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Looking for Weebly Alternatives? Try Zyro.

Learn why Zyro is a great alternative to Weebly to create your new personal blog, business website, online store, and more.

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What is Zyro?

Zyro is a lightning-fast website builder and a great alternative to Weebly. Its powerful tools make it popular with first-timers, small business owners, and big businesses too.

Build it in minutes

Zyro's intuitive drag-and-drop editor is designed to be extremely easy to use. Simply pick a template you love and then drag, drop and edit the elements you need into place. No need for coding, or web designers, or experts of any kind, just beautiful page layouts with no more than one click.

Grow faster with powerful tools

Optimize your small business website with AI tools used by pros. Website builders like Zyro use AI tools to elevate your content and make it SEO friendly to maximize conversions on any search engine or browser.

All of the templates in our template library are instantly responsive on mobile too. Meanwhile, marketing integrations like Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel will help you grow faster.

Secure, reliable hosting

Zyro is a full-package website builder and our 99.9% uptime guarantee from our cloud hosting service is up there with the best in the website builder industry.

Visitors will never see an offline page which is great for user experience and SEO. Your sites will be free from server failures and attacks, too.

Security you can rely on

Experience genuine peace of mind with Zyro. All Zyro websites are protected with SSL certificates – for free – as standard.

That’s a guarantee of safety for you, your users, your content, your data, your eCommerce store and everything else you can imagine. We’ve got it covered.

Build your brand

Break the internet with an unforgettable brand. Unlike other website builders, Zyro’s features offer all the support and advice you need to take your brand to the next level.

Whether it's a perfect domain name, a brand new logo, a slogan, a blog title or a new brand name, we’ve got the tools to help. Our commitment to our products and our clients goes much, much further than just the templates.

Zyro vs Weebly

Why is Zyro the best Weebly alternative? It’s all about the features of the websites built on our platform.

connect plan

Basic plan

Price per month






Custom domain

Marketing integrations

Google Analytics

Free stock image library

No service ads

100% customizable website

Mobile optimized websites

SEO tools

Facebook Chat integration

Business name generator

Slogan generator

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  • Ease of use

    Intuitive user interface

    Zyro users enjoy the easiest user interface of all website builders. Editing content on our platform is much simpler than on Weebly or other Weebly alternatives, thanks to our straight-forward grid layout and excellent customization tools.

  • Cost-effective

    Get more for less

    Zyro is designed to take the risk out of building websites. Whether you’re a beginner, a freelancer, or you’re looking for an eCommerce platform to start selling online, Zyro users can do it at a much lower cost than on Weebly.

    • Ad-free, forever

      Put your visitors first

      Zero ads, faster websites, more storage, higher bandwidth, and 24/7 priority support. Zyro doesn’t have a free plan because the quality of the platform pays for itself.

      A free plan might look like a good deal at first but with offers like the Weebly free plan, the quality of your content will be reduced by ads, and your access to eCommerce features and templates will be restricted.

    • Intelligent AI tools

      Save time and grow faster

      Get your blog, portfolio, or eCommerce store live as soon as possible. Watch it grow with the help of instantly powerful AI tools you won’t find anywhere else.

    Is Weebly or Zyro the better website builder for beginners?

    No coding or design experience needed

    To unlock the full customization potential of Weebly, you'll need to be able to code in HTML or Javascript.

    Zyro is one of the best Weebly alternatives because it keeps things simple. Create a beautiful site or online store with no code, no web designer, and no developer.

    Optimized templates

    All Zyro templates are designed by pros and organized by category to make things simple for beginners.

    Both website builders offer a good list of templates, but what sets Zyro apart is what happens behind the scenes. Simply click your way to a pixel-perfect website and our platform will take care of the code, the cookies, and anything else that might try to surprise you.

    Is Weebly or Zyro the better website builder for business?

    Sell anything, anywhere

    Zyro is the perfect way to launch an online store. Display products, market your brand, and make more money, faster.

    Zyro website builder is designed for online success. Choose between our Business, Online store, and Advanced store plans and sell to your customers wherever they are.

    Cost-effective, constantly

    Zyro is one site builder that is committed to offering the highest quality service at the best possible price.

    If you’re choosing between eCommerce platforms and looking for the best Weebly alternatives, look no further. Both platforms have excellent eCommerce features, but one costs a whole lot less.

    Which builder is better for blogging?

    Get noticed online

    Share your work and ideas with a much wider audience than ever before. With Zyro, you can get your blog online in a matter of minutes. Plus, our SEO optimized templates will help you draw more organic traffic.

    Blog like the pros do. Use your platform to start making money and make a name for yourself as a writer.

    Grow your portfolio

    Create a stunning resume or portfolio to showcase your work experience, skills, and previous projects.

    While Weebly is set up for medium to large businesses, Zyro caters to everyone. If you want to create a simple website and grow online, Zyro is one of the best ways to do it.

    How to build a website with Zyro

    If you want to launch a website with Zyro instead of Weebly, all you need to do is follow these simple steps:


    Select a plan

    You can sign up for free, without the need for a credit card or other payment method. As soon as you join Zyro, you'll have full access to the website builder tool and all of its features.


    Choose a beautiful template

    Check out our vast template library and pick the one for your site that stands out to you the most.


    Customize everything

    Add images, text, and other website elements with Zyro’s intuitive website builder.


    Harness the power of AI

    Not sure what to name your business or where to place a call-to-action button? Zyro’s AI tools will do it for you.


    Make waves

    It’s time to show off your new website to the world. Publish it, share it with your friends, and your friends’ friends, too.

    Frequently asked questions

    • Weebly offers one free plan called “Connect.” It offers minimal features, no eCommerce, and your website will display Weebly ads that can’t be removed unless you upgrade.In order to get an ad-free experience with basic features, prices range from $5 - $20 per month for regular websites and from $10 - $30 per month for online stores.
    • Yes, Weebly is safe to use. Like most website builders such as Zyro, Wix, Squarespace, or uKit, Weebly websites come with SSL encryption as standard.You should always make sure to do your own research, however. Weebly has been targeted by data breaches in the past and it is possible that your email address could be compromised.Switching your website from Weebly to Zyro is easy using the Zyro AI Website Importer but we would recommend choosing new, stronger, login information when you do.
    • Every content management system (CMS) has its pros and cons when it comes to search engine optimization.While it’s hard to comment since it is possible to rank well on low-volume keywords when using the right tools, many users may find it difficult to rank high on search engines for popular keywords when they use Weebly. This is one essential weakness of Weebly in terms of search engine optimization.At Zyro, we believe in customer success and that’s why all our templates are optimized to get you found on the search engines and it’s also why we invest so much time into our powerful AI tools.
    • Since 2018, Weebly has been owned by the American web hosting company Square, Inc.

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