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4 Ways to Make Your Zyro Website Even Better: March Feature Update

Since we are all about our customers here at Zyro, nothing makes us happier than improving our website builder in ways that make a real difference to our users. 

A few months ago, we rolled out Zyro’s public roadmap, making it even easier for users to request new features to improve their websites. 

After a busy start to the year, we’re still not done. 

Glam up your website with these brand new Zyro features.

Customize your forms ☑️ 

Editable forms have finally arrived. Let your creativity flow and create tailor-made forms to suit your needs.  

With more control over the content and layout of your contact forms, you can now: 

  • Add, rename, and remove form fields
  • Edit placeholder text 
  • Add text and phone number fields 
  • Mark which fields are required to fill out 

Being able to customize your forms is a game-changer for your landing and contact pages. 

Rather than collecting the same information everywhere on your website, you can tailor your forms accordingly. Ask for phone numbers on a competition landing page or feedback on a refunds page.

Not only will you add a personal touch when informing the winners of a sweepstake, but you’ll make it easier and more intuitive for visitors to use your website overall. 

It’s even easier to edit your Zyro website 🚀

Zyro’s website editor interface finally had a facelift.  

Now, all the builder tools from page and blog management to font and color styles can be found in one useful sidebar, making it even faster and simpler to edit your website. 

‘We ran testing sessions with users, and this was one of the things that users pointed out frequently’, says Arune Kolodzeiske, Zyro’s Head of Design and Product. 

‘By getting rid of multiple editing menus and bars, we’re able to streamline the website building process, resulting in a better overall user experience’, she continues. 

Bring to front, send to back ↔️

If you’ve ever had to wrestle with an image overtaking an important call-to-action button while building a new landing page, this update is for you. 

This simple but effective feature will help you determine the position of each element within a given section on your website. 

In short, you can overlay images, text, and other elements in the exact order that you require. 

Want to send an image to the very back of the section, so that your text and buttons are shown fully? Not a problem – just right-click the element, and you’re good to go. 

Shopping cart in the header 🛒

Online store owners, rejoice – you can now add a separate shopping cart element to your header. 

This way, no matter where your users are on your website, they’ll always see how many items they have in their cart. 

With clever menu bar placement, you can reduce abandoned carts and even increase your average order value. 

Talk about a small but powerful feature, right? 

Your website is now faster than ever 

Thanks to the behind-the-scenes performance improvements by our engineering team, Zyro websites now load up to 33% faster

Republish your website to make the most of these lightning-fast speeds – it’s not just good for your SEO ranking, but your users will love your speedy pages, too.

Read more about speed and SEO:

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