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Master Mobile eCommerce

The world is on the move. Create an online store optimized perfectly for mobile shoppers.

Build a mobile store

Responsive design

Looks just like it should

Each website and online store built with Zyro is 100% responsive. This means smartphone users will have a great experience, with perfectly aligned pages that look exactly as they're meant to.

Zyro website mockup displayed on both laptop and mobile devices

Complete features

Seamless mobile user experience

Shopping on mobile devices shouldn't mean compromising on functionality. Every feature available to desktop users works just as well for mobile users. Mobile users see the same product listings and can shop with ease.

Sell anywhere

Never limit your reach

Find your target market, wherever they are. Sell on your own store, at online marketplaces like Amazon, and through social media networks like Facebook and Instagram. Expand your reach for both desktop and mobile shopping.

Mobile management

Perfect for on the go

Stay on top of your eCommerce store on the go. Manage inventory and product listings, handle sales and orders, and manage shipping and customer service, all from a single dashboard. Never slow your business down.

Mobile sales channels

Reach your customers where they are.

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    Find an untapped audience on the world's biggest marketplace. Connect your Zyro store to your Amazon Seller account to make seamless sales on the platform. Promote your goods at the home of online shopping.

    You can sync up your inventory and item listings between your own online store and Amazon. You’ll then be able to handle all sales from your Zyro eCommerce dashboard and never lose track of orders. Your users will shop on Amazon while you sell from your store.

  • 02


    Reach over 2 billion monthly users on the most popular social media platform for online shopping. Connect your Zyro store to your Facebook Business page to open a Facebook Shop. Create an amazing mobile shopping experience.

    As well as selling on Facebook, Zyro helps you advertise to its users with powerful marketing tools. Create effective ads, collect visitor data using Facebook pixel, and turn user behavior insights into a more effective marketing strategy.

  • 03


    The visual focus of Instagram makes it perfect for presenting your products to consumers in an attractive format. Zyro enables you to easily sell on the platform, which is mostly used by people on a mobile device.

    Post your products to your brand’s Instagram account, and tag item listings in your store. Users see product descriptions and prices, and are invited to follow links to make purchases from your Zyro store.

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    Your store

    As well as helping you make sales on various platforms, Zyro provides you with tons of tools to make your own mobile eCommerce store successful. Our simple-to-use builder sets you up with a beautiful online store that's easy to manage.

    You also have access to a range of marketing tools to reach out to potential customers across the web. Benefit from SEO, Google Ads, and social media marketing – all made possible by your Zyro eCommerce package.

Mobile at the core of SEO

As well as making shopping easy for mobile device users, a website ready for mobile commerce helps your brand perform better in search results. Zyro helps you play the SEO game in a number of ways.

  1. 01

    Mobile-first design makes the user experience great for everyone

  2. 02

    Superfast page loading times keep people engaged and show your site means business

  3. 03

    SEO-friendly content can be created with Zyro's AI Writer

  4. 04

    Page metadata is easy to create, SEO optimize, and edit

  5. 05

    The free SSL certificate included with your website makes your domain HTTPS, which is favored by search engines

  6. 06

    Search performance can be tracked with the Google Analytics integration included in the eCommerce package

How to create an online store for mobile devices

  1. 01

    Join Zyro

    A Zyro website is the quickest and easiest way to get a mobile commerce store up and running. You can sign up and buy an Business, Online Store or Advanced Store plan.

  2. 02

    Build your store

    Choose a mobile-friendly template, then use the easy drag-and-drop builder to customize your store to match your brand. Adding an eCommerce store page and listing items takes minutes.

  3. 03

    Connect to platforms

    If you plan to promote and sell your goods on platforms like Amazon and Facebook, you can connect them and sync inventory with your Zyro store. Manage everything from a single dashboard.

  4. 04

    Market your brand

    Use Zyro's powerful marketing tools to reach new audiences and promote your goods around the web. Make use of SEO, Google Ads, and social media marketing to reach the right people.

  5. 05

    Grow your business

    The world of mobile eCommerce moves fast. Zyro helps you stay afloat and grow your business with in-depth sales reporting, visitor behavior insights, and optimization tools.

A price plan to match your needs

Different m-commerce businesses need different features in their stores. With Zyro, you can choose an eCommerce package to suit your needs, so you only pay for the features you actually need.

  1. Zyro Online Store

    The Zyro Online Store package comes ready with everything you might need to launch your store. Build your site, add product listings, make full use of marketing tools, and gather user insights to optimize your conversion rates.

