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Free church logo maker

Create a beautiful logo and share your message with your congregation and your community. No design skills needed.


A church logo that you’ll create in minutes

No need to pay logo designers. Save money and get the name of your church out there for free with Zyro.

From colors to fonts and symbols, you’re in complete charge of your church logo design. Thanks to the intuitive editor, anyone can be a logo designer.

Stuck for ideas? Draw inspiration from dozens of premade logo styles and tweak your favorite until it’s pixel-perfect for your church.

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Church logo inspiration

A good logo helps you stand out and makes it easier to remember your church. Bring your church to the 21st century with a trendy logo and build awareness for the good work you’re doing.

Like other businesses, you should use your great church logo design on flyers, business cards, and leaflets. Strengthen that connection you have with your congregation and community.

Good church logos play a role in making people aware of the after-school youth group or weekly prayer circle. After all, your logo communicates all that you stand for in a glimpse.

A church logo on a business card mockup

Unique church logo ideas

Classic church logo example
Modren church logo example
Text and dove icon church logo example
Icon church logo example
Church fish icon logo example
Lutheran church logo example
Text and icon logo for a church

What to consider before creating a church logo

With thousands of design options and ideas out there, it might be difficult to know what’s important for a church logo.

For example, if you want to appeal to a younger generation, the logo you’ll go for will be different from a spiritual organization with an average age of 65.

Start by thinking about the values of your church and the way that your group has shaped them. The best logo for your church depends on your values and the demographic of your churchgoers.

Classic style

Classic church logos carry that air of elegance and history that you can immediately tell the community puts emphasis on traditional values.

Usually, these types of logos consist of the church’s name written in a clear serif font (such as Times New Roman), and illustrations of the main religious symbols and images.

Text and dove icon small church logo example

Font-based logos

If you want to keep things simple, a font logo is always a safe design option.

Not only are font logos cheaper to get printed on t-shirts and other merchandise, but they also carry on the tradition of transcription – something historically associated especially with spiritual organizations.

The key to a successful font-based logo lies in readability, so make sure that the name can be clearly read from close and far.

Cursive church logo example

Text and icon logos

These logos fall in the minimalist and modern categories due to their simplicity.

To create a successful text and icon logo, opt for a clear and easy to read sans serif font and simple iconography. A cross, for example, would work wonderfully.

Combination church logo example

Traditional style

Many churches want to celebrate their tradition in their logo, including the whole name of the church and traditional symbolism in their designs.

Many Christian churches, for example, use crosses and doves in their logo designs. Some of the other options you can go for are figures of Jesus, vines, or a lamb.

Classic logo example for a church with a white background

Modern style

There’s no denying that churches are embracing the social media and app world.

And that’s transforming the modern church logo designs, too. Rather than using traditional designs, modern church logos look like company logos.

Usually, the name of the church is written in a bold and capitalized font, against a brightly colored background.

A church logo example

Prayer group logo

You can also create a dedicated logo for your weekly or monthly prayer group, or another spiritual gathering at your church.

Use an abbreviation of the group name to save valuable space, and use a two-tone color palette to keep the printing costs at bay. This way, you can use your logo on flyers and other printed materials.

Bible group logo example

Create a logo in 4 easy steps

Zyro’s Logo Maker lets you create infinite logo designs, for free. You won’t need to create an account either.

  1. 1. Choose a logo template

    Pick a logo template that speaks to you and get to work.

  2. 2. Decide on colors

    Use a single color or pick a few – make sure that the colors you choose reflect your church.

  3. 3. Add symbols and elements

    Stand out and include design elements and symbols in your logo.

  4. 4. Spell it out

    Don’t forget to include the name of your church or create an easy to remember acronym for it.

What’s next?

Now that you have a great looking logo, create a website for your church to celebrate your faith and keep all of the important information in one place.

Mockup of a logo being made in the logo maker