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Create a logo in a few simple steps – completely free. The Zyro Logo Maker enables anyone to turn their ideas into reality. No designers required to boost your brand – only a minute and a web browser.

Take control of every element – customize the "icon", size, "text", and more to perfectly reflect your brand. The Zyro Logo Maker provides you with an easy creation process and a professional end result. Make it beautiful in any form – business cards, products, or a website.

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Why choose Zyro Logo Maker?

100% Free

Get a professional logo completely free — no hidden fees or limits. Our free logo maker has no strings attached.

Thousands of Templates

Create a logo fast – use professionally designed templates for all industries. High quality can be achieved in minutes.

Endless Customization

Only settle for perfect. Easily customize every element of your logo, until it is ideal for your niche and business.

Easy to Use

Use templates, or start from scratch, and design like a professional with easy-to-master drag and drop tools.

Full Branding Kit

Brand your business as an expert – get vector files, a complete social media kit, along with full commercial usage and branding guidelines. Perfect for both online and physical advertising.

Build Your Brand

Make an unforgettable impression with the Zyro Logo Maker. Showcase your unique logo to the world and stand out from the competition.

How to Make a Logo for Free?

To create a free logo follow these 4 easy steps:

  • 1. Enter Your Brand’s Name

    Type in the name you want on your logo.

  • 2. Choose from Thousands of Templates

    Select a professionally designed template that best represents your brand.

  • 3. Customize Your Logo

    Adjust the size, color, font, and every other element in your logo.

  • 4. Download Your Logo

    Download your logo as a high-resolution vector image, ready for print, publication or a website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Zyro Logo Maker

How does the Zyro Logo Maker work?

The Zyro Logo Builder exists to help you make a beautiful, world-class logo as quickly as possible. To do this we use professional designer-made templates, which can be effortlessly adjusted and modified to fit your vision.

Once everything is tailored to your needs, download the logo, along with all the extra content that will help make the most out of your brand’s new face.

How Do I Get My Logo?

Once you’re done designing the perfect logo, simply download the high-resolution image. It will be ready for both web use, and printing.

Will I Have a Transparent Logo?

Yes you will! The logo will come in multiple files – black, colored, white, and with a transparent background. It’s ready to be put to use as soon as you open the .zip file.

What Makes a Great Logo?

First of all, you need to make sure that a logo represents your business well. Research the trends and success stories of your niche!

Secondly, we recommend to carefully pick your color scheme. Consider if it compliments your website or products – try to keep a scheme that is consistent with your brand.

Make sure to keep your logo easily memorable. It should help your audience understand what your brand is all about. That’s a great way to be easily recognized in a crowd, and will help you stand out from your competition, whatever field you’re in.

How Much Does a Logo Cost

The Zyro Logo Maker is completely free. No hidden fees, no additional costs.

Will I Have Ownership of the Logo Created with Zyro Logo Maker?

The logo you create with the Zyro Logo Maker will be licensed under full commercial usage. You can use it on any product, or website, and can modify it in whatever way you want.

What Size Should a Logo Be?

Everything depends on what you intend to use the logo for! If you’re interested in putting it on a business card, going small might be a great decision, on the other hand, a t-shirt or other merchandise might require a larger option.

Luckily, with the high-res PNG vector images, you can upscale or downscale your newly created logo without any loss in quality. That guarantees it will look great on any surface.