  2. Zyro Advanced Store

    The Zyro Online Store package is designed for businesses that want to grow. In addition to all of the other eCommerce features, you can offer a multilingual store, abandoned cart recovery, and group deals.

Mobile commerce FAQs

  • In short, m-commerce is simply selling to smartphone users through mobile shopping. The art of creating a mobile experience to promote sales, however, goes much deeper than that.Since more and more consumers are choosing to use a mobile device to make purchases online, the average order today is more likely to come from a smartphone than a desktop. Online sellers have to move with this trend.To make sure your business is ready for mobile eCommerce, do the following:1. Build a website and online store which is responsive on mobile devices. This will ensure that users accessing your mobile site have the same experience as desktop customers.2. Make sure all of the features on your website and online store work on a mobile device. If a mobile eCommerce customer finds broken elements, they're less likely to buy.3. Keep content and product listings neat and simple, so that they don't clutter up smartphone screens.4. Ensure you understand the customer journey. Desktop and mobile eCommerce customers might expect different routes to make a purchase. Guide them onto the right path.5. Offer payment options that are mobile-friendly. Don't rely on customers to laboriously enter card details. Give them plenty of choices and make it as easy as possible to pay.6. Keep track of visitor behavior. Understanding how people navigate your website and what influences purchases will help you make improvements to your store to boost your conversion rates.
  • Not necessarily, no. It is possible for you to sell to mobile shoppers through platforms like Amazon and Facebook without a website.However, there are good reasons why you should include your own mobile website in your online shopping offering: Don't rely on third-party platforms. If you're selling only on Amazon or Facebook, you risk the platforms going offline or changing their rules to make it harder or more expensive to sell. Your own mobile store gives you more options and puts you in control. Keep everything organized. Your online store can act as a hub for all your online selling. Manage inventory and orders from your own store, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, and across the web. Handle everything from one dashboard. Keep your user insights. Having your own store with Zyro lets you collect user data, see how visitors behave, and what influences their shopping habits. Use these insights to optimize your marketing and website. Increase credibility. Having your own mobile-ready website will help make your brand seem more professional. And customers who see your business as credible and professional are more likely to shop with you. Take control of UX. Other than your marketing materials, your user experience is the best opportunity to encourage them to make a purchase. Take full control of UX with your own site. Get more marketing opportunities. When you have your own website, there's no limit to where you can promote your brand and products, and how many people you can reach with your marketing materials.
  • Yes. In recent years, mobile devices and mobile networks have increased their security features to better protect users and their data.Even without these new measures, using a website builder and eCommerce platform like Zyro to create your online store means that you'll have extra security features to keep you and your customers safe.Every Zyro website comes with a free SSL certificate , which encrypts all data passed between the website and users. This means that everything from browsing data to credit card details are kept secret from third parties.This protection is extended both to mobile users as well as desktop ones.Zyro's eCommerce platform also has the highest rating for online financial transactions, ensuring the best protection for everyone when sales are made.
  • Not if you use a website builder platform like Zyro.There are 3 main ways you can have a mobile and desktop version of the same website:1. Having an entirely different URL where mobile users are sent, which hosts a different website that’s formatted for mobile accessibility.2. Using the same URL , but having a different layout of your website that is shown to mobile users, separate from the one shown to desktop users.3. Having a responsive layout , where the URL and the styling is the same, but the website is designed to resize depending on the user's device.While the first two options require you to effectively make two versions of your website, having a responsive website means that you only need to design everything once.With Zyro, all websites are entirely responsive.You use the drag-and-drop builder with its grid-based layout to arrange all features as you like. You can preview both a desktop and a mobile version to see how the responsive layout looks on each.When customers visit your store, they'll see it sized and arranged perfectly for their devices. You only need to design one website, then stop worrying.
  • Yes, absolutely. Having a mobile-first approach to eCommerce doesn't stop you from catering to desktop users who want to make purchases at the same time.Mobile eCommerce stores can be accessed by any user. This means you don't have to double up on item listings or design different websites for desktop and mobile users.Even if the majority of your visitors are shopping on desktop devices, there are still benefits to having an eCommerce store that is mobile-ready: Everyone can shop. If 90% of shoppers are on desktop, that doesn't mean you should exclude mobile users. A responsive eCommerce space is an inclusive store. This way, you maximize your sales potential. More shoppers are going mobile. The current trend is away from desktop and towards mobile eCommerce. Even if your business doesn't currently rely on mobile shopping, it's wise to be ready for its arrival. It makes SEO sense. Search engines like Google prioritize websites that are mobile friendly.

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