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With over 250,000 websites built, here’s what people have to say about Zyro.

Easy to Start

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Choose a pre-built online store template, then use our drag-and-drop builder to create the perfect shopping experience. You're now ready to sell online.

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Sell anywhere

Be where your buyers are. With Zyro, you don't just get to sell on your online store, access a world of customers on Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon too – just like that.

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Secure and mobile

Give your buyers a great user experience and the peace of mind with a secure online store that looks great on all devices.

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Selling made simple

Want to sell products online? Look no further. Add a BUY button to your product page and watch the sales come in.

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Easy to Manage

Easily manage and track inventory

Add and manage all of your products and orders with Zyro's intuitive dashboard. Categorise everything and track inventory – you're in total control.

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Multiple payment options

Need a different payment method for local customers and the ones outside India? Zyro has you covered. Never miss a sale.

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Easy shipping and delivery

Take charge. Check the order history, track payment and shipping status, and automatically update your buyer via email too.

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Paperwork done for you

Our automatic tools make shipping, delivery, and tax a breeze. Forget paperwork and logistics – Zyro will do it for you.

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Easy to Grow

Watch your business grow

Keep your eyes on the prize with built-in reports and sales tracking. Need more than that? Easily integrate Google Analytics and maximise your sales.

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Marketing on autopilot

Run tailor-made ads on Facebook and Google Shopping. Automate your marketing and target the right audiences to boost your sales.

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Easily apply discounts

Give your buyers that final push and make the price right with a discount code. Easily apply coupons and codes to carts.

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Sell gift cards

Gift cards are a popular way to surprise someone, without taking away their ability to choose. Let your visitors buy and redeem gift cards easily.

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How to start an online store

Follow these 5 quick steps to start your own online store. It's easy and fast.

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    Signing up for a Zyro account takes only a few clicks. All you need is a name and an email address.

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    Upgrade to an ecommerce plan

    Once you've created your account, make sure to upgrade to our eCommerce or eCommerce Plus plan.

  3. 03


    Choose from dozens of stunning, designer-made templates and customise it to suit your business.

  4. 04

    Add your products

    Use the store builder to create product listings for everything that you want to sell.

  5. 05

    Start selling

    Create a marketing strategy to get your website out there. Build a social media presence and set up a good email marketing infrastructure too.

Frequently asked questions about online stores

Got a question about your eCommerce store? Find the answers to the most common questions below.

  • The price of building and running an online store depends on the type of online business you want to set up.You can invest a lot of money to create your product lines and manufacture them. Or, you can partner up with a dropshipper and be the reseller of existing products that you've branded as your own.Pay attention to the different eCommerce platforms too when you're considering how to start a store online.Choosing an all-in-one website builder like Zyro is one way to save since you won't have to pay for any extras. You can get 1 year of free domain registration and free hosting – for forever – with Zyro.

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