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Design a unique favicon with Zyro’s Favicon generator

Instantly create a shortcut icon that makes your website stand out.

Create Your Favicon

Generate a custom favicon in minutes

Favicons are images that help users identify your website in browser tabs and bookmark lists. Zyro’s free favicon generator will help you create a professional website icon image in moments.

Take control and generate favicon images for modern browsers that look exactly how you want them to. Define the favicon size, color, shape, text, layout, and more. No design experience required.

Why use Zyro’s favicon generator?

  1. Completely free

    You can create and use favicons with Zyro completely free of charge. No service fees, no royalties.

  2. Total control

    The background color, the shape of your design, the layout, the font color, and the text – you have full creative control over your image file.

  3. Super fast

    With its straightforward interface and accessible tools, you can build your perfect favicon in minutes.

  4. Helpful templates

    Zyro’s free Favicon generator comes loaded with dozens of preset templates to help you create the favicon package you want.

  5. Easy to use

    It’s never been easier to create favicons. Simply choose a template, customize it to your liking, and click  Download . You're done in a few clicks.

  6. Use anywhere

    Your favicon image is yours to keep. Use it on your Zyro site or place it anywhere else you want to use it – it'll make your homepage look great on Apple devices, Android, Chrome, and more.

Design your favicon in 3 simple steps

Here’s how Zyro’s free favicon generator works.

  1. 01

    Pick a template

    Choose a preset icon template or upload a custom image.

  2. 02


    Use the favicon generator tools to edit the layout, color, and design of your icon.

  3. 03

    Download and publish

    Download your newly created favicon as an .ico image file or a .png image file for your next project.

Build a professional website or online store with Zyro

  • • Designer-made templates

  • • Intuitive drag-and-drop builder

  • • Integrated brand and marketing tools

  • • No coding or design skills needed

  • • Lightning-fast page speed

  • • Set up in minutes

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Favicon Generator FAQs

  • Favicons are icons that represent a site and its content. The files are placed on the website and are then displayed in the URL section of a tab, as well as in bookmarks and favorite lists on browsers, such as Chrome and Mozilla.Most often, a favicon is the logo of the company that runs the site, but there's no rule saying a favicon couldn't also be any recognizable image that will make your site memorable to visitors. After all, favicon icons are all about brand recognition: they help users identify your website in the search engines' search results, in bookmarks, and open tabs.
  • Zyro’s favicon generator is a free tool that allows you to easily create a custom favicon to use on your website.In the past, you would need a graphic designer to make favicons that would work in the right .ico format for the browser window. But that's not the way of the world anymore – nowadays, anyone can make a favicon in an instant with favicon generator tools, like Zyro’s favicon generator.Our tool comes packed with template shapes and designs to help you get off to a quick start. Create your shortcut icon on your own – no designer help needed, or money spent.
  • In order to create a transparent favicon, you should export your favicon package as an .ico file or a .png file.If you’re using the Zyro Favicon generator, making your favicon transparent is even simpler. All you need to do is:• Click background color • Choose the color you want the icon to be • Move the second slider to the left to get full transparency
  • There are a number of ways you might decide to create a favicon of your own.You might decide to create one from scratch with design software, convert an existing image into a shortcut icon, or take the easy route of using a favicon generator.If you decide to opt for using Zyro’s favicon generator, the process of creating the favicon image is simple:1. Choose a template icon shape or upload an image2. Customize the icon’s background color, layout, and text3. Click Download to choose the size and format you want your faviconAfter this, your new favicon package will be downloaded onto your computer. Your favicon is now ready to be uploaded as a favicon on your Zyro website, for example, or to be added to the HTML code or root directory of a website elsewhere.
  • Do you have a great-looking logo that you want to turn into a favicon?You can simply convert the image into .png files – usually, favicons follow the 16x16, 32x32, or 64x64 format.But if you need your logo to be reformatted before you can use it as a favicon, or you want your favicon to look slightly different, you can simply upload it to Zyro’s Favicon generator.When editing, you can make all the formatting and appearance changes you need, then download your new favicon in the format you need.If you want to create a logo from scratch to use as a favicon, you might also be interested in trying out  Zyro’s Logo Maker .
  • In most cases, a favicon will be displayed in a 16x16 pixel format, so if you’re just making one favicon, this is the size to opt for.It is also possible for a favicon image to be displayed on a webpage as a 32x32 or 64x64 pixel file. In this case, the icon should be provided in a larger format to avoid the image becoming distorted.With Zyro’s Favicon generator, you can choose to download your favicon in 16x16, 32x32, or 64x64 pixel formats.Generally speaking, you should always aim to display your favicon in the correct format for your browser. It could mean uploading multiple favicon files to your website, allowing older browsers and older versions of contemporary browsers to choose the size of your favicon icon that suits them best.
  • If you’re building your website with Zyro, adding your new favicon icon to your website is easy.All you need to do is:• Head to the Zyro editor and choose the website you want to add the favicon to• Click on the Settings drop-down menu and select General settings • Next to Favicon , click the down arrow to expand the favicon icon options• Click  Browse files  and upload the favicon icon image from your computer• You’ll see a preview of how your image will look as a favicon in the URL bar of browsers• When you’re happy with how your favicon looks, click Save changes You can always delete or replace your favicon icon.Websites built with Zyro support the following image formats for favicon icons: .ico, .svg, .png, and .jpg. Also bear in mind that the uploaded file shouldn't be too large: the maximum supported file size for a favicon is 1 MB.If you're having trouble with your favicon image on your Zyro website, use this article to troubleshoot your issue, or talk to our 24/7 customer success team.
  • Most of the time, you don't have to worry about adding your favicon image to the HTML code of your website.But sometimes you might want to make sure that your favicon image is visible on your site, no matter the visitors' browser.If that's the case, you need to add ‘link rel= shortcut icon’ HTML code to the header.php file of your website.In the header.php file, you should add the following code after the </head> tag:<link rel=“shortcut icon” type=“image/ico” href=”/favicon.ico>Remember that you need to use the right file extension for your icons when adding them to your code. Instead of using .PNG or .JPG, you should opt for .ICO.
  • It is possible to create icons for Apple touch devices with a favicon generator, but we wouldn't recommend it, as the Apple icons are generally bigger in size than basic favicon icons.Using a favicon generator to create an app icon for an iOS device (think iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, and so on) could result in your app icon looking distorted and pixelated on the home screen of your device.You don't want a potential user to get a bad impression of your app when they are browsing the app store, right?
  • Yes – we'll never charge you for your icons.Make as many favicons as you need, the tool has no hidden fees, royalties, or service charges.But why? Because here at Zyro, your success is our success.