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It's easy to build a website that'll work perfectly on every device. Build on your laptop, tablet, or phone.

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Using a mobile website builder with device preview gives you peace of mind that your website will always perform at its best. Customize by using our drag-and-drop and grid features.

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Look great

Design that's responsive on every device

Whether it’s on desktop, tablet, or mobile, your website should always look its best. Building websites with a mobile-first approach and responsive templates lets your beautiful website shine.

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Be seo friendly

Easily boost your search ranking

Big search engines like Google rank mobile-friendly websites higher than websites that aren’t optimized for mobile devices. Build a fully responsive website and increase your brand visibility.

Keep our users happy

Give your users a great experience

User experience is central to your brand's success. With more potential customers than ever before browsing on a mobile device, it pays to give them a great experience.

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Features of Zyro's mobile website builder

Responsive templates

Using responsive templates as your framework lets you create a mobile website from the ground up.

All of Zyro's free website templates are 100% responsive. This means you can choose any of them, knowing your website will look great on mobile.

Mobile-focused seo

Search engines favor mobile-friendly websites and rank them higher than their non-mobile responsive competitors.

Luckily, Zyro’s mobile website builder will automatically optimize your website for mobile search. All of our subscription plans give you access to all of the SEO tools.

Device preview

Don't leave anything up to chance. Make sure your website will work on mobile before you publish it.

One of the most important tools within the website editor, device preview lets you double-check that your website is ready for smartphones.

Lightning-fast loading

Your mobile website shouldn't keep visitors waiting or be a drain on their mobile data. Zyro makes sure that your website is optimized for speed, even when you've got a lot of content to share.

So, whether they're using a desktop browser or a smartphone, users will experience super-fast load times.

How to Use Zyro's mobile website builder

1. Join zyro

Sign up for an account with Zyro to start using the mobile website builder.

2. Get a responsive template

Zyro has plenty of responsive themes to choose from, and all are mobile-optimized.

3. Customize your site

Drag and drop elements into place, then edit them to get the look you want.

4. Launch your website

When you're happy with the design, publish your mobile site and share it with the world.

5. Get more traffic

Use professional integrations and tools to get more traffic.

Mobile website builder FAQs

  • Yes. All websites built with Zyro are mobile-optimized by default.Every template available on the platform is designed to be responsive. If you choose to build your website with one of these as the base, you can be confident it'll be optimized for mobile.The drag-and-drop website builder makes sure the elements of your website's web design are aligned correctly. Even when it's displayed on smaller screens, your website will look great.You can even preview your website before you publish it to be sure that it works well on mobile.
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Build a website that works beautifully on any device

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