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A template for game

Create a game website for real players

Launch a website dedicated to video games and connect with gamers around the world.

Pradėk kurti

Gaming website builders

Play around with customization options

Išsirink domeną bei vieną iš profesionalų sukurtų svetainės šablonų, jį paredaguok ir svetainę susikursi per trumpiau nei valandą.

Jaudinantis šablonas

Grow your audience

Get your name out there

We’re serious about search engine optimization. Our tools will get your game’s website appearing in all the right searches.

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A performance

Super-fast play

Get into the game

Gamers are an impatient breed. You won’t keep them waiting with a Zyro game website, that’s built to load at lightning speed.

How to create a game website with Zyro

Dabar dar lengviau susikurti svetainę.

  1. 1. Sign in or join Zyro

    You only need an email address. No cards.

  2. 2. Choose your ideal template

    Find a base design that fits your brand.

  3. 3. Customization tool

    Use the design control panel to make it your own.

  4. 4. Go live

    Susikurk svetainę savo žaidimui ir atverk ją pasauliui.

  5. 5. Get more

    Upgrade to a premium plan for pro tools.

A gaming website to fit your business

  1. Gaming blog

    Show off your games knowledge and share your opinions with a games blog. Use YouTube integrations to launch killer video content.

  2. Game developers and publishers

    If you're a games studio, use a website to share your games brand with the world. Create buzz around your games, announce upcoming releases, and connect with fans.

  3. Streaming website

    Share games with the world by launching a streaming platform. Let friends make comments, take screenshots and invite new visitors to enjoy the show.

  4. Game reviews

    Dig into the gameplay of new titles, breakdown the latest updates and critique features and functionality.

Gaming Websites FAQs

  • You can sign up to Zyro using just your email and let the platform guide you through the process of creating a game website.From finding that one domain you really want and picking the right template for your website, to customizing it and going live, nothing is a mystery.Even those without skills and experience in designing and coding can make a great looking website.