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Free band logo maker

It’s free and easy to create a band logo with Zyro’s custom logo maker. Create a logo design that represents your band or music brand in minutes, with no design skills.


A free logo that you’ll create in minutes

Zyro’s Logo Maker makes it possible for anyone, with any level of skill, to create a professional band logo for free.

Choose between logo styles, set your color palette, choose your layout and fonts. All design choices are up to you to ensure you have a truly unique music business or band logo.

You can use your new custom logo for your band social media, t-shirts, business cards, website, email footer, or anywhere else you need.

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Band logo inspiration

Whether you’re looking for a design to put on t-shirts and merch, or simply want a unique design for your band name, you can achieve it with a custom logo.

Your logo should be unique to your band, but can draw inspiration from other acts that you admire, or any other graphic designs that speak to you.

A memorable band logo should channel the personality of your group and music. All design choices from the colors and font to the shape and text should speak to who you are as a band.

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Unique band logo design ideas

An example of a band logo
Music lounge combination logo
An animal logo for a band
Sound space big music logo example
An abstract logo for. aband
A combination logo for a band
Spectrum big music logo example

What to consider before creating a band logo

You need to choose the style of logo that you want your band to use. Your design choices here will reflect your band’s personality and what your fans will respond positively to.

It’s not just about deciding what font you’d like to use and which color palette would work the best, however. First, you need to choose the theme of your band logo. Which one would suit your brand the best?


By far the most popular music logos are those which include the full name of the band or the artist that they represent.

Given the small number of design elements in most wordmark logos, the background color palette selection is very important.

A text logo for a band

Text and icon

Similarly to wordmark logos, logos that include text and icons will usually include the band, artist, or brand name.

However, the difference is that text and icon style logos incorporate icons or images into their design which express the style or personality of the band.

While your choice of font is important in text and icon logo designs, your font should not overshadow the icon, but marry them together nicely.

A labyrinth logo for a band


One band logo design that’s similarly popular to wordmark is lettermark.

If your band or music business name is made up of more than one word, your band logo design might just include the initial letters of the title.

Instead of spelling out the full words, the logo design instead includes just a few, highly stylized letters and makes the logo more memorable.

NK text logo for a band


While many band logos include words or letters, you might prefer your music logo to simply be made up of an icon that represents your band the best.

The color, style, and motif of your icon included in your logo will depend heavily on the genre your band plays, or the personality associated with your band.

A small abstract logo for a band


Some bands are represented by a character or mascot, and some logo styles can incorporate this into their design.

If you already have a mascot or character that symbolizes your brand, put it in your logo for fans to see. You can check out other bands within your genre for inspiration.

A small animal logo for a band


The final band logos we’ll recommend as inspiration for your band logo design are abstract logos. Similar to an icon band logo design, they don’t necessarily have a recognizable shape.

This kind of logo design is perfect for printing on a t-shirt or on other merch, and is usually a creative design incorporating various abstract shapes and colors into the design.

An abstract band logo with text

Create a logo in 4 easy steps

Create your dream band or music logo in just 4 steps.

  1. 1. Find a template

    The Zyro Logo Maker has a number of preset templates you can use as the basis for band logo designs.

  2. 2. Choose your colors

    The colors you choose for your band logo are crucial. They set the tone and character of your design.

  3. 3. Adjust the shape

    You can choose a basic shape and layout for your logo design, then use the editor to transform it in 360 degrees.

  4. 4. Add text

    If you want to include the name of your brand or music business, you can easily add text with any style of typeface to your design.

What’s next?

Now that you’ve got a beautiful band logo, it’s time for a stand-out band website. Build it easily with Zyro.

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