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Domain name search – get inspired

Building a memorable brand starts with the right domain. Find the perfect URL for your site with our domain search tool.

Inspired by simplicity

A domain name is an essential part of your business. It’s what visitors use to find and remember your brand. Make the right first impression and encourage visitors to come back with a catchy domain name.

  1. 1. Enter a keyword

    Choose a few keywords that represent your niche and brand the best. Play around with related keywords too and come up with some great combos.

  2. 2. Pick the perfect domain name

    Out of the list of generated domain search results, pick your favorite. Make sure it’s unique, notable, and future-proof to help your brand develop and grow.

  3. 3. Secure your website address

    Register your new domain name at Zyro. The process is quick and simple, so get on it and you could start spreading the news about your new business today.

Get a free domain

  • Found the perfect domain for your website, but don't want to have to pay for it? Zyro has the solution. If you build your site with a Zyro Website, Online Store, or Advanced Store price plan, you'll get a free domain for a year.

  • Zyro's free domain names offer comes with no strings attached. Simply sign up for a price plan, check the domain availability of the URL you want and you get it for free.

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Domain name frequently asked questions

  • Simply put, a domain name is your site’s address. It’s what your visitors should type in their browser address bar to access your website.All domains have an IP address made up of numbers, but they are very long, complicated, and hard to remember.Domain names, on the other hand, are much easier for users to memorize as they are written out in words. Plus, they are a great branding tool and are helpful for SEO, telling search engines what type of content can be found at specific domains.Domains and websites are subtly different. Domains are effectively a location, equivalent to a street address. Websites, on the other hand, are the collection of files that can be found at that location, like a shop at a street address.While is a domain that could have been used by anyone for any website, right now if you go to the domain, you'll find the Zyro website.With the Zyro domain name search, you can easily find the perfect domain name for your brand. No need to spend hours brainstorming – the tool will do it all for you.
  • The cost of domains that you're able to register via Zyro will depend on which domain extension you've chosen. This is the bit after the period at the end of a URL, for example, www.zyro. com .While prices vary, most .com domains can be secured for around $8.99 per year, but this will depend on the popularity or the rarity of the website address you're trying to purchase.Don't forget that if you'd like to benefit from free domains, you can simply sign up for one of Zyro's premium subscription plans. If you opt for the Website, Online Store, or Advanced Store price plans, you'll be given one entire year of free domain registration.
  • It couldn't be simpler to discover which domains are available through Zyro. In fact, you can search for domains on this very page.TJust scroll up and you'll see a search bar waiting for you to enter the keyword term you'd like to use as your domain name. Enter the domain you'd like to use and Zyro will tell you if it's available for purchase. If not, it will present a list of similar domains that are available.We prioritize looking for .com addresses since they tend to be the most sought after. However, if .com isn't available, the results page will suggest a list of other site domains with alternative domain endings like .xyz, .online, .tech, and more.If you find a domain you like, simply click Buy domain and you'll be guided through the domain registration process. If you can't find a domain you love, try different combinations of keywords to hunt for similar domains.
  • You can conduct a domain hunt on Zyro. Our Domain name search tool above will make it clear to you immediately whether your chosen domain name is available or not.If it is available, you'll see a button next to it that'll invite you to Buy domain . However, if you're unlucky and it's not available, a little message will appear explaining this. You'll then be presented with other domain options that have different domain extensions and that are available for purchase.Choosing between .com and .net might seem like an important consideration, but it really doesn’t matter anymore. You’ll quickly find out that any business can be served by a .com domain, but if you want to get specific, choose .xyz, .tech, or some other similar domain.