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Obtén tu email empresarial seguro

Correo corporativo personalizado con cualquier plan Zyro

Presentamos el Titan email: el servicio de email premium disponible para todos los usuarios con un plan Zyro activo. Puedes probarlo completamente gratis durante 3 meses.


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A Titan business email address is more than just a name. It’s a powerful tool for your business.

  • Level up your website

    Titan is the perfect addition to your professional Zyro site. Build a business site with Zyro, secure your domain name, and get a matching email address through Titan.

  • Import existing email and contacts

    Take every message, contact, and email address from your old email accounts and move them to your new business email automatically. You won’t lose a thing when you switch.

  • Always online, amazing uptime

    Titan business email guarantees to manage your email like a pro. That means unbeatable uptime, zero data loss, and 24/7 support.

Cómo crear una dirección de correo personalizada

Crea tu cuenta de correo corporativo hoy:

1. Comienza a crear tu sitio web Zyro gratis.

2. Compra cualquier plan Zyro.

3. Solicita tu dominio gratuito o conecta uno existente.

4. Solicita tu prueba gratuita de 3 meses del correo electrónico corporativo.

5. Crea tu cuenta de correo corporativo personalizada.

Tu cuenta de correo corporativo está lista. Los usuarios existentes con un plan Zyro activo pueden solicitar la prueba gratuita desde el panel de Zyro. ¿Tienes alguna pregunta? Saber más .

Built for business

Your customers deserve the best. Elevate every interaction with Titan.

  • @ Your business

    Match your domain name and email like a pro with a business email address. Get recognized the second that an email arrives in your customer’s inbox, boost open rates, and maximize conversions for your business website.

  • 24/7 Support

    Round-the-clock support for all your business email addresses. Every part of your work is covered by our expert support team. You have enough on your mind already.

  • Mobile ready

    Your business works great on mobile so your business email should too. Titan business email lets you bring your workspace with you wherever you go.

  • Secure business emails

    Your data security is the top priority. Titan’s security measures will keep your company information and business data safe. It’s built for businesses that customers can trust.

Simple, smart, seamless migration

Import your existing emails, contacts, and information to your new business email account automatically when you set up a business email with Titan.

Migrate information from other email providers and devices and easily import your contacts to your new Titan workspace email account.

Powerful tools with your inbox

Your workspace runs on next-level tools and Titan does too.

  • Calendar sharing

    Schedule meetings and events in an instant with Titan. You can check the availability of any of your teammates, then block off time on their calendar to get things done fast.

    Titan business email takes away the need to wait around on replies. Just take a quick look at the single-view calendar to find the time for new appointments and meetings that work for you, your clients, and your entire team.

  • Undo send

    Mistakes happen. But in the world of work, a typo or a missing attachment can be the difference between closing a deal and shutting the door on it.

    Titan lets you speed up your workflow by letting you email in confidence, knowing that if you ever do make a mistake you can quickly and easily undo the message and start again without the embarrassment.

  • Advanced search

    Never lose another email. Titan offers unparalleled search capabilities that let you browse through your entire inbox by email address, date, keyword, or subject line.

    No matter how many emails your business sends and receives, you’ll always find what you are looking for with Titan.

  • Manage contacts

    Add, edit, and create a detailed contact list with Titan. No matter how many people you work with, Titan lets you build the full picture by adding phone numbers and company details like locations to every email contact.

    The more contact information you have, the easier it will be for you to find your colleagues and clients conversations even if you can only remember one aspect of their contact information.

  • Reminders

    Don't leave your colleagues or clients waiting. Get your work done on time, everytime, and never miss another deadline with smart reminders from Titan.

    Set reminders on time sensitive conversations and Titan will automatically bring them back up in your inbox when it is time for you to get down to business.

  • One click video calling

    Integrated video calling and video links allow you to connect with your team anytime, anywhere. With Titan, you can create meetings for as many as 50 people at a time, with no time limits to hold you back.

Comienza a enviar mejores correos – Obtén 3 meses gratis con cualquier plan de Zyro.


Business Email Frequently Asked Questions

  • A business email is a professional email address that matches the domain name of your site or business.It is an email address that ends in @yourbusiness or @yourdomainname, plus your top-level-domain (e.g. .com) rather than relying on a standard Gmail address.It will improve your open rates, maximize conversions, and make space for real email marketing techniques in your business plan by establishing trust with your customers and subscribers.Your company business email account can have as many email inboxes and email addresses as you need. Every employee, department, and service that your work requires can have their own custom business email accounts that end in @ your domain name.