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Sell Jewelry Online Easily and Successfully

Start your jewelry business with a sparkling new website.

Create your store

Zyro provides the tools to sell your jewelry online, both on your own website and across the web.

Start selling now

Get your store live and looking great, fast.

Zyro is designed to get your store up and running quickly. The platform offers professional site templates and handles all technical elements, so you don't have to. This means that you can start selling your jewelry in no time.

Simple web design

Create a 24-karat website with no hassle.

Zyro's drag-and-drop editor makes designing your website simple and intuitive. Everything is aligned on a grid and elements are dragged into place. Even those with no web design or coding experience can build a beautiful site.

Powerful promotion

The gold standard in digital marketing.

From Google and social media advertising to search engine optimization, Zyro will make sure you reach new audiences around the world. We help you find valuable traffic and convert it into paying customers.

Affordable plans

Only pay for the features you need.

Choose Zyro's Online Store plan to build, launch, and market your store with ease. Level up to the Advanced Store plan to unlock new features like product filters and multilingual stores. Always pay a fair price for the features you use.

How to build an online jewelry store with Zyro


Join Zyro

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Build your online store

Choose a professionally made template that suits a website aimed at jewelry selling, then easily edit each element with our drag-and-drop builder. It's quick and simple to build a great looking store.


Design it

Add a store page to your website to start listing your items. You can design your store around your products. Selling gold jewelry? Try a tasteful white backdrop. Create a visual brand identity that shines.


Launch your brand

Once your website is looking perfect, hit publish to take it live. Then, you can start attracting traffic and getting ready for your first sale.


Keep growing

You have the power to advertise your products, measure sales performance, and track the behavior of visitors to your site. Do these things to constantly improve your brand's internet presence and grow your business.

Selling jewelry online FAQ

  • If you plan to sell anything from loose diamonds to fine jewelry online, there are a number of options open to you.You can rely on third-party platforms like Amazon in order to sell jewelry, but this limits you to one channel. Additionally, you won't have control over how your goods are displayed. Some platforms also charge a fee.A better option is for you to build your own website. With your own eCommerce site, you have total control over the branding, can launch targeted marketing campaigns, and can still use other platforms to make sales.
  • Just like any business, your success at selling jewelry will depend on your business strategy, approach to work, and the profit margins on your products.Obviously, trading in diamonds or diamond jewelry sounds like a sure way to make money. But remember – the market is competitive, the target audience is relatively small, and the profit margins can be slim.It's advised that you offer strong branding and good customer service, to ensure you stand out. Try and have a unique product, and understand your audience before making sales.
  • Where you choose to sell your goods depends on what you're selling, and to whom.If you just have a single piece of jewelry you want to get rid of, a basic marketplace might suit you. However, if you're selling high volumes of diamond jewelry, you'll need to sell somewhere a little more established.When choosing a place to sell, be sure you understand all charges. While listing on many trading sites is free, the operator may take a cut of your profit, or a fixed sales fee.Remember that although you do need to sign up for an Online Store price plan with Zyro, the platform will never charge a commission on sales.

Sell your jewelry online. Get started today.

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