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How to Sell T-shirts Online

Your t-shirt online store – to a tee.

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Build an online store to start selling t-shirts across the web and showcase your custom apparel. Use Zyro to launch a powerful business, promote your goods, and drive sales.

Easy ecommerce

Build an online t-shirt store

It’s simple to create a great looking store with Zyro. Manage inventory, orders, shipping, billing, and customer communication from a single dashboard. Launch your custom online t-shirt store in minutes.

Simple web design

Weave your dream website with ease

Zyro gives you the tools to quickly and easily build a beautiful store. With professional templates and a drag-and-drop builder, anyone can get their business online in no time. No design or coding skills needed.

Helpful marketing

Make people aware of your brand

As well as building an attractive store, Zyro helps you market your t-shirts around the internet. From Google and social media advertising to SEO and remarketing, you can reach a global audience.

Omnichannel selling

Make money on multiple platforms

Don't limit yourself to selling in one place. Grow your business by promoting and selling your t-shirts across channels. Zyro helps you sell on platforms like Facebook and Amazon, while managing your inventory and orders centrally.

Ai brand tools

Thread your brand identity together

Know how to design and sell t-shirts, but don't know where to start brand building? Zyro can help. With the aid of artificial intelligence, you can create a custom logo, unique web content, and even get your brand a name and slogan.

Išbandyk mūsų rinkodaros įrankius

Super support

Any problem solved 24/7

Zyro has unbeatable customer support. If you run into difficulties while building your website or operating your store, help is on hand – whenever you need it. With problems out of the way, you can concentrate on your t-shirt business.

How to start a t-shirt business

Want to sell t-shirts online? Here are some tips to give your new business the best start.


Find your niche

The online t-shirt market is incredibly competitive. For your online store to be a success, you need to offer something that no other business does.

Your niche might include:

  • Unique designs or materials

  • Cheaper prices than competitors

  • Offering custom creations

Finding your niche in the market will also help you understand who your target audience is, inform your brand identity, and influence your marketing approach.

It's ok if you can't find a totally unique angle, but it is important that you understand which selling points will attract customers to your brand.


Design your t-shirts

This is the creative part of the process. Your designs will be the main selling point when you start selling your t-shirts. It is how you will make money.

Make sure that your t-shirts are:

  • Distinct from those that competitors sell online

  • Feature a design that’s easy to print

  • Memorable and attractive

Even if you offer custom designs, you should still create some stock designs. These will give your customers an idea of your style, and help inspire their own orders.


Create an online presence

Once you know which products you'll be trying to sell to which audience, it's time to create a space to sell your products. In the t-shirt business, how people perceive you online is key to your success.

Establish your online presence by:

  • Building a website

  • Opening an online shop

  • Creating social media business accounts

  • Adding product listings to online marketplaces

As much as possible, you should try and keep the branding and styling of your different online spaces the same. This way, prospective and returning customers will learn to recognize your brand.

If you choose to use Zyro to build your website, you can sync up your online store with your social media and marketplace listings, then manage orders from every platform in one place.


Promote your brand

Whatever you want to sell online, your success will hinge on your marketing. Your marketing strategy must drive sales and increase the visibility of your brand.

For a new t-shirt company, there are a few relatively cheap and easy ways to get started with marketing:

  • SEO. Search engine optimization makes your website more attractive to search engines like Google. The higher quality your website, and the more relevant your content, the better you'll perform in search results.

  • Google Ads. Paying for advertising through the Google network gives you a huge reach. You can make sure you appear at the top of search results, and specifically target users likely to be interested in your products.

  • Social media marketing. Going where potential customers already hang out online is a great move. You can both pay to run ads on social platforms, and post content on business pages for free.

How and where you promote your brand will depend on your products and target audience.

If you choose to build your website with Zyro, you can manage all of your SEO, Google Ads, and social media marketing from one place.

Try Zyro's marketing tools


Grow your business

Once you get started, your aim should be to constantly improve and grow your business. Find new customers, broaden your t-shirt offering, and steadily increase your revenue.

