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Atsisiųsk vienintelį el. komercijos gidą, kurį verta perskaityti

Pasiruošęs sukurti savo el. komercijos imperiją?

Išsamiame elektroninės komercijos gide Zyro ekspertai paaiškina, kaip sukurti, valdyti ir auginti sėkmingą internetinę parduotuvę.

Praktiniai patarimai, vaizdiniai paaiškinimai ir aiškūs pavyzdžiai – tai yra vienintelis el. komercijos gidas, kurį verta perskaityti.

What you’ll learn

Through 11 chapters, you’ll get to grips with all aspects of eCommerce, from choosing the right products and establishing your brand to marketing your business and handling administrative tasks.

This guide takes you from zero to your first sale and way beyond.

  • chapter 1

    Find a profitable product or service to sell online

    Lay the groundwork for success by conducting market research and identifying your niche.

  • chapter 2

    Which eCommerce platform is right for your business?

    Understand your needs as a seller and how various eCommerce platforms can meet them.

  • chapter 3

    Create a brand that people remember

    Develop the look, voice, and attitude that will make your new company iconic.

  • chapter 4

    Planning is key: your inventory and supply chain

    Get to grips with sourcing products and ensuring you’re never out of stock.

  • chapter 5

    Build web pages that convert

    Turn your attention to your store and find out how to transform traffic into revenue.

  • chapter 6

    Create product listings that are impossible to resist

    Think like a customer and present your products at their very best.

  • chapter 7

    Understand payment options, tax, and security

    Build trust and stability by ensuring your customers are well-served and protected.

  • chapter 8

    Don’t run your eCommerce website without these on-site marketing tools

    Uncover the secrets of online marketing and the tools that will help you succeed.

  • chapter 9

    Choose the right sales channels

    Be found where your target audience is looking and capture their attention.

  • chapter 10

    Optimize your eCommerce marketing campaigns

    Get your advantage by turning data into actionable user behavior insights.

  • chapter 11

    Deliver perfect dispatch and shipping

    Ensure your customers stay happy with orders that arrive safely and on time.

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