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    Zyro’s free domain name generator is designed to help your ideas take form. Enter keywords relevant to your site and let us instantly generate unique names for you.

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    Pick your favorite option and select a domain extension that suits your project. Select one that’s easy to remember, future-proof, and represents you best.

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    Secure your custom domain and take the internet by storm with a beautiful website that you’ll be ready to launch within minutes. We’ll take care of technicalities, so you can focus on progress.

How to Find the Perfect Domain Name

Create a lasting impression in a minute.

  • 1. Pick your keywords

    Draw inspiration from keywords that represent your brand and values. It can be the name of your brand, industry, or a combination of both. This is where you let your creativity shine.

  • 2. Use the domain name generator

    Generating ideas can be hard. That’s where the Zyro domain name generator will do the work for you. In less than a second, you will have plenty of domain names and TLD ideas to choose from.

  • 3. Make it short and simple

    Choose a domain name that will be catchy, brandable, and future-proof. The easier it is to remember, the more likely visitors are to keep coming back. Consider which option will best represent your brand.

  • 4. Check if it’s available

    Before claiming a domain, make sure that no one else is using it as a brand for their business. A unique domain name will help avoid confusion and trademark violations. Stand out from the competition.

  • 5. Do it now

    One more click and you’re ready to start your online journey. Don’t wait too long – all the best names go fast! Start turning your idea into a successful project easily with Zyro. All the easy-to-use tools required are only a click away.

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Domain Name Generator FAQs

How does the domain name generator work?

Our domain name generator follows specific algorithms to find and suggest the most relevant domain names. You will see a list of available domains based on the keywords you type in the search field. Once you’ve found the one you like best, feel free to register the domain right away.

Which TLD to pick?

TLD stands for Top-Level Domain. It’s the last part of a site’s address, such as .com or .net. Finding the right TLD is also important as it should be relevant to your site’s purpose.

The most common type of TLD is gTLD (generic top-level domain) – it consists of TLDs like .com, .net, and .gov. By picking a popular TLD like .com, your site would be easier to remember, but there’s more to choose depending on the type of your site.

For example, if you own a tech blog, you might want to use a gTLD like .tech, or if your site represents an organization, you can choose .org as your TLD.

Furthermore, there’s another type of TLD called ccTLD (country-code top-level domain). One of the most common examples would be .uk for UK-based sites. It’s an excellent choice if you want to target visitors from a specific country.

Why should you use a domain name generator?

It’s not easy to find a great domain name – especially if you’re looking for a domain of specific keywords. It’s also important to identify whether the domain is available or not. In this case, a domain name generator will definitely come in handy.

It suggests plenty of domain name alternatives that contain keywords of your choosing. So, there's a better chance for you to find a great domain name for your new site. After all, having a memorable address means better brand credibility and marketability.

With Zyro’s domain name generator, you can own your favorite domain name in no time – just type one in, choose what you like, and claim it.

What are the rules of registering a domain name?

The characters allowed in a registered domain name are only letters, numbers, and hyphens. You can’t use space or any other characters.

You can’t register a domain name that is already taken. Also, try not to pick domains that might breach a brand’s trademark.

Keep in mind that domain names are not case-sensitive, and the maximum length is up to 63 characters.