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Free domain name FAQs

  • A website is usually identifiable by its IP address, which consists of numbers. To make it more user-friendly and accessible, a domain name is assigned to a website – it’s essentially its address.Your domain name acts as a more memorable version of that IP address. To do so, your domain must be pointed to your website hosting server so that the IP address and the domain name can be linked up. Otherwise, your domain name would not lead to your website.Registering a domain is one of the most important steps of website building. Having a proper name isn’t just convenient, but it also boosts your brand’s credibility and builds awareness too.A top-level-domain, or TLD for short, is the last part of a domain name. Some TLDs are expensive because they’re popular, and some are cheap as they’re less desirable.
  • If you purchase Zyro’s Website, Online Store, or Advanced Store for at least 1 year, you’ll get to register a domain for free.It’s part of Zyro’s commitment to providing an all-inclusive website builder experience that also includes
    with every plan.
    As soon as you subscribe to Zyro, you will have access to everything that you need to get online fast without any hidden or additional costs.To claim your free domain, simply get in touch with our Customer Success team while you’re logged into your Zyro account. They’ll get your domain registered in no time.
  • Here are the domain extensions that are available to most Zyro users for free: tech, .online, .site, .store, .space, .website, .pw, .uno, .press, .icu, .shop, and .club.
  • Picking a perfect domain name for your website takes a bit of time, but it’s a very important step.Your website's address should reflect your brand, be easy to remember, say out loud, and type out.You could choose your company’s name or a combination of keywords that best fit your product to become your domain name.Make sure to avoid unnecessary symbols such as hyphens and numbers when choosing a free domain name as these are difficult to remember – that could negatively affect your website traffic.Your website domain name should also have the correct domain extension. For example, if your web hosting plan and website represent a non-profit organization, the correct extension is .org.What’s more, you can not only claim free domains but also use AI tools to get your desired domain with Zyro.Zyro’s free
    can come up with hundreds of catchy ideas instantly, which would also work perfectly as a domain name. Simply enter keywords related to your niche and AI will do the rest. You can even check if your personal domain idea is available through Zyro, too.
  • Zyro has everything you need to start your own website or online store built into its plans. Every Zyro plan includes a free web hosting plan forever.That means that if you choose Zyro, you will have web hosting and a free domain at the same time.In theory, you could buy a domain and web hosting separately, but to create a functioning website you need both. That’s because you must point your domain to your web hosting provider after you have completed the domain registration process.With Zyro, there is no need for any additional steps as web hosting is always included and you can get a free domain name when you subscribe to Zyro’s Website, Online Store, or Advanced Store plans for 1 year or more.Zyro also offers free domain registration along with all of its free domains. As soon as you choose a Zyro plan, you have access to everything you need to start your website or online store – with no hidden fees.
  • In general, shorter domain names are better. This is for several reasons but the most important one is that longer, more complex domain names increase the chances of spelling mistakes which will result in losing traffic.The standard advice is to stick to a maximum of two terms in a domain name. This is due to branding concerns. Most large brands rely on one or two term names and this rule has been translated into the world of domain names.However, if your website or online store is focused more on acquiring search engine traffic than building brand recognition, then there is no reason that you shouldn’t choose a longer domain name.To do this effectively, use keywords in your domain name. It is important that you use the entire keyword, not a shortened version, and you can combine keywords to make a domain name that targets search engine traffic.One word of warning though, if you are using keywords to create a longer URL, be careful not to overstuff your domain name with keywords. This is called keyword stuffing and not just looks spammy to visitors, but it can also negatively affect your SEO.
  • If your domain name expires, this can have knock-on consequences for many aspects of your online presence.For starters, your website will no longer be accessible through that domain. It will also mean that other services that are linked with that domain, such as a business email address, will also cease to function.If your domain name expires, many providers offer a non-guaranteed grace period in which you can usually buy back your domain before other people have the chance to take it. You can avoid this by setting your domain name to automatically renew.With Zyro, subscribing to yearly plans automatically grants you access to a whole range of free domain names which will be yours for one year. After that first year, you will have to renew your domain name at a small cost.In order to reduce the risk of a domain name expiring, you can set your domain name to automatically renew, just as you would do with your website or online store plan. It is more cost-effective to renew your domain, rather than letting it expire and then buying it back.