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Integrate Zyro AI tools into your app or company workflow with the Zyro API.

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AI solutions for your next project

Zyro uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create brand tools that save time for our users. Our API allows users to implement AI tools like the Logo Generator, AI Writer, AI Heatmap, and more into your application.

Using just a few lines of code, it is simple to integrate Zyro AI APIs into your app or company workflow.

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Integrate AI tools and customize with ease

It’s simple to integrate AI tools into your mobile application. Simply make a request with the relevant data and our API returns data back.

Take our artificial intelligence Background Remover tool. If you want to use a transparent image in your mobile applications, you can use the Background Remover API to do just that.

Cloud-hosted, scalable, reliable

Whether you process 50 items a month or 10,000 in an hour, our fully managed service lets you focus on app development. You'll never have to worry about scalability or infrastructure.

API tools

Spend more time on the things that matter. Unleash the potential of artificial intelligence in your app.

AI Logo Maker

Create your own professional logo and watch your brand grow. Our AI platform lets you generate custom models for your new logo instantly.

AI Business Name Generator

Start your business journey with a company name to remember. Generate brand name ideas instantly.

AI Slogan Generator

Turn heads with a memorable slogan, created with natural language processing by the AI-powered Generator.

AI writer

Need a helping hand? AI Writer uses machine learning models and natural language understanding to create SEO-friendly content for you.

AI Heatmap

Optimize your website for conversions, before your customers visit.

AI Image Background Remover

Put your subject in the spotlight and remove distracting image backgrounds.

AI Blog Title Generator

Outstanding ideas for your blog posts and articles.

AI Image Upscaler

Stop worrying about image resolution – enhance images and upgrade your low-resolution snaps with Zyro’s AI Image Upscaler.

Artificial intelligence API FAQs

  • An application programming interface (API) is a software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other.API is device and technology independent so you can use API for your web page or app that will run on computer, mobile device or TV.Developers at Zyro have created professional, high accuracy machine learning models which are available over an API and allows users to integrate our suite of professional AI tools into their applications or workflows.To find out more about how this works in detail, check out our sentiment analysis post . We use machine learning models to create an API capable of simple sentiment analysis to explain the concept.
  • No matter what kind of application you are building, you can benefit from Zyro’s machine learning services and AI tools. Our API is much more than a prediction service.Our API helps small business owners automate time consuming tasks and entrepreneurs to create new tools.With just a few lines of custom code, our API can provide text and multimedia analysis though the AI Heatmap, or turn unstructured text into natural language content with the AI writer.App developers can save time by implementing AI tools and focus on building and leave the machine learning to Zyro’s AI team.
  • All of our services are hosted by secure, scalable cloud-hosting.Zyro guarantees 99.9% uptime on our servers. Uptime is how long a server can operate without being interrupted. If a server is down for any reason, your website will go down as well. It means that you can rely on us.Our services are all automatically set up to let you spend more time with your developers improving your application.Hosting service providers like Zyro are the best way to secure your apps.
  • Our models have been trained with machine learning data from open datasets on the internet and custom data gathered specifically by Zyro developers to ensure the highest quality services.No matter what devices you are developing an application for, our developers have created models that you can use to scale your project faster.