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AI Business name generator

Start your business journey with a company name to remember. Generate brand names instantly.

  • Generate name ideas

    Think of a few keywords that our business name generator can work with. What represents your brand and makes it unique?

  • Pick a business name

    Our name generator will make a few suggestions. Which one do you like the most? Ideally, it’ll be one that creates a lasting impression and works well as a domain name.

  • Launch your business

    It’s time to use your new business name. Create a website or an online store with Zyro website builder and start building your business.

How to come up with a creative brand name

Follow these 5 simple steps to name your business.

  1. 1. what makes your brand unique?

    Think about your business, its values, and identity. Pick a few keywords that describe what you do and why you do it. Show your brand’s personality to your customers. Find unique features for a one-of-a-kind name.

  2. 2. Keep it short and simple

    When picking the perfect name, make sure it’s easy to remember, pronounce, and spell. The best brand names get stuck in your head and are instantly recognizable. Try to avoid symbols and numbers, and keep it related to your industry.

  3. 3. Make sure it’s available

    Be unique – let your business name shine. Avoid copying other business names at all costs. You’ll keep yourself out of legal trouble, avoid being mistaken for someone else, and make your business easier to remember for people.

  4. 4. Use our business name generator

    Let our AI-powered company name generator help. Enter your keywords, browse through the generated list of business name ideas, get inspired, and pick whichever one represents your business best.

  5. 5. Do it today

    No time to waste. Domains and business names get ‘taken’ every day. And if you don’t do it today, chances are you’ll never do it at all. So, pick a name that feels just right and build your business site with Zyro.

Build a professional website or online store with Zyro

  • • Designer-made templates

  • • Intuitive drag-and-drop builder

  • • Integrated brand and marketing tools

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Business name generator FAQ

  • It’s hard to define exactly what makes great brand names great. You just know a great business name when you see it. Usually, it’s something quite original, creative, and memorable.Sometimes simple brand names that ‘stick’ is all that you need. Other times, a trendy word is a better idea.One thing is for sure – a great brand name instantly invokes an association with the product.Don’t be afraid to experiment with some properly creative or even downright wacky names, but there is no need to overcomplicate it either. Our company name generator will present you with a few options, titles both short and long, straightforward and more complex – all based on the words you provide.This way you’ll have options for domain names, too. Make sure you check domain availability of the ones you really like. Take it from branding experts: you’ll strengthen your brand identity by having a unified look both online and offline.