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WebM Files

What is a WebM file?

WebM is a compressed audiovisual file format that is designed for HTML5, using the HTML5 <video> tag.

WebM is based on MVF (Matroska Video File), an open container format that supports a wide range of multimedia content.

Since Google’s acquisition of WebM format, it has become one of the most popular video formats on the Internet and is the preferred codec when uploading content to YouTube, among many online platforms. 

Offline usage is also common.

Features and benefits of the WebM file format

WebM format compresses files and requires little power to extract them. This is because WebM adopts VP8 and VP9 as their video codec and uses Opus and Vorbis as their audio codec. 

This feature allows users to produce a small audiovisual file size while still maintaining the overall quality. WebM saves data usage and ensures smooth playback regardless of device specifications. 

Another benefit of the WebM file format is that it is open-source and royalty-free, which means everyone can use and contribute to its development at no additional fee. 

As a result, WebM has developed into a great alternative to other video formats, especially MP4. This is because the latter is protected by patent laws, which require hardware manufacturers and software developers to pay royalties to implement the file format on their products.

How to open WebM files?

On your computer and smartphone, you can play WebM files using most web browsers, such as Chrome, Opera, or Mozilla Firefox, among offline applications.

If you have WebM files on your device, there are several methods to open them depending on your OS. 

On Windows 10, you can open files using the Movie & TV app. If you’re using Windows 7 or 8, you need to install WebM Media Foundation Components on Windows Media Player first. 

Chrome OS and Android devices have no problem with WebM as the codec is integrated into their systems. This is because Google develops both these OS as well as the WebM technology. 

Unfortunately, macOS and iOS don’t support WebM. The easiest way to get around this problem is to convert WebM files into a supported file format, such as MP4.  

To avoid any compatibility issues, try installing a third-party multimedia player – there are plenty of options out there, with VLC and Media Player Classic being the most popular options. 

How to convert WebM files into other file formats like MP4?

In order to convert WebM files, you need a converter app. There are a lot of tools that can help you, both online or offline. 

While these tools may have a different user interface, the general process is more or less the same. 

All you have to do is to upload the WebM files, choose the output format, and save the converted files to your device. 

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