elements to Zyro this April. 

Let’s take a closer look.

Stripe Checkout is here

Stripe Checkout mockup

Have you always wanted to run an online side gig selling stuff, but without setting up a full-blown online store? 

Now you can accept payments with a simple checkout process, without having to create a full eCommerce website. 

The Stripe Checkout integration may look like a simple, innocent little button, but it’s mightier than you think. 

Thanks to this feature, you will be able to collect one-off payments or set up reoccurring ones for subscriptions. 

Since most online payment methods are supported via Stripe Checkout, you’ll be able to optimize your sales conversions easily.

You’re also in charge of how your Stripe Checkout looks like. This way, you won’t have to worry about looking off-brand at any point of the sales flow. 

There’s no better way than Stripe Checkout to dip your toes into the world of eCommerce.

Note: This feature is only available for users with Unleashed, eCommerce, or eCommerce plans. 

Chat with your visitors via WhatsApp

WhatsApp integration mockup

In some markets, instant messaging a business is the norm, not an exception.

Being able to get an answer to a question or a complaint fast from a real person can make or break your brand. Those that are late to address a complaint can get thrown into the deep end on social media sites like Twitter. 

Be there for your customers with the new WhatsApp integration and avoid PR disasters. 

You can now add your WhatsApp to your social icons or introduce a floating WhatsApp icon to your website for instant access. 

Either way, you’ll keep your customers happy by providing them with one more way to get in touch with you.  

Why you should use it

Effective communication is the backbone of most successful businesses. 

If you’re aiming to build a brand that has a unique voice and speaks to your target audience, being available for your customers and having a direct line of communication is crucial.  

We’re not saying you have to be available around the clock if you don’t have the resources for that – if you’re running a one-person business, you need to get some sleep, too. 

But using a direct messaging app like WhatsApp will make your customers feel like they have a more intimate and direct relationship with your company. 

Rather than having to send their questions, comments, and feedback to a generic info@company.com email address, they can talk to a real person right away and privately.

And if you’re building your brand based on trust and authenticity, then an instant messaging service is great at keeping up the good work. 

Finally, you can embed code to your website

Embed code mockup

We’ve all been waiting for this: now, it’s possible to embed code wherever you fancy on your website. 

And we mean it – simply drag and drop the new code element to anywhere on your web page, insert your code, and update your website. 

This new feature gives you limitless opportunities to experiment with external widgets, iFrames, and trackers of all kinds. 

Our favorite ways to use this feature

This feature is excellent for many reasons, but in our opinion, it’s at its most useful when used for: 

  • Calendar and booking apps. Make sure that your potential customers can easily book an appointment with you or your sales team. Use the custom code element to embed apps like Calendly to your website.
  • Document viewers. No need to keep your files accessible via links any more – embed them directly to your web pages with apps like the PDF Viewer.
  • Music and podcast players. Always wanted to showcase your favorite tunes on your website? Now, you can add every possible player to your website, from Shopify to Apple Podcasts. 

Importing your old website to Zyro just got easier 

Website Page Importer mockup

Would you like to switch your website over to Zyro but don’t want to rebuild it from scratch?

We have a tool for that. 

Simply ‘feed’ our AI machine the URL of your old website’s web page and we will import the images and text to your Zyro website. 

While you might have to check that the robot has done its job right, the Website page importer is a real timesaver for all of us leading busy lives. 

Let us know what features you need

We’re constantly working on new features that make your website better and your life easier. 

If there’s a particular feature or element you would like to see on Zyro in the future, don’t hesitate to drop us a line – we prioritize features that Zyro users want, not the other way around. 
Visit Zyro’s product roadmap and suggest your ideas to our team.

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