One of the easiest ways to capitalize on the traffic you're getting to your website is to learn from what works and optimize your store for sales.

Zyro has a number of tools to help you do this:

  • Live sales reports accessible whenever and wherever you are

  • Google Analytics and Tag Manager, which help you understand the behavior of visitors on your website

  • Facebook pixel, Snapchat pixel, and Pinterest tag, all of which help you track interactions with your ads on social media, and remarket to interested users

  • Hotjar heatmaps, which visualize where visitors' attention is on your website, informing where to put important information and links

Always keep your customers in mind when making changes to your website. Every edit should make their experience better and encourage them to buy t-shirts.

How to build a website to sell t-shirts online


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Build your website

Choose a designer-made template that suits your brand. Next, head to the builder to drag, drop, and edit the elements of your website. It's really easy.


Add an online store

Click Add section and create an online store page. You can add items, set your preferences, and customize the look of the store to match your brand.


Promote your brand

Use Zyro's built-in marketing tools to promote your t-shirts with Google ads, social media advertising, and SEO. Everything is easy to understand, and is managed from within Zyro.


Grow your business

Track visitor's behavior, optimize your site for sales, and remarket to users. Try new things, expand your inventory, and see your humble t-shirt brand grow into an online empire.

Selling t-shirts online FAQ

  • So, you've created some custom t-shirt designs you want to sell online?You'd be surprised how quick and easy it is to set up a store to sell your creations online. Setting up an online store with a website builder like Zyro takes the guesswork out of eCommerce.As well as building a beautiful place to display your goods to sell online, you can handle inventory, orders, shipping, and billing – all in one place. This is a one-stop eCommerce solution that helps you sell your t-shirts without hassle.Be sure that when you're selling goods online, you're sticking to the laws governing business where you live. Research what tax you'll have to pay ahead of time, and don't start selling until you're confident you can do so legally.Yet, the main challenge will be tapping into a market which has a demand for your t-shirts. While with other products, it's relatively easy to assess demand, t-shirts are tricky because so much comes down to personal taste.We recommend that before you commit to printing up designs, you do extensive research, get some solid feedback, and only move forward if people love what you have on offer.
  • As with any business, the success and profitability of your brand depends on a number of factors. Most notably, profitability will depend on the volume of your sales, and the margin you make per t-shirt.On one hand, you might choose to sell shirts that are cheaper to produce and attract more customers due to a lower price. This way, you'll be using the higher volumes of sales to make up for narrow profit margins.On the other hand, you may choose to sell premium or custom designs. While these will be more expensive to produce and will be sold in lower volumes, you'll be able to charge more for them and enjoy a higher profit margin.If you have a clear target audience, attractive and unique designs, and approach your business with a good strategy, there's no reason why you shouldn't start earning a decent living.
  • The dream is to design t-shirts, print, and sell them to those who want them, without getting stuck with excess inventory. Luckily, that dream can become a reality.There are plenty of services online which will either print t-shirts and hoodies to order, or print in bulk, store the inventory for you, and ship directly to your customers.This service is called dropshipping and basically just means that you act as a storefront and marketing operation. Meanwhile, you’ll be leaving the work of producing and storing your goods to other companies, which are set up specifically to offer this service.If you're an independent designer, who doesn't have the time to send parcels or space to store products, the dropshipping business model can be a great option.This means you can sell your goods through your online shop, and focus on designing rather than printing or shipping.However, with a third party in the loop, this option is likely to eat more into your profits than if you just do everything yourself.
  • Where you choose to sell your products online will be decided by what you're selling and to whom.If you're making custom designs, you might choose to sell on sites like Amazon, Facebook, or Instagram. These are simple and user-friendly platforms, which are great for small-scale retail.Alternatively, you can create a website to act as a hub for sales across your own online store, social media, and online marketplaces. This will give you far greater control over the customer journey.The key thing to consider when deciding where to sell your t-shirts online is your target audience. What is it and where do the people spend time online? Meet them there.You’ll also want to think at what scale you want to sell and what user experience you want. Finally, consider all costs associated with using a third-party platform, including operational and marketing ones.

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