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How I Created Zyro’s Customer Success Agent Training Scheme

Solveiga Švabauskaitė

When I joined Zyro’s Customer Success team as its first junior agent, there was not yet a formal training scheme to teach me about Zyro and its user’s needs. I decided to help change that. 

In this article, I’ll explain how my passion for helping people brought me to Zyro, and how my drive to professional growth saw me developing Zyro customer support training scheme from scratch. 

My heart led me to customer success 

Unsure about the path where I wanted to follow, I decided to study marketing at university, after which I joined a tiny company where I was responsible for all the marketing. I found this really challenging since I didn’t have any experience and struggled to make decisions. 

I realized that I just wasn’t creating value, so after a year and a half, I joined a digital marketing agency. I worked in the B2B sector and I was responsible for creating and analyzing promotions using Google, Facebook, and Instagram. 

This period was interesting and I learned a lot of new things, but I just didn’t feel fulfilled. Working at something that brings you joy is so important because you spend so much of your time working. That’s how I decided to rethink where I wanted. 

I asked myself what I like to do the most, and one thing was very obvious; I love helping people. I love making people happy. When I realized this, I just started to look for positions that could fulfill this feeling, which is how I came to customer success at Zyro. 

I identified the need for training

When I joined Zyro, I had a month of training in support at our parent company, Hostinger

Though I had worked in customer service before, I had no prior experience helping customers in the IT space, so needed to know how to communicate with customers properly. I learned about customer obsession and how to apply it in practice and some technical things. 

Although learning about domains, DNS, and hosting was a challenge, what kept me going was the encouraging sense that everyone at Hostinger and Zyro was there to help and support me as I got to grips with the company.

After I finished Hostinger training, I was aware there wasn’t any training for the Zyro platform. I was just going to finish Hostinger training and the next day start talking with Zyro customers. I prepared for this by spending time familiarising myself with Zyro and asking to take conversations with Zyro customers in training so that I could understand the kinds of questions they ask. 

This self-guided training helped me integrate into the new environment a lot faster. 

This was still a challenge, though, because Zyro customers tend to ask specific and complex questions. They might ask how they can promote their business, change their site, or improve their SEO ranking. 

I found that I had to very quickly expand my knowledge. My past experience allowed me to help clients with many such questions, but every day was (and continues to be) a great chance to broaden my knowledge on various topics to better help clients. 

Zyro ballpit

Over time, we recognized the need to have some Zyro specific training, because it was very hard for new agents to get them right into communicating with our customers. 

When I joined Zyro, my goal was to be an expert in the customer success field and provide the best possible assistance to our customers. After six months, we decided to change my position. 

Customer success training was my opportunity to grow

I talked with my team lead about my development plans, where I wanted to be, and where I wanted to grow. That’s how I decided to give the new training project a chance. 

I wanted to share my experience because I was the first junior agent hired by Zyro in a customer success position. I already have some of the knowledge about the builder, communication, and what our customers need. 

To begin with, I spent about two days per week preparing for training, thinking about what topics we should include in the curriculum.  When we have the first trainee, I just started applying those topics. 

We didn’t have learning content, so I needed to create everything from scratch to conduct theoretical workshops. I obviously a lot of mistakes, Zyro gives you lots of room to make those mistakes and learn from them. 

Over time I made it my full-time job, and now I’m focusing exclusively on training.

I  developed the customer success training plan from scratch

Firstly, I needed to set up a proper goal for the training. Why do we even need training? 

Of course, one reason is to help trainees to understand the Zyro build and related topics better to offer technical know-how to our users, but that’s not all. My biggest goal is to help trainees to understand customer obsession and how we apply it in practice.  

The training itself consists of two main parts. So there is individual learning and then the practical part. 

At first, a lot of interaction was conducted with a mentor because we didn’t have enough material. I just needed to call with trainees and tell them how things work at Zyro. Now we have content, I can give them materials for independent learning. 

When it comes to the practical application of the knowledge trainees acquire during individual learning, simulations are conducted with a mentor. The mentor is a client and the trainee is an agent. We try to build strong communication during those simulations. 

After this, we have shadowing sessions with other agents, so that trainees can see how other agents are working and what practices they are applying. This is an opportunity for experienced agents to share advice and tips, and helps to build a relationship with other colleagues from the CS team.

Only after all this do we have live sessions on Intercom (our platform for talking to customers). This is the scariest but most exciting moment for our trainees because they actually communicate with our customers, of course, with mentor help. 

They have a chance to actually feel the vibe of communicating with customers, which allows them to feel more comfortable when they finish the training. 

We’re still looking for talented new agents

Zyro Team

My team at Zyro is still excited to meet, train, and work with new, talented customer success agents. We’ve come to understand that it takes more than just communication skills. 

One of the most important things is product knowledge, because even if you have good communication skills, how can you help the client if you don’t know your product? We represent our company, and are a bridge between the product team and the customer.

You need to know how to express your feelings, how to communicate with customers in different styles, and be ready to solve problems efficiently and proactively. 

We also want to work with agents who are eager to develop new knowledge. Zyro is a very dynamic environment that allows you to develop and learn quickly. 

Above all, you need to have that honest wish to help customers. I don’t know if you can learn this, because if you are not eager to help customers, you’re just giving an answer. This is the main difference between customer support and customer success.

Though I’m a trainer, I still love helping our customers

There’s a big part of me that misses communicating directly with customers and solving their problems. Of course, I’m still shadowing agents from time to time to see what are the issues our customers are facing and how we communicate with them. 

Since the Zyro product is always growing, it is a critical part of my job to keep an eye on the changing trends of questions and include them in new training designs.

When I miss talking with clients too much, I sometimes just go to Intercom, assign conversations to my inbox, and chat and help them. 

It’s my way to remember those wonderful moments when you create a genuine relationship with a customer; you remember their name, you become like friends, and you enjoy meeting again and chatting about how they’re doing.

There was a customer who had who has a restaurant in Poland. He was very happy with our system and the support he received that he invited the whole CS team to visit his restaurant. Even though I no longer worked as a customer success agent, now that I’m focusing on training, he still asks about me and my colleague, Mantas. 

These small things make me happy because you feel like you left an impression on a client.

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Solveiga Švabauskaitė

Solveiga is Zyro's premier Customer Success Trainer. After starting at Zyro as a junior Customer Success Agent, she identified the need for a dedicated training program, which she designed from scratch.

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