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Free sports logo maker

Create custom sports logos that your fans will love. No coding or design skills required.


A free logo that you’ll create in minutes

Make a sports logo that will beat the competition. Pre-set templates and simple editing tools make the experience easier than ever.

Your sports team logo is more than just an image. Add shapes, colors, and text, and use the editor to bring your logo designs to life.

Zyro’s logo maker is free to download. No need to make an account, no need for a designer – just a logo that you will love, made in moments.

Sports logo inspiration

Need a new logo for your sports team? Create a team logo that your fans will love and build a brand that goes beyond gameday.

You can use your sports team logo on jerseys, on league tables, on your website, and even your mascot.

Alternatively, if your business works in sports marketing or sports communications, making a brand logo with sport design elements is also a must.


Unique sports logo design ideas

What to consider before creating a sports logo

Before you start creating designs for your sports logos, there are a few decisions you need to make.

If you need to create designs for a sports company then the keywords and categories you’ll use will be slightly different.

Sports logos should incorporate your team name or business name, but also represent your brand and fan identity.

Each design choice you make will depend more on the style of logo you’re trying to design.

Team logos also have to look good on both billboards and jerseys. Creating a template for designs that can scale usually requires serious investment in your design resources.

Modern logo

Modern sports logos are becoming increasingly image-focused as designers look for a way to incorporate branding content ideas into sports logos.

A sports focused company is also likely to use a modern design to give an up to date, cutting edge image.

Classic logo

The oldest sports teams can be hundreds of years old. Naturally, designers want to represent that tradition in the logo.

Since there are so many old sports logos, the classic sport logo has become a template for graphic designers and amateurs alike.

Many modern sports teams still use a classic sports team logo to appear more historic and prestigious.

Mascot logo

Sports and mascots go hand in hand. For many teams, the mascot is a rallying point that every fan knows.

Incorporating your mascot into your logo is a great way to increase recognition, but also to improve branding and works well with merchandise.

This type of logo is often graphic and used most by modern sports clubs that want to expand into new markets since mascots are universally understood.

Monogram logo

Most popular in baseball, the monograph logo uses only letters to represent the sports team.

The monograph logo is usually a reference to the hometown of the baseball team.

Rather than rely on images, using only type in your sports logo is a way of stamping your authority on a location.

Sports business logo

A sports business logo is usually modern logo style combined with an element that provides information about the sports business’s niche.

Any sports related entity such as a gym or an agency needs to represent its customers and clients in its logo.

Emblem logo

Many sports clubs use an emblem that often resembles a coat of arms to display a sense of tradition.

Try using a logo maker to create a unique graphic emblem for your team. Combine it with a script or serif font to add to the historic look.

Create a logo in 4 easy steps

Create your winning sports logo in four simple steps.

  1. 01

    Choose a starter logo

    Use ready-made logo layouts for every niche to form the basis of your logo.

  2. 02

    Select a color scheme

    Your sports logos can use one color or several. Whichever colors you need, create a palette to fit your sports team history.

  3. 03

    Choose shapes

    Bats, balls, and everything in between. Add an icon to your logo design.

  4. 04

    Add text

    If your team has a motto you should include it in your logo design. Edit the placement, colors, and font until things look right.