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Building a memorable brand starts with the right domain. Find the perfect one for your site with our domain name search tool.

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Find the Perfect Domain

A domain name is an essential part of your business. It’s what visitors use to find and remember your brand. Make the right first impression and encourage visitors to come back with a catchy domain name.

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Here’s how to use Zyro’s domain name search

  1. 1. Enter a keyword

    Choose a few keywords that represent your niche and brand the best. Play around with related keywords too and come up with some great combos.

  2. 2. Pick the perfect domain name

    Out of the list of generated domain names, pick your favourite. Make sure it’s unique, notable and future-proof to help your brand develop and grow.

  3. 3. Secure your address

    Register your new domain name at Zyro. The process is quick and simple, so get on it and you could start spreading the news about your new business today.

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Build your business up with Zyro

    Step 1 preview

    Register a domain name

    Give your online project a running start with a premium domain name visitors will love.

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    Kurk svetainę

    Launch your online presence in minutes with Zyro – a free Svetainių kūrimo įrankis .

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    Susikurk logotipą

    Make a great first impression with a memorable logo made by Zyro’s Logo generatorius .

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    Start a blog

    Share ideas that matter. Start a blog and tell the world about your brand.

DUK apie domenus

  • Svetainės, IP adresas, URL, domenas – kas tai?

    Simply put, a domain name is your site’s address. It’s what your visitors should type in their browser address bar to access your website.

    Every website has an IP address made up of numbers, but they are very long, complicated and hard to remember.

    Domain names, on the other hand, are much easier for users to memorize as they are written out in words. Plus, they are a great branding tool.

    With the Zyro domain name search, you can easily find the perfect domain name for your brand. No need to spend hours brainstorming – the tool will do it all for you.

  • Can I use the domain for my business email?

    For sure. Once you have a hosting provider, a website and a domain name provided, you can set up a business email account through your hosting control panel.

    Then, simply connect it to the Zyro business email.

    It’s also possible to upgrade to a dedicated email hosting as well. You’ll get more resources to promote your business via email then.

    You should create an email address that represents your name and your business, e.g. [email protected] This way, you will be perceived as a professional.

  • What top level domain should I choose?

    Choosing between .com and .net might seem like an important consideration, but it really doesn’t matter anymore.

    You’ll quickly find out during your domain name search, that any business can be served by a .com domain, but if you want to get specific, choose .xyz or .tech.

    Once you’ve picked a domain, don’t forget to have a look in the domain names registry if it’s still free to claim and register.

  • Can I transfer my domain to Zyro?

    Of course, you can!

    Let’s say you’ve got a perfect domain name and you don’t want to create a new one when you start using Zyro.

    Have no fear – as long as you have the EPP code of your domain, you can transfer it with just a few clicks.

    Once you’ve confirmed the transfer, the process will be completed within a week.