How to create a landing page website

First impressions are everything. Transform clicks into customers with an effective landing page.

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Powerful landing pages

Supercharge your campaigns

Create effective and 100% customizable pages that convert leads. Pick a designer-made template today and get started.

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Search engine optimized

Get discovered

To drive conversions, you need visitors. Zyro pages are optimized for search engines by default, so your website can be found by the right people.

Connect with your audience

Build a buzz

Increase the reach of your campaign with seamless social media integration. Get shares, get exposure and get people talking.

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Track user behavior

Gain vital insights

Let smart tech work for you. Optimize your website with AI Heatmaps, which will let you know exactly where your main call-to-action should go for max conversions.

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How to create the best landing pages with Zyro

  • 1. Sign in Zyro or create an account – it’s free.

  • 2. Pick a template from the Zyro library that suits your brand.

  • 3. Customize to your liking and create killer content with the help of AI .

  • 4. Launch your page and start attracting potential customers.

  • 5. Opt for a premium account to make your user experience even better.

Landing pages for every campaign

  1. Drive sales

    Boost your revenue by converting your visitors to customers.

  2. Acquire users

    A well-designed page will get new users to check out your business or brand.

  3. Build your network

    Tell visitors more about your brand by connecting them to your social media channels.

  4. Develop contacts

    Collect email addresses to send newsletters and get more sales opportunities.

FAQs about creating a landing page

  • What is a landing page and how does it work?

    Good landing pages are the key to effective online marketing campaigns.

    They're called 'landing pages' because they're where visitors will first land on your website, and are unlikely to be linked to from your main site.

    They not only give a good first impression of your website or brand, but are also a way to grab users' attention, and guide them towards an action you want them to carry out.

    You might want to collect contact info to create an email list or guide people towards making a purchase.

    They combine attractive design elements with effective copy to drive users' actions.

  • Do I need a website for a landing page?

    Technically, no, you don't need to have a full site. However, they are usually connected to a larger website.

    In some cases, a landing page will be the only one a visitor will see, and the action taken on-page is all that marketers are after.

    In other cases, they're used as an introduction to the brand's larger online presence.

    Whether or not you connect yours to a whole site will depend on what you're aiming to achieve with your page.

    Bear in mind, though, that you will need to own the domain that your page is hosted on.

  • What is the difference between a website and a landing page?

    This really comes down to a question of intent and expectations.

    Marketing might want website visitors to read information about a brand, while wanting to drive traffic on landing pages towards a specific action.

    A site visitor might look at the homepage, read the about page, search for contact information or browse through the services and products on offer.

    With a landing page, the aim is to drive conversions. A marketing campaign might focus the attention of the target audience using a call to action button.

    The page can be part of a website or exist entirely independently.