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Create a wedding website

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Wedding website templates

A gorgeous website

Fall in love with our designer-made templates. From minimalistic to flowery, we've got the 'Mr/Mrs right' template to match your personality. Feature beautiful image galleries too.

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Wedding website builder

No coding required

Our innovative grid system and drag-and-drop functionality will help you achieve near-perfection. We'll take care of everything for you, so you have more time to plan your actual wedding – that's a win.

Simple to customize

It's all about YOU

Let your personality shine through with a custom domain Plus, lay the pages out as you want, change the fonts, colors, and add some beautiful images to illustrate your love story.

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No frills

All-in-one website

A Zyro website will make planning that much easier. Integrate links to online gift registries, include all of the important information for your guests, and ask them to RSVP via your website too.

How to create a wedding website with Zyro

  • Prisijunk arba susikurk naują Zyro paskyrą.

  • 2. Pick a beautiful wedding template from our template library.

  • 3. Customize your website; share your love story, include practical info and add your gift registry.

  • 4. Click Publikuoti and share your wedding details with the world.

  • 5. Upgrade to a premium plan to get more perks.

Everything you need for your wedding website – in one place

  1. Brand your wedding to make it more memorable.

    Generate a logo that reflects your couple's personality.

  2. Manage your guest list.

    Get people to RSVP to your invite, add their plus-ones and indicate their dietary preferences.

  3. Make your memories last a lifetime.

    Every Zyro site gets free hosting for life.

Wedding Website FAQs

  • The sooner you create a wedding website, the less stressful the entire process will be.The rule of the thumb is that you should have a website and a gift registry available when you send your guests the 'save the dates'.The rule of the thumb is that you should have a website and a gift registry available when you send your guests the 'save the dates'.

Take a vow to create a beautiful wedding website today

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