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Free beauty logo maker

Custom logo templates for your beauty brand. Made in moments.


Create a free beauty logo today

Create an unforgettable fashion and beauty logo with Zyro’s Logo Maker.

With hundreds of templates and simple design tools, it has never been this easy to bring your beauty business to life.

Pick shapes, colors, text, and fonts that your customers will love, then use the easy editor to build a brand. Absolutely no design skills needed.

Free to use and no account required. Your new custom logo for beauty brands is only a few clicks away.

Example of the logo maker in action

Beauty logo inspiration

There’s no single way to be involved in the beauty industry. Perhaps you run a hair salon, create beauty products, or share your beauty tips on social media?

Every beauty business deserves a logo design to match. After all, it’s a highly aesthetic industry, where first impressions really matter.

You can use beauty logos on products, business cards, social media, and anywhere else that your audience might need to find you.

Mockups of logos on business cards

Unique beauty logo ideas

Ashley text logo example for a beauty brand
Text logo example for a beauty brand
Combination beauty logo with text and an illustration
Cursive combination logo for a beauty brand
A combination logo example for a beauty brand
Text logo example for a beauty brand
Atilla beauty logo example
Cute word logo for a beauty brand
Kelly Maco combination logo example for a beauty brand

What to consider before creating a beauty logo

Before you get started on your beauty logo design, there are a few decisions you need to make.

Plus, a beauty salon has a different audience than a social media influencer. So the content and the logo styles should account for that.

Your logo should reflect the identity of your beauty business. It’s more than just your business name. A business logo is the first source of information for your customers.

The brand design choices you make will depend on the style of logo appropriate for your brand niche. Let’s see what your choices are.

Wordmark Logo

Wordmark logo templates feature a stylised script instead of an icon or an image.

So what are its benefits? Well, placing all of the emphasis on your brand name can communicate authority.

A logo maker will offer many unique font options that can match your brand identity. Beauty brands often use sleek, clean fonts that suggest a luxury touch.

Jeffer cursive beauty logo example

Modern logo

Follow trends in fonts, graphic content, and colors popular in the beauty industry to create a modern logo.

Take into account your brand identity to make a logo that reflects the personality of your products and your platform.

A beauty content maker on YouTube is more likely to need a modern logo than a long established beauty brand.

Example of a text logo for a beauty brand

Monogram logo

Timeless and beautiful. A monogram logo combines two or more letters into a single logo design.

No need for a logo designer, since the monogram logo is quick and easy to make at home with an online logo template and a serif or script font type.

This logo style is perfect for lending your brand a touch of class.

Emblem logo for a beauty brand

Social media logo

Use a logo creator to put the finishing touches on your social media brand within the beauty industry.

Pixel perfect design templates are important for creating a logo that looks good on every social platform, and at every size.

Smooth sans-serif fonts and minimalist graphics are a big trend for social logos.

Word mark logo example of a beauty brand

Classic logo

If you want your brand to compete with established names in the beauty sector, consider designing a classic logo.

One simple way to increase authenticity is to start with a serif font for your tagline.

Many long-standing brands will couple this with a very simple logo image, often allowing the brand name to stand on its own.

Big text logo example for a beauty brand

Geometric Logo

Clean and clear Geometric logos will never go out of style.

Make a logo with elegant, asymmetrical curves to bring this versatile template design in line with your beauty products.

Example of an abstract logo for a beauty brand

Create a logo in 4 easy steps

Use Zyro’s Logo Maker to create your new beauty logo.

  1. 01

    Pick a logo design

    Select a premade logo template as the building block of your designs.

  2. 02

    Select a color scheme

    Tailor your logo to support your color palette. Use as many colors as you’d like.

  3. 03

    Choose a shape

    Pick an icon from the menu that fits your logo design.

  4. 04

    Add text

    Edit the position, size, color and font until it is just